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Web Young

Web Young

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Web Young

Fresh angelic faces is all you're going to see here on Web Young, where all the cutest faces will be seen enjoying some sensual softcore porn. Being quite a new site Web Young still has plenty of room to grow. But what makes this site really stand out from the rest of the young adult websites out there is that they provide high quality true HD content, and best of all are the gorgeous teen models certainly make the site worthwhile. Softcore yet very arousing thanks to the incredibly hot teen models on show, worth a look for any softcore teen fan out there.

Main Idea:

Well the main idea of this site should be fairly easy to guess, yup that's right! Web Young is all about fresh faced nubile young adults getting down and dirty for our viewing pleasure. For the most part Web Young is heavily softcore based as you will not be finding any hardcore pounding on this site. Instead members are treated to sensual solo shows where the gorgeous teen models show off their flawless bodies, with a few intimate girl on girl lesbian teen scenes to spice things right up. What really makes this site that much more appealing is certainly the teen models, the developers of this site certainly have high model standards.

Members Area:

The darker background does give the site a nice sleek look which does make the site look rather modern, and the pink trimmings used is a nice contrast to the black background, it also gives the site some character which seemed appropriate for a teen site that offers bubbly softcore content. Overall the site looks rather nice, and the simple layout makes the site look uncluttered as the site designers have made the most out of the space provided. The dynamic top banner includes information on all the latest updates and news to the site. Below the top banner is a section dedicated to the latest updates, this will keep members informed on all the new content there is on offer.

The rest of the homepage consists of thumbnail links to the various updates of the site which have been organized from oldest to newest. This includes both the video and picture gallery updates and each one is represented via a thumbnail link taken from the footage of the content to give members a rough idea on what they can expect to see in the video. Each thumbnail also comes with information in regards to the length of the video, the videos general rating according to other fellow members, and information on when the video was uploaded.

Clicking on the thumbnails mentioned will take members straight to the main content area for the video or photo gallery they chose. From there they can commence to download the various downloads of the video or stream them off the site. Photo galleries can be viewed in the browser or downloaded in zip files for later offline viewing. There are no real big complaints when it comes to the sites navigation as it's all fairly straight forward.


According to Web Young's upload date's this site seems to be a rather new one. The very first upload occurred earlier this year in March 2013, making this site only 3 months old since this review was completed. With this in mind it did not come as a huge surprise that the site only offers a rather small amount of content. In total there are currently 40 videos on offer, it may not sound like a lot but keep in mind that the site is still rather new, and the good news is that Web Young is still quite active on updates with a new upload every few days, sometimes the site gets updated daily, there's no real solid structure to the updates though they do occur quite often.

Although the site may not be massive as it is now, given time the site should turn in to a much more formidable size which will have potential customers joining left right and centre. The site may not be doing all too well when it comes to content numbers but at least the site excels in regards to video quality. For you see, all the videos available on this site are available in true HD resolution, clocking in at 1080dpi. That said there's certainly no issues when it comes to quality here as true HD resolution is as good as it gets, and they certainly do the gorgeous teen models justice.

Members have the option of downloading the HD videos in mp4 format or downloading them in lower quality versions available in wmv. There's also the option of streaming the videos straight off the site in flash format if you wish to view the videos right away. The videos aren't restricted by DRM and there are no download limits so members can download as much as they want in any single day.

Pros & Cons:


  • Sexy teen models;
  • Consistent updates;
  • True HD quality videos;
  • Softcore yet arousing scenes;
  • Site looks great;
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Current video collection is small.

Web Young certainly has the trimmings of a great website, though there is just one thing which is holding it back, and it's a factor that can easily be fixed over time, and that's the small amount of content on offer. The good news is that the site is still very active on updates which means that this issue won't last long. Where the site really excels in is quality, with true HD quality videos you can't really complain here, not to mention that the photo galleries also look great. But it's definitely the smoking hot teen models of this site which really make it worthwhile.


I hate seeing a site that has such great content but not enough of it, seriously though Web Young offers some of the most arousing teen softcore content around, mainly because their models are so damn attractive. Not only that but they also know how to put up a damn fine show, certainly worth a look for any teen softcore fan out there.

It always seems to be the case with sites that offer high quality HD content, that they seem to have such small content numbers which is the same case with this site. But thankfully the site is still active on updates, and the fact that the site is still rather new means that there's still plenty of room for growth here. What's really worth mentioning here is the quality of teen models on show.

Pure eye candy is what this site is all about, and the gorgeous teen models are certainly done justice thanks to the high quality of the content on offer. Not only are the videos gorgeous but the photo galleries are equally high in quality, but really it's the nubile fresh faced angelic teen models which will have you coming back for more.

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