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Wave Hos

Wave Hos

Content quality: 6.0 of 25
Content quantity: 17.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $29.73

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Site Details:

Wave Hos

Network Details:

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I love bikinis. Don't you love bikinis? I can think of only a few things that are as sexy as a little bikini on a sexy body, which is why it surprises me that so few sites do hot bikini porn. There are a few where you can see the chicks posing in slutty bikinis but most of the time they take them off shortly after the set begins and that's not all that interesting. Better is when the girl gets fucked while wearing that bikini or at the very least gives a blowjob. I was pleased to discover Wave Hos on one of my journeys through the web because they have a collection of exclusive content featuring hotties in bikinis having hardcore sex. The chicks are slutty and sensual and they crave cock after spending a day on the beach soaking up the sun. The guys are always ready to give it to them and as a member you get to download the videos that result.

Main idea:

A hot girl is on the beach in her bikini when a horny man approaches her. The two of them talk and eventually he gets around to his purpose. He wants the girl to have sex with him and he's willing to shell out some cash for the pleasure. The bikini sluts they show at Wave Hos always except the offer because they love cock and they love money. They want to get screwed and so the guys bring them back to an apartment or house and we see the ladies get boned. That's what this site is all about and they're offering free action on the tour so you can get a taste.

Member's area:

It's clear from the opening moment that Wave Hos doesn't update any longer. There are no dates on anything and there's a paltry amount of total content so right off the bat you can forget having a boatload of beautiful babes in bikinis sucking and fucking. The member's main page actually opens with all the bonus content they offer to you because they recognize that there isn't enough exclusive produced porn to keep you around for long. That's a shame because it's good stuff.

Along the top of the page there are four areas of interest. First there are the photo galleries and the image page has big shots of all the babes in their bikinis. Click a picture and you'll be taken to the sexy gallery where you can check out the babe's hot images. They always start with the girl in her bikini and at 1000px they look good. The story of the hot hookup is told and you can follow along all the way to the end where the babe takes a thick load of jizz on her pretty face or tits. I found plenty of pleasure in the bikini pictures alone, to be honest.

The video page is pretty much the same way with screenshots from each scene waiting to be clicked on. You can then download each video in small segments and most in full length clips (a few only have the small segments). Video quality is lacking at 320x240 so it's pretty hard to enjoy these movies in the way they were intended. My guess is that Wave Hos was launched long ago and they stopped updating shortly thereafter so they never dragged the content into the modern era of high quality video. They also have pages for the highest rated and the most popular content sets in case you want quick access to what the members like best.


The sad thing is that Wave Hos had a really good thing going before they shut down new content production. Each scene begins with the pickup. Sometimes it's pretty drawn out as the girl and her man chat on the beach or he rubs lotion on her legs or chest or tits. Sometimes he just hits on her a little bit and then she accepts his invitation to go back to his place and fuck. Either way they make sure to get great views of her hot body in her little bikini. The camera goes up and down to get her from head to toe and you can rest assured that she's going to look excellent. Every babe they chose has a great body and is exceptionally good looking.

I like that they went with variety. Madison is a super slim chick with tiny tits and a little ass. Haley is the same way. Aden is slim (they're all slim actually) with nice medium sized natural tits and a round ass. Zoe has big tits that she keeps in a gorgeous pink bikini. The girls are all hot and they all look beautiful in their bikinis and since that's exactly what this site is supposed to be about we can applaud them for a job well done on that front. The sex is really good too. Madison's scene is the best and I loved how they filmed her getting fucked doggy style. They would show her pussy getting penetrated and then pan up to her face so we could see the look of pleasure as his dick plowed her fuck hole and made her feel so good.

No site is perfect though. Given that the entire thing is built around girls in bikinis you'd think that they would keep the bikinis on throughout the scene. It wouldn't be all that hard to pull the fabric aside to get at the girl's pussy or to pull her tits out of the bikini top and still leave it on. Even if it was too much of a pain to take off the bottoms you'd think they could have left the top on so we could enjoy the view. I don't really understand why they chose to run away from the strength of the site. The videos are too low quality as well. The bonus sites help to make up for the shameful lack of content since most of them are populated with young and beautiful girls having hot and naughty fun.

Cons and pros:


  • Hot girls in bikinis - how can you go wrong?;
  • Videos are downloadable;
  • Several bonus sites.


  • Not nearly enough content;
  • Second month is actually $10 more expensive than the first month;
  • Videos are low resolution;
  • No updates, even on the bonus sites.

Wave Hos had a lot of potential before it was shut down. They produced nine picture galleries and twelve videos and most of them are really hot. The girls look great in their bikinis and they suck and fuck like passionate young sluts. They put on great performances and their men always end up wanting to shoot big, thick loads of creamy jizz into their mouths or on their faces. It's hot, hot stuff but there are impediments to the enjoyment of the hot bikini porn. The low quality videos are the biggest among them. 320x240 just doesn't get it done anymore and I really wish they could have done better because there's good stuff here. The bonus sites help to make up for that pain and they offer higher quality videos.

Featured comments:

It's almost certainly a function of the time in which these bikini videos were produced but they're really crappy looking because they're so low resolution. If you run them at 320x240 they look miniscule on your monitor. If you bump up the size (which you can do in Windows Media Player) then they look all blurry and grainy. It's imperfect and it remains the thing that I hate most about this site.

I was amazed that they thought charging $40 for the second month's membership was a good idea. Did they really think that the content was good enough to gouge their members? It's not; they don't even have enough bikini porn to keep you around for a month, let alone two months!

Why do sites like Wave Hos essentially get canceled? They didn't take the content off because they have a nice network of bonus sites but they pretty much shitcanned this collection of porn just a few months into production. Were people not joining? I don't know the answer but I know it's kind of sad because I really liked seeing the bikini babes get boned. Oh well.

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