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Under Skirt Vids

Under Skirt Vids

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $5.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Under Skirt Vids

Network Details:

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Have you ever thought about how awesome it would be to have a small portable camera that you could make dirty voyeur movies with? You’d put the camera in a bag or in your shoe and then you could walk around shooting up the skirts of hot chicks. Most women wear thongs with a skirt so you’d be getting tons of hot ass shots. Some women don’t wear panties at all so you’d be getting some pussy shots. That sounds like a good time to me and the results are bound to be interesting. Thankfully you don’t have to risk getting your ass beaten by some angry boyfriend. Someone has already done that kind of thing and they made a whole site about it. It’s called Under Skirt Vids and it features downloadable movies where beautiful women are captured unbeknownst to them.

Main idea:

Under Skirt Vids is for the guys that appreciate good voyeur porn and the guys that love upskirt movies. The camera seems to be placed in a bag that the videographer is carrying around or in his shoe. Either way it’s very well concealed and most of these videos are captured in public without the girl knowing. It’s genuine action and there are some amazingly hot asses shown on the tour. It remains to be seen how the member’s area is going to turn out but the free area is a blast with lots of free movies to sample. They look exceptionally hot.

Member's area:

This one is about as straightforward as it gets. Since Underskirt Vids is just a video site where they take short scenes of upskirt girls they don’t need to work all that hard to present the content for you. They have 15 listed per page with a preview picture from the scene and a short description that has nothing to do with the video. I actually don’t know why they bothered writing those descriptions. They’re utterly useless and provide no information or value. They’re just bland general paragraphs about upskirt porn. What the hell?

When you click on a clip to watch the video you’re taken to the page with the sexy streaming video. Every clip I saw was between 30 and 90 seconds but despite that it can take 10-15 seconds for it to start playing. I can’t figure why that’s the case but such is life. You can download the clip in a WMV and they play at 720x576 and 800kbps. They look about right for a video that was filmed in a covert manner. That sort of camera doesn’t seem like it should be high quality and the site would lose part of its charm if they were HD videos.

The download speeds were pretty slow on the videos but because they’re all so small it’s not a big deal. You won’t have to wait more than a few minutes to have a video ready to be enjoyed. I like the Flash player even if it takes a too long for the video to actually load. The clips look good and once everything has started it’s easy to hop around in the scene and get to the pleasure you want. Every page of the site features a link to the three bonus sites all the way at the bottom. They probably have too many links but at least you won’t have any problems finding what you crave.


The slow download speeds are a minor irritation that should not stop you from enjoying the wonder that is Underskirt Videos. This is one of the finest upskirt video sites I’ve ever visited. There are 92 videos to watch and when you consider how short they are that could be a problem. That’s basically two hours of content at best and that’s not much for $30/month with a sketchy update record. What’s important to know is that these are tremendous upskirt voyeur videos. These are not staged (at least as far as I can tell). They look entirely authentic with the girls never giving any indication that they’re doing anything but getting their business done.

Most of the videos are taken as girls go about their daily routines. There are lots of subway rides and videos snapped at what seem like outdoor markets. Most of the time your view is limited to the girl’s ass, skirt and back so it’s hard to tell what’s actually going on. That’s sort of the point though. This is a pure upskirt video site and it’s exceptionally well done. The guy must have a camera in his shoe or in a bag that he’s carrying low because he gets the perfect camera angle. A lot of time you’ll be right under the girl so you can just peer up her skirt and check out her ass. Almost all the girls are wearing thongs too so there’s a whole bunch of ass flesh.

I’m guessing they shoot a lot of upskirt video and then upload only the best of it because I didn’t see a bad ass anywhere in the bunch. All of these girls have amazingly sexy butts. Maybe they’re all wearing high heels or something but they look really good. Some are wearing really short skirts too and you have to appreciate those ladies. They’re confident, although they probably weren’t counting on some perv with a camera going around capturing video of their asses hanging out. There are three bonus sites, one of which features pictures and videos submitted by amateur girls and their boyfriends. That will likely appeal to those that join Underskirt Videos.

Cons and pros:


  • Authentic, voyeuristic upskirt videos;
  • Lots of hot asses;
  • Three bonus sites.


  • Videos are very short;
  • Not more than 2 hours of video content;
  • Updates are sporadic at best.

Underskirt Videos is a delicious treat of a site with authentic voyeur videos that capture girls in hot upskirt situations. The guy brings his camera out into the world and he has it attached to his shoe or in a bag or something like that. He takes video of girls walking around and he always gets up under the skirt so you have a great view of the ass. The movies look best when the girls are standing still and he can get really close. I’d like to know his secret for capturing these amazing videos but I love the results. With 92 videos running 30-90 seconds each the site is really pretty small so you’re not getting great value. There are few sites with this kind of content though so you have to consider that. The three bonus sites are also a nice bonus.

Featured comments:

I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to try and access these videos and find that I have to wait for every single one of them to load. It’s too much time and as far as I’m concerned they screwed up somewhere along the way because it’s too slow. Flash videos are supposed to load instantly and with these I’m waiting ten seconds. I know it’s a small complaint but when the videos are this short it negatively impacts my time on the site.

I’m on the side of the fence that says there isn’t nearly enough content here. These movies are really short and the truth is it can’t be that hard to film them. The guy obviously just walks around with his camera in a bag or something. He could probably get an hour a day if he really wanted. It seems like he doesn’t want to do that and thus this lack of content results.

Considering that none of the content is dated I would guess that they no longer update the site. That might not be true but it’s the only assumption I can make with the information I was given. They need to work a little harder to keep the content fresh. I really love the site though and my month membership was money well spent.

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