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Wife Craves Black

Wife Craves Black

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 14.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $29.98
  • 3 months: $49.98
  • 6 months: $89.73

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Site Details:

Wife Craves Black

There are tens of thousands of men harboring a dirty little secret: they want their wives to be fucked by a big black cock. They want to see her taken by a thick meat and in most cases it's because they like the idea of a superior dick fucking her hot hole. There are probably lots of other reasons but it sure seems like black men are seen as physically and sexually superior with their big dicks and some guys are aroused by that kind of man humping their wives. Maybe they just really like interracial sex and they want to see it in person and the sexy wife is the best person to pull that off. There are many reasons a man would be interested in a site like Wife Craves Black and the most important thing is that the site exists. If you want to see wives fucked by big black cocks you can.

Main idea:

Guys like to see their wives fucking black dicks. Most men cannot convince their wives to actually something like that so they turn to a porn site like Wife Craves Black. The site exists to make your fantasies come true. They show you beautiful babes with tight bodies (and usually big tits if the tour is any indication) sucking and fucking enormous black meat. It looks like the husband is involved only some of the time, which seems a little sad. They have free preview videos on the site if you want a taste.

Member's area:

All the content is listed on the main page of the member's area with a picture of the wife and her black lover. Click the picture and you're taken to the content page where you can download a video or browse the picture galleries. You're likely to find quite a few interracial wife sex scenes that appeal to you when you browse those pictures as the wives are quite sexy. They have some browsing options along the top of the page as well and those will take you to the leased bonus content.

Each wife has at least one solo picture set where she's modeling naughty lingerie in addition to a hardcore picture set where she's being filled with big black cock. On the page for each scene you can access those sets and download the full video that plays at 480x360, which is disappointing. The site was launched at a time when DVD quality was becoming something of an industry standard and it sucks that they didn't step up to the plate on that. The picture galleries display at 900px, which is also a little low.

Download speeds are incredibly fast though. I was at the top of my connection's capability so I don't know how high they can go. I was bringing down more than 1mb/sec though so it took almost no time to have a hot scene on my hard drive. They ask that you turn off your firewall to view the leased feeds that act as bonus content and that seems really stupid. Also, I didn't turn mine off and I was able to view the scenes so I don't know why they even mention it.


The first problem Wife Craves Black runs into is the lack of content. They only have 26 scenes and I think you'll agree that's not quite enough to make for a valuable membership, especially when there are other sites in the genre that can service your needs. They should be charging less than $30 for a month's membership and you should make sure that you absolutely do not join for more than 30 days because they're not updating and they haven't been adding new content in a very long time.

This is supposed to be a wife fucking site but you're going to have to do most of the work in your head because they don't involve the husbands in any scenes but a few of the scenes on the site. If you're looking to join this site and get off on the idea that these women are married and getting fucked by a black man's thick and powerful cock then you should turn elsewhere. This is basically a pornstar interracial sex site. All the girls are porn sluts and they're all really good looking so it's not half bad in that regard.

Most of the scenes are twosomes with hot chicks sucking and fucking the black guys. The dudes are all very well hung with at least eight inches of black meat fucking dirty wife pussy and sometimes ten inches of doing going into the nether region between a wife's legs. There are a couple of threesomes where two horny black men get to take on hot wives and fuck them deep. I really love seeing a chick with a dick in her pussy and a dick in her mouth getting screwed hard enough that she's bouncing around. All the babes except for a few have big tits and really tight bodies so they deliver in that regard. The bonus content is largely terrible, as almost all leased feeds are. It adds almost no value to the site.

Cons and pros:


  • Hot white chicks fucked by black dudes;
  • Downloads are really fast.


  • No updates;
  • Videos and pictures are low resolution;
  • Husbands are rarely involved in the content;
  • A little expensive based on the lack of content.

Wife Craves Black comes up short in a lot of ways. They only have 26 scenes and they're not updating. They charge $30 for access to those scenes and they don't give you any meaningful bonus content (it's all leased feeds you can find on hundreds of other sites). The concept of these babes being wives is also overlooked in most of the scenes. They're more like hot white pornstars that like big black cock. That basically makes this an interracial porn site and there are many others that can do the same content with far greater volume for the same price. It's hard to recommend a membership but you will enjoy the porn because it's well done. There just isn't much of it.

Featured comments:

I always have a hard time understanding why a site like this even exists. They have so little content and there are so many other sites that do the same thing better that I can't understand why anyone would join. Thus, I am saying that you should not join this site. If you really want to see black dudes fucking white chicks you can find it elsewhere.

This is hardly a wife fucking site. I counted five scenes where the husbands were actually there (I could be wrong on that) and that's like a fifth of the content. That just doesn't get the job done. These girls are totally hot and they look amazing having sex with the black guys but there's a ton of interracial content online and this site doesn't stand out in any way.

The problem with Wife Craves Black is that it doesn't do anything special. If they're not going to update and they're going to leave you with so little content then they have to stand out in some way. They have to be excellent and they fail to do so and that's inexcusable. At the very least they could have made higher quality videos.

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