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Wet And Pissy

Wet And Pissy

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 22.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Wet And Pissy

Wet And Pissy is for those of you who are in to all things kinky. This pissing fetish site is only a few months old having been launched in May 2012. In the short time the site has been live it has accumulated quite the large library of kinky pissing videos with over 530 episodes to indulge in. In addition to all the awesome content available on Wet And Pissy, members also have full access to all three sites which make up the Puffy network. A network known for providing high quality videos starring sexy women, so you can rest assure knowing that there’s plenty of eye candy to be seen here.

Main idea:

The title of the site should make the theme of this site fairly obvious. Wet And Pissy is certainly for those of you who are on the kinkier side of things as this site is all about pissing which is definitely considered a fetish. The wet bit in the title exclaims that the sexy models are usually oiled and looking all shiny in the steamy videos which adds extra sexiness. Definitely not a site for the weak of heart, but a site which will have pissing fans satisfied. The ladies all go solo in their episodes so we can enjoy watching them shoot their warm golden streams of goodness.

Member's area:

The member’s area of Wet And Pissy are certainly visually pleasing and is full of character. The light yellow colour scheme is rather appropriate given the pissing theme of the site, and the top banner includes loads of sexy looking models letting their streams of golden liquid fly, that said the site is just brimming with character making the task of browsing that much more pleasant. Aside from the great looking colour scheme and awesome logos and graphics used, the site layout makes it a breeze to access the featured content. The site designers have also done a great job on making the most of the pages as they have spread all the objects out nice and evenly, giving the site a clean and professional look without looking too snobby.

At the very top of the site there is a bar with all the information in regards to content numbers. This information includes the amount of models starring on their site, the amount of videos and scenes on offer, and the massive amounts of photo galleries to be seen. Below the top banner is the site navigation menu which includes links to the various types of featured content on offer, there’s even a section dedicated to the bonus content. Right below the navigation menu are banner links to the two other sites available on the puffy network, a single click on these links will take you straight to the site’s main area from where members can commence downloading all the content they wish.

The length of the member’s area consists of thumbnail links to the top rated videos; these videos have been voted by other members so you can be sure that they are the best around. If you wish to view the entire catalogue of past updates there is a link located within the top navigation menu marked ‘archive’. This section has the past updates organized from latest to oldest and are in presented in the form of thumbnail links. The thumbnail link includes a glamor shot of the model and a single click on this link will take the member straight to the main content area of the episode. This area consists of the download links for the various versions of the video, along with the streaming screen, and links to the photo galleries directly associated with the episode.


As far as kinkiness goes the videos on offer are as kinky as they get, to make things even better the models on show are all so damn perfect, most of the ladies look to be of Caucasian and European heritage, not a huge surprise as we all know European ladies can get a little wild. There is no hardcore sex involved in these episodes as the ladies go solo, they usually start off the episode by rubbing their gorgeous bodies up with oil making them nice and shiny, before eventually letting the fluids fly! Overall pissing fanatics will certainly find the episodes on offer more than a little arousing.

Having been launched only a few months ago in May 2012, it is rather surprising to find the site filled with a good amount of content. As it stands now there are over 530 episodes for members to go through, this number seems even more impressive given the fact that all the episodes are 100% exclusive to the site, meaning you won’t be finding them anywhere else on the net. There is also plenty more where that came from because updates usually come in weekly.

Given that there are over 530 episodes on offer, the fact that the episodes are available in high-definition makes this site a definite must-see for all peeing fans. Not only do the videos look great but the photo content on offer is luscious as well, each episode comes with a set of photos which are just as lovely to look at as the videos. Video options include downloadable mp4 and wmv videos, whilst the streamed videos are available in flash. If you are after quality however you will want to stick with the downloadable videos since the streamed videos aren’t as high in quality.

Cons and pros:


  • HD videos;
  • Great looking photos;
  • Kinky solo peeing episodes;
  • Models are very attractive;
  • Site looks great;
  • Regular updates;
  • Exclusive content;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Great bonus content.

Peeing type sites can be a bit of a hit and miss at times, but I am glad to say that Wet And Pissy is a hit. Starring some of the most gorgeous models who really know how to put up amazingly arousing and kinky shows. The site is great all around, the content numbers are decent and the steady flow of updates makes sure members always have something new to look forward to. The best bit about this site is the fact that they provide gorgeous HD content; there aren’t many peeing sites out there that can claim that.

Featured comments:

Wet And Pissy would have to be one of the best peeing sites around, quite impressive given the fact that it has only been live for a few months, but the gorgeous line-up of ladies and the HD videos certainly make this site a must-see for all peeing fans. To be honest I was rather surprised to see that the site provides HD content, something which isn’t very common amongst peeing sites like Wet And Pissy.

Peeing fetish lovers will certainly fall in love with this site the instant they join. Wet And Pissy excels on all the fronts that count, there is a decent amount of content on offer considering how new the site is. The great part is that all the content is exclusive to the site, and to make things even sexier, the videos are available in gorgeous HD quality. It is amazing to find that some of the cutest and prettiest ladies are in to this kinky fetish, that said you can be sure to see plenty of eye candy here.

Wet And Pissy is not for those of you who are looking for hardcore peeing episodes, you won’t be witnessing anyone having sex on this site as the gorgeous ladies go about their peeing solo. This is a good thing as the ladies on show are very attractive and even more so once they start rubbing oil all over their gorgeous bodies. HD videos are a treat and so are the high-res photos, a great site all around.

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