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Whacked Off

Whacked Off

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 4.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Whacked Off

Whacked-Off is a site which provides content based around steamy handjobs performed by cute amateur models. This site has been live for roughly 3 years having been launched in 2009, and now has a library of over 180 episodes. Not a huge library, but for a handjob site that is entirely based around amateur performers, Whacked-Off does provide a decent amount of content for a site of its nature. Quality of the content could be better; however, it’s on par with most amateur sites of similar nature so amateur fans would probably be expecting the amateur/homemade quality of the content.

Main idea:

Members can enjoy watching amateur couples getting down to it and showing off their cock stroking skills. There are amateur ladies from all walks of life; the tour pages claimed they have starred soccer moms, housewives, and the cute girl next door type. Being a handjobs only site you can kill any hopes off of seeing any hardcore sex in the scenes. That said; this is certainly not a site for hardcore fans, as you’ll only witness the ladies stroke cock and give it a bit of a suck every now and then to lube things up, which is exactly what handjob lovers are after.

Member's area:

To be downright honest; Whacked-Off certainly looks the part of an amateur site. The site presentation is in a word ‘tacky’ and looks as though very little effort has been put in to it. The general presentation of the site looks dated, even for a site that was launched in 2009. These matters aren’t helped by the fact that the entire site is draped in a monotonous grey, sucking any form of character and charm from the site. Even the site title and banner are poorly done, either way; the site does give off that amateur feel which in a way does seem appropriate. Still, the site can certainly do with a makeover.

The first thing members will come across on the homepage is the site banner, which in all fairness looks pretty damn crappy. They have used low quality gifs as a background to the visually unappealing site title. Below the site banner is a column of links which you probably won’t use except maybe for the gallery link. Further down the main member’s area is a section filled with the featured content organized down the page from latest to oldest updates. Down at the very bottom of the page is an area which consists of thumbnail links to other handjob sites which members might be interested in.

Too view the complete library of content on offer, members will have to click on the link marked ‘members’ found in the column mentioned earlier. From here members are presented with thumbnail links to the individual past updates. Aside from the thumbnail link, there’s information on how long the video goes for, how large the video file size is, and a short description on what the episode involves. Clicking on the thumbnail link will automatically start your download, quick and easy.


There aren’t any familiar faces in the line-up of models, so it looks as though the developers have stuck to their word on starring genuine amateur girls. That said, the talent is a bit of a hit and miss as there are some ladies who look stunning enough to be real pornstars, whilst others you definitely won’t question whether they’re amateurs or as they look like your average Jane. There’s no solid information on whether or not the videos are exclusive to this site, though it may be exclusive to the network of handjob sites the developers seem to run.

Having been live for 3 years launched in 2009, the site has had ample time to accumulate a sizeable library. Relatively speaking; a site with 187 episodes can’t exactly be considered a large site, but given the incredibly specific niche of the site (amateur, handjobs), the site has done decently well. There’s information stating that the site is updated on a weekly basis, however; one would think there would be more content available on this site if this statement were true. The only explanation to this could be that this information is still new and the site has started updating again after a long drought. Either way the updates are dated, and the uploads look to be 7 days apart.

If you are an amateur fan then chances are you would be used to the fact that quality consistency usually isn’t an amateur site’s strongest aspect. Unfortunately the same can be said for Whacked-Off, though maybe the word unfortunately isn’t called for since amateur fans probably like this factor. This usually gives an amateur site more authenticity if anything, and looking at the videos; they certainly look as though they were sent straight from home right to the developers of this site. At 640x480 they may not be the best looking videos, but they are videos amateur lovers will surely revel in.

Cons and pros:


  • Genuine amateur content;
  • Decent amount of content;
  • Regular updates;
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Site looks bland;
  • Inconsistent quality.

If your main question about the site is whether or not the amateurs are genuine, then you can rest-assured because there is no doubt the content on offer is authentic amateur footage. If that’s the main factor you are interested in then yes; you will enjoy what this site has to offer. Given the very specific amateur sub-category this site covers, it is rather impressive to see the site grow to the size it is, better yet the site still gets updated weekly. The site presentation could definitely do with an update however; it certainly isn’t the prettiest site around.

Featured comments:

I’m always a little sceptical when it comes to amateur sites, mainly because I have joined ‘supposedly’ amateur based sites that feature lesser known pornstars I’ve seen before. If you feel the same then you can rest your head in knowing that the amateurs starring in the videos available on this site are in fact 100% genuine amateurs. I guess that is the main selling factor of Whacked-Off since it doesn’t excel in any other aspects such as video quality and content numbers.

Well you can certainly tell that the videos available on this site are home videos. Quality between the various videos can change dramatically, but luckily; for the most part the videos are watchable. Just don’t be expecting any high-definition quality and you’ll be fine, either way I am sure amateur fans love the gritty feel amateur home-made videos like this give off. One thing is for sure, no one would question the authenticity of the amateur content on offer.

When it comes to amateur sites like Whacked-Off (genuine amateur site that doesn’t star lesser-known pornstars), the line-up of amateur ladies can be a bit of a hit and miss, and the same can be said for Whacked-Off. There are some ladies however that do look fit enough to be fully-fledged pornstars, though there are some ladies I came across who you can definitely tell are amateur. Either way I suppose the variety does go hand in hand with the amateur category.

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