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Worldwide Wives

Worldwide Wives

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Worldwide Wives

These days, when you want to meet other swingers and hook-ups, you have loads of choices. So the big question when looking at a dating site is ‘why this one?’ Well, this one is specifically about older ladies, wives, reader’ wives and Milfs. As with most of these kinds of sites you get to see exactly what to expect as you browse the tour; the options available to you, some profiles and some free content, you can see that there will be videos and people’s own photos, profiles and information, and you can also see that there is a live chat room with cam facility. But it is only when you sign up and log in that you will be able to get the full benefit of everything that Worldwide Wives has to offer.

Main idea:

This hook-up, dating, swingers’ site comes in at a standard price with discounts for longer term memberships. We are told that it has millions of images, thousands of users and loads of other included functions and options. The main thrust of the site is its leaning towards hooking you up with older, Milfs, moms and married women – and no doubt anyone who also has a hankering for older, lovely ladies. You’re able to create a profile for yourself and the more information you put the better, you are able to view other members’ videos and galleries and of course, you can easily get in touch with anyone who starts to light your fire.

Member's area:

Once you are logged in you are straight in to your profile page. It may look a bit blank to start with, but it’s up to you to fill it with your own information, videos and pics. You don't have to do this but if you are serious about finding playmates then you will want to add as much, honest, detail as possible. If you’re only after a look at other people’s content then that’s ok too, and you'll find a clearly laid out menu which will take you off into all of the areas the site has available.

The Uploads section sets out its own categories, and here you can start to view the videos. There are hardcore movies here, self-submitted by members of course, and the thing that struck me when I looked was that there had been ten uploads on the day of my visit; at least there were ten shown as having been uploaded that day. So, no trouble getting to the content here.

But you’re going to want to see who is out there, who lives near you, what countries these ladies – and men – are from and to do this you need the search engine. There are six ways to search other members, including by how near they are to you, and there’s an advanced search facility so you can be more specific. The search engine runs quickly ad the results were accurate to what I had requested. When the profiles appear you can see country flags, locations, what that person is looking for, how many images they have etc. It’s all good and clear and this search facility runs like the best of them. Checking profiles in more detail you can rate and add comments, send winks and mail.

And then you have the chance to expand your profile, check your own messages and even enter monthly competitions. It’s a really easy to use members’ area, it’s got all the functions that a good hook-up site should have and it runs smoothly and well.


The tour area and sign up page did say something about millions of photos and who are we to doubt them. You’d have to spend a very long time in Worldwide Wives to see all the content and profiles, that’s for sure. And you do get the impression that members are adding more and more each day. Both videos and photos, details and contacts that is, so there really is plenty to see and do here. Even if you’re only looking for some amateur fun you’re going to find enough to keep you occupied for a very long time.

It’s probably best to use the advance search facility to find the kind of people you want to meet, or simply to find the kind of content you want to see. Not everyone has photos and fewer have videos, but you’re always told who has how many pics etc. so you don’t spend hours searching through photo-less profiles. (You can also filter by Men or Women so this is a site that will appeal to both sexes.)

I checked the Video area of the Uploads department to check out quality. The ones I saw played in an embedded Flash player and the first one I came across had a professional quality look to it, making me wonder if there isn't some studio produced porn in here. Then I found some definitely home made contributions, so that was ok. Images too can vary in quality, but in this digital age you’re probably going to see more high class shots than low class ones –and plenty of the promised older women, wives, married ladies and couples. So the site keeps its promises in that respect.

It’s mixed quality videos and galleries, or individual pics; and that’s what you have to expect from a self-submitting site. But it’s laid out in a very professional way and it’s easy to find the content and people you want to see.

Bonus features:

There are no bonus sites or extra porn content here, you don’t usually find them on these kind of sites anyway so that’s ok. But there are links and stores, advertisements that don’t get in the way, and loads of interactive options.

Cons and pros:


  • A well used dating site with lots of members;
  • It’s easy to navigate and use and has a professional design;
  • It’s also easy to upload your own content and profile info;
  • There is plenty of help and support if it’s needed;
  • There are lots of older women just as you were promised on the free pages.


  • There are no bonuses or extra porn to view;
  • Some of the video/photo quality is poor – as you must expect.

You are never going to stop younger people from exposing themselves on sites like these but Worldwide Wives is aiming for older ladies and Milfs. It manages that nicely, but you will find younger women and men in here too, but it’s not a problem. The site is impressive because everything runs so smoothly, it’s really well laid out and easy to use; you feel that you’re getting your monthly money’s worth when you start to explore everything. All you need to do is remember that the more you put in to a site like this the more you will get out of it – and in this case it’s lovely older ladies hot for sex, who show you everything in their own pics and vids.

Featured comments:

This is a really impressive site. It does everything that a good match-up site should, it all works quickly and you've got loads of things to play with. I spend hours in here just watching the new updates and getting off. Then I email the ladies and I do get replies; I've got a few horny, online playmates thanks to this site. You didn’t mention the chat room – that function loads up quickly, looks a bit basic, but is really easy and good to use!

I wasn’t sure about the cost, to start with, I'm sure I've seen other, similar sites that are cheaper. But when I started using it I got hooked and now I am in here every day. (It’s my Home page on my browser.) Yes, you can meet as many people as you want, you can even do it in real life, but I prefer the virtual anonymity that the site allows you.

There are too many of these kinds of sites out there. I've joined a few and then let the membership lapse as I only use them for a short while and then get bored. Usually. This one grabbed my attention and kept it – I think that’s ‘cos they put up so much new content every day, or rather the sexy members do. Load of women here, loads of older girls and loads of hardcore stuff too – just filter out the men and it’s great!

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