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Voyeurs HD

Voyeurs HD

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Voyeurs HD

You know how you can spend hours on free sites trying to find a decent amateur videos and failing all the time? Well, thanks to sites like Voyeurs HD you don’t need to do that anymore. For a decent enough membership fee you can sign up and log in to a community of members who also like to watch good quality but amateur home videos, and voyeur content. You can browse movies and galleries, there are updates happening, there’s a large stock already and you can even join in and send in your own movies and clips.

Main Idea:

There are all kinds of categories for these movies and clips and images. There is a lot of self-shoot amateur content and things fall into categories as varied as Beach Spy, Masturbation Spy, Pizza Delivery and Upskirts. It’s all about share and view here with caught on camera moments from the unsuspecting general public as well as shoots where ordinary girls and guys have set up cams on purpose and then uploaded their results to let you see. So, varied amateur and voyeur porn in streams and downloads, and you can also add you own.

Members Area:

Things inside the members' area are pretty much as you saw on the tour, with a top menu leading you to the various parts of the site now open to you. Starting on the left you have the home page and you click there after your welcome/account page on the way in. This home page will show you what is new and there are titles and descriptions with the sample shots, so some information is on hand, though I didn’t see upload dates. What they have instead is ‘uploaded 7 hour ago’ type messages so you can see how new things are. The home page also holds a menu on the right side and a category list, and those, with the main top menu, make navigation easy.

Moving along the list of things to see you come first to videos where each clip is shown on index pages with a category tag and description. Viewing pages are simple with one stream that starts automatically and one download option, plus the details and write-ups and links to other scenes of interest. The Photos page also uses the same index page layout and these sample pics take you to galleries where large thumbnails open to individual pics one at a time. There were no slideshows or zip files and navigation through the galleries was a case of click to open a pic then click it to close and move on.

You can't say that the site is not interactive, although there were no comments or rates to give, there is an Add to Favourites function, and then you can upload your own content, so it is interactive in that way. There is a page for this and a simple process. Your content then gets posted along with everyone else’s’. You have an Account area where you can upload an avatar, check messages and see other details, and there’s an area for self-submitted amateur girlfriends, which is the same as the bonus area. All in all, it looks good, it’s got character and it is easy to use.


Back at the Videos area I found 5,728 clips to check out, the earliest one being added two years ago apparently. Each clip came with eths stream and the one download option and I found Flash in use at around 640 x 480 and MP4 downloads around the same size at 900 kbps. The quality of content may vary of course as we are looking at amateur footage and voyeur footage, so shaky cams, low resolutions, dark rooms and scratchy sound are to be expected. The runtimes of clips also varied as did the content. In the photos area there were 401 galleries with various numbers of images each from a few up to 30 or so. Quality varies here too, as you must expect, with some very high resolution images alongside some from mobile phones, tablets and similar, and with images sizes also varying. On the whole though the quality of the photos was good.

You've got all kinds of things going on here, from couples in the park sunbathing and some up-skirt shots, to couples making out and having sex on the beach. There are locker room voyeur cams and exhibitionist videos as well, so although it’s not all classic voyeur content there is a good mix and it stays with a kind of outdoor, pubic, caught on cam feel.

In the bonus area, where members have sent in their own content, there were 1,314 clips to check out. These were mainly couples having sex at home with BJs and quickies all the way up to full length porn scene style shoots with all kinds of action involved. Often from fixed cams and not always wonderful quality of course, but all worth seeing and remorse that you are also invited to send in your own. Because of that there is new content being added to the site all the time.


The bonus here really is that you can send in your own content and see that sent in by other members. There are no extra sites included.

Pros & Cons:


  • A large amount of voyeur and amateur content;
  • A nicely designed site with character;
  • Members can easily send in their own content;
  • Lots of variety and a good category function;
  • Looks to be frequently updated.


  • There are only limited download and stream options;
  • No place to put comments and give feedback on the pages;
  • Quality will vary as will video lengths.

I have to say, I have seen a few Voyeur sites in my time and Voyeurs HD is one of the better ones. Not everything is HD and some of the quality does vary, but there is a lot of it, it’s real voyeur and amateur stuff, it’s horny and good fun, it works smoothly and well, there are ways to send in your own content and there is a nice community feel to the whole thing. There is also lots of variety in the caught on camera action and some very nice high quality images from digital cameras. From couples making their own porn scenes, to upskirt photos, this site has everything for the voyeur fan to find.


My favourite voyeur site so far, and I’ve also joined a few. If they would make it slightly more user-friendly with a place to put comments and ways to contact other members, put your own stats and stuff, it would be a really excellent community site. At the moment it’s geared towards viewing rather than participating.”

“Awesome chicks in some of the members' own pics, a couple making their own porn movie for 20 minutes is great and se of them here are better than the studio stuff. No, not always HD and not always voyeur but always hot. I’m staying here ‘cos the updates are good.”

“Sexy stuff, nicely done, quirky design and very laid back, hot girls and some great amateur guys drilling them and getting blown, I like the real voyeur stuff best, the tanning tables and locker rooms, the beach stuff and showers. Nice.”

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