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Under Feet

Under Feet

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Content updates: Bi-weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Under Feet

Under Feet takes the foot fetish to the next level, featuring kinky fetish type porn that has everything to do with feet on an extreme scale. Under Feet has been live for roughly 7 years now having been launched way back in 2006, that said you can rest assured that these guys know what foot fetish fans love! Under Feet currently offers members over 200 videos and over 210 photo galleries, all of which are 100% exclusive to their members. And with two new updates every month, their kinky foot fetish and femdom video collection continues to grow.

Main Idea:

Under Feet is just like a foot fetish website but a little on the wilder side. The content available could be considered femdom as well given the dominating nature of the gorgeous women on the site, you’ll find them giving the horny guys quite a hard time with their feet. Within the episodes members will witness trampling, heels sucking, and general foot fetish kinkiness, all tied in with the femdom niche. With all of this in mind; it goes without saying that Under Feet is only for extreme foot fetish lovers only, as some of the episodes can get quite intense in comparison to regular foot fetish videos.

Members Area:

Under Feet’s site presentation has plenty of charm to it thanks to the colorscheme used and the various graphics. The site is prominently dark in color with a black background making the site easy on the eyes, the site also has blue trimmings which is a nice contrast to the black, and the top banner certainly gives the site presentation some character. There’s a welcoming message from the developers below the banner, which is a nice personal touch, though it is a rather lengthy message which does tend to distract from the featured content, it would have been nice if they made this message a little more brief. Overall however, the site does have a great presentation and a neat layout giving the site a professional look.

Just below the eye- top banner is the navigation menu which will allow members to traverse through the different sections of the site. This includes links to the video and photo galleries, along with other links such as extras and the models section. Below the navigation menu is an area which consists of information in regards to upcoming updates. This is always nice to have as it will keep member’s spirits up in knowing that there’s new content waiting for them just around the corner.

Located below the upcoming updates is the highest-rated section, this area will come in handy for new members who aren’t sure where to start as they can be sure these are the best episodes on offer as they have been voted by other fellow members. At the very bottom of the homepage is where members will come across the latest updates section.

This section has the 10 latest episodes presented in thumbnail form featuring a screen shot taken from the video to give members a rough idea on what they can expect to see. Each thumbnail also comes with information on when the episode was uploaded, a short description of the video, and the starring model’s name. To view the entire back catalogue of picture and video updates, members can simply utilize the links in the navigation menu.


Having been live for 7 years now, one would expect Under Feet to have quite the extensive library of videos and photo galleries, so does it? Well for a site that has been up and running for 7 years the size of their collection could be deemed as mediocre. However, a total of 200 plus videos and over 210 photo galleries isn’t small by any stretch, more so for the new members. Though older members who have been around for quite some time may find the numbers to be a little underwhelming. To be a little more lenient on the developers though; the site does cover a very specific niche, so having accumulated over 200 videos of this type is a rather impressive feat no doubt about that. Also worth mentioning is the fact that all the content available on Under Feet is 100% exclusive to the site, so members of the site will be the only ones to ever have the opportunity to view the steamy foot fetish/femdom content on offer.

Although the site may not have a huge collection for a site that has been running for 7 years, the site is still being updated on a regular schedule. They haven’t got a solid pattern as to when they upload their videos and photo galleries, but judging by the update dates; the site is updated twice per month, which is essentially works out to be a new video every two weeks. Having been live for 7 years and still going steady on updates is quite impressive, so although not the biggest collection, it still does have its good points.

The older videos on offer are available in fairly average resolutions of 640x480 which would have been quite decent back in 2007, but luckily the developers have been keeping up with the standards as the newer videos are available in HD ready quality with a resolution of 1280x720, which come second only to the true HD 1080dpi. Too bad the developers haven’t included this quality yet, though it could be a possibility in the near future. All the videos are available to stream and download in wmv format, with no DRM restrictions or DL limits.


Pros & Cons:


  • Unique foot fetish content;
  • All content 100% exclusive;
  • Updates twice a month;
  • Site looks great;
  • Easy to navigate.


  • Older videos are lower in quality.

What Under Feet really has going for it is that the videos on offer are quite unique, they take the Foot Fetish to the next level, if you’re a foot fetish fan and are looking for something new and refreshing then you may just find that here, though you must be warned that the foot fetish episodes can get rather intense since the videos do fall under the femdom niche as well. The collection of episodes is pretty average for a site that’s been live for 7 years, but not to worry as the developers still update this site twice a month, so there’s always new content to look forward to. Under Feet is a well-rounded site with an interesting take on the foot fetish niche.


Having seen hundreds of foo fetish videos I was just about to give up on this fetish when I came across Under Feet. They have really taken this fetish for quite a ride, making things very intense for the horny guys as the ladies on show are extremely dominating. That said, I have a favourite new fetish thanks to this site, though it would have been nice if the videos are available in true HD.

A new refreshing take on the foot fetish niche, you don’t find much of this type of content around where they fuse foot fetish and femdom niche together. Although the site’s collection of videos don’t compare to the massive DVD archives out there; at least the videos are exclusive and the library is still being extended thanks to the bi-weekly updates. If there’s one thing I would change would be the quality, the videos do look nice but I want 1080dpi resolution.

Word of warning – Under Feet is quite intense, so although you may consider yourself a foot fetish fan, the videos on this site can be rather kinky due to the femdom nature of the ladies on show, and not to mention the starring ladies are absolutely gorgeous and I am sure any man would want to be bossed around by these sultry seductresses. It’s also nice to see a site still being updated after being live for 7 long years.

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