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Unlimited Access Pass

Unlimited Access Pass

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $4.95
  • 1 month: $29.73

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Site Details:

Unlimited Access Pass

Network Details:

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8 more sites in network
Cali Teens 73
I Love Black Girls 75
Insane Coeds 71
Lesbian Assault 65
Night Invasion 79
San Diego Latinas 72
Wave Hos 60
Unlimited Access Pass 84

How many sites do you know of where girls in bikinis get fucked? The number is pretty small and when I came across a site named Wave Hos I was pretty excited. I love a bikini babe and seeing one get picked up on the beach and fucked in a condo or hotel room is really exciting. I mention this because Wave Hos is a part of the Unlimited Access Pass and that's why I'm doing the review for this collection of sexy sites. There are six in the network and they all offer something a little different, which is fun. It's fun to browse the tour and see so many good looking young ladies peering out at me. Some are sucking dick in bikinis, some are sleeping as they get fucked and some are all alone in front of the camera entertaining with their tight bodies.

Main idea:

Unlimited Access Pass is an eclectic mix of sites built around young women. Concentrating on teens and college girls doesn't exactly make them unique in the world of porn but they largely stick to amateur girls and that's something we should be getting excited about. If you want a taste of the goodies that await you as a member then visit the site and have a look at the tour. They offer delicious free movies from some of the most popular additions. I like the one with the blonde girl in a blue bikini sucking dick.

Member's area:

After logging in they have a whole lot of stuff for you to check out. The most recent photo and video updates are at the center of the page and it looks like you get something new every 10-12 days. Thankfully they usually add a bunch of content with every update so the site is still pretty fresh. The top rated galleries can be found on the left hand side of the page and if you're looking for a quick hit of the best stuff then it's a great place to turn. I know that's what I did upon logging in and I certainly enjoyed what I got to see.

The images in the Unlimited Access Pass network are 1000px, which is a little less than would be ideal. They have zips of all the galleries and you can choose the size of your thumbnails if you'd like. The videos play at 480x360; again it's just a little lower quality than would be ideal. You can browse each of the sites on their own or you can just look at all the videos and picture galleries in a list. The site isn't poorly designed but it's sloppy looking. There's too much crap piled into every page and the design work isn't slick enough to overcome that.

Some of the videos only have one screenshot to help you decide on a download. None of them have descriptions so it gets really frustrating when you're trying to find something to download and you have no information at all. If all you've got is a picture of a girl opening her mouth to receive a cumshot who knows what she's wearing during the scene, what positions they use or even if she gets fucked. Like many medium quality sites Unlimited Access Pass suffers from laziness. These problems could all be solved if the developers worked a little harder.


The site I was most excited about, Wave Hos, is actually really small. There are six picture galleries and eight videos to download and that's it. I was also disappointed that they didn't keep the girls in their bikinis the whole time. It would have been more fun that way and it's not like it would have been hard. Lesbian Assault is a sleeping sex site where it's a girl going down on and dildo fucking another chick. It's an interesting concept but it's actually kind of silly. Night Invasion is much more interesting. With more than 125 episodes featuring hot sleeping sex it's one of the best in the genre. The unique thing is that they use night vision cameras to really sell the idea that these girls are sleeping and that their bedrooms are being invaded by horny guys.

Cali Teens is the flagship site of Unlimited Access Pass. They have more than 350 galleries and 165 videos and they manage to do a little bit of everything. Solo sets featuring the super sexy girls are the primary content type but they also do hardcore sex every so often. The vast majority of the girls are amateurs and they all have that youthful, unspoiled beauty that men are constantly chasing after. That's why we love teenagers! If you were to visit the tour for Insane Coeds you'd see them talking a big game about all the great content they have but it's really just 10 galleries. Everything else they're taking from Cali Teens. In that way you're really only getting 5 sites for the price of one.

San Diego Latinas is a fun site featuring hot young Latin chicks filmed getting naked, masturbating, using dildos and occasionally having hardcore sex. Again, they're all amateurs and they look fantastic as they get romantic and sexy on camera. I Love Black Girls is a pretty simple site that once again features beautiful amateur chicks. This time they're all black and they too like to get naked, do sensual stripteases and masturbate. There are interracial love scenes mixed in there every so often as well. Unlimited Access Pass is not a great site. It's good and if you're looking for hot pictures of teenage babes it's probably a good place to spend some time. It won't blow your mind but you'll feel like you spent your money well.

Cons and pros:


  • Very hot teenage girls in picture galleries and videos;
  • Downloadable videos with hardcore and softcore sex;
  • Frequent updates keep the site fresh.


  • The content just isn't very high quality;
  • Video resolution is too low; picture resolution is too low;
  • Two of the sites have almost no content.

Unlimited Access Pass is an average site. There are five sites (Insane Coeds has so little content it doesn't count) you get access to and they all offer picture galleries and videos. Wave Hos is really small but it's great seeing sexy girls in bikinis sucking and fucking. Cali Teens is the biggest among them and I really like all the picture galleries and videos of gorgeous young California girls playing naughty. When they suck and fuck it's best but seeing them strip and masturbate is fun too. The black and Latina focused sites are good too and I suppose it would be pretty hard to find another network with all of those things combined. If you're particularly aroused by the combination of content types then this is probably a great site for you to spend some time with. Otherwise you can find better content elsewhere.

Featured comments:

All the sites in the Unlimited Access Pass feel sloppy. The design is pretty crappy, the pictures are kind of low resolution and the videos are the same. They could be doing better and they're not. I'd like to see more updates too. They have several sites here and we should be able to do better than one picture gallery per week per site.

I was disappointed that Wave Hos is such a small site. It's the best of the six and it's the one they stopped updating probably just a few weeks after it was launched. That sucks and it's the reason I canceled my membership. As much as I like the pictures and videos at Cali Teens I can find that same kind of content in a much better format elsewhere.

The folks behind Unlimited Access Pass are lazy. They didn't bother making high quality videos. They didn't bother giving us high resolution pictures. They didn't bother making a good design. They didn't do any of those things and that's why I'm not a member anymore. It's lazy and it's annoying.

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