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Whipped Ass

Whipped Ass

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Whipped Ass

Female domination is a delicious genre of porn and finding a good femdom site is pretty easy because there are lots of them. Femdom sites tend to be broken up into two categories: lesbian and straight (where women dominate guys). Whipped Ass is a lesbian female domination site where ladies are taking control of other ladies and turning them into hot sluts for pain and strapon pleasure. The site has been around for a long time and it comes from the folks at, purveyors of the finest bondage and domination porn on the internet. I have some experience with their other sites and that's why I'm particularly excited about getting into the member's area of this one to see what they offer to the masses that crave femdom porn. Are you among the masses? If so you might want to give this massive site a look.

Main idea:

It's hard not to be enchanted by Whipped Ass if you have any interest in female domination. You get to the site and from the get go it looks glossy and high quality. They're offering up free pictures and trailers from the most recent scenes and you can actually check out small images from every content set they've ever produced. This is lesbian female domination at a level of quality that's rarely been approached by other sites. They have scenes that run 70 minutes or more! Who else does that? Check the tour for free samples of what lies inside.

Member's area:

I've read some complaints about the way Whipped Ass is designed but I don't see what the problem is. They list seven scenes per page and provide 13 preview pictures from each along with a short description (except for the really old scenes, which have fewer pictures). You can click to check out the picture gallery, download the movies or start the streaming flick and have some fun. They could have allowed you to search through the models by feature (breast size, hair color, etc) and I suppose that's valid but I saw no reason for it.

There are a whole lot of scenes to choose from so you might just want to start with the most recent and work your way back through the action. They've been around since 2001 so you can expect the earliest stuff to be rather low quality compared to what's available now. They've always been at the cutting edge of video quality and technology though so nowadays they're offering high definition femdom scenes in two different formats. The MP4 files are fucking gorgeous thanks to the really high bit rate. They're also really big files but the download is totally worth the result.

When you go to download the movie of your choice you'll find that it's been divided into segments. These are smart segments though, not like most sites. Each scene has various parts and they've chopped them up quite nicely. One video will be the introduction to the girl along with the beginning bondage. Another will be the more heavy duty bondage action. Another will have her getting strapon fucked, etc. That way you only download what you want to see so if you're joining for the femdom strapon sex that's all you have to watch. The pictures are divided in the same way.


They have more than 450 scenes at Whipped Ass and the site grows once a week as they continue updating as they have since they launched. This is a huge fucking site; it's got to be one of the largest in the genre. They have a knack for casting super hot chicks and that's been the case since they launched. Apparently women in porn are happy to be slapped around, put in bondage and strapon fucked. Almost every scene has those basic elements and to keep things interesting they add in all sorts of little touches like fisting, forced pussy and ass eating, suction on tits and pussy, double penetration, plain old anal sex and more.

A hugely important part of a lesbian female domination site is the dominant girls and how they handle themselves. Are they committed to being dominant or is it clear that they're not comfortable with it? The way they act can almost single handedly change the tenor of a scene and determine your response to it. I can assure you that all the dominant bitches at Whipped Ass are strongly committed to their role and willing to abuse their slaves at will. Who you like the best will vary depending on your personal preferences. For instance, I don't like the girls that are too aggressively vocal. When they scream at their sub it seems like they're faking it. I like the babes that prefer more subtle verbal humiliation.

I don't have enough space to go into everything that Whipped Ass does so I want to assure that it's all of the highest quality. The bondage and pain giving is all very well implemented. The sets are authentic and high quality. The girls are fucking gorgeous. The strapon sex is really hot – they do some very good thrusting instead of the wimpy stuff you see on other sites. I would like to see more forced ass eating but that's a personal thing. More caning would be hot too. There are few things more arousing than hearing the cane come slapping down on a girl's tender ass and listening to her scream out in pain.

Cons and pros:


  • The site is huge with more than 450 scenes;
  • The girls are wicked hot;
  • The domination is genuine and very arousing;
  • Personal interviews with the babes after the scene is over;
  • Great bondage.


  • Search options could be improved;
  • Some of the dommes won't appeal to you.

Whipped Ass is a site where it's a struggle to come up with the list of cons. They really don't do anything wrong other than not investing enough in the search features. The content is tremendous and the site is overflowing with super hot girls that love to dole out pain and strapon fuckings or that love to take them. It's a site that's well worth joining for anyone with an interest in lesbian female domination. I could say more but really that's all you need to know. If you visit the site and you respond to what you see there then you're going to love the member's area because it's all better.

Featured comments:

Fucking hell this is an awesome site. My favorite domme is Audrey Leigh, a babe that stopped making scenes a couple years ago but managed to crank out some awesome stuff before she did. There's one scene where she has anal strapon sex with a chick and it's just amazing. You really have to check her out.

I was thinking at first that $29.85 was too much to charge for this site but the truth is they give you so much content that it's a bargain. If you've been a member for a really long time it's probably too expensive but if you just joined you've got 450 scenes to download and you're paying that pittance. It's a fucking bargain.

One of my favorite things about Whipped Ass is how inventive they get when coming up with new ideas for scenes. Instead of setting them all in the dungeon they go outside the box sometimes. The one in the hospital was sexy. The nurse came in and asked the patient how she was doing and then she got fucking wild with her, tying the bitch up and making her eat pussy and take a strapon fucking. Sounds hot, right?

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