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Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 18.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $2.95
  • 1 month: $23.95

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Network Details:

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The handjob is seriously underrated in terms of sexual pleasure and pornographic pleasure. First off, have you ever gotten a great handjob? Sex is always going to be amazing but I think we all know that jerking off is wicked pleasurable too and if you're lucky enough to have someone else doing it for you then it's going to feel even better. Women might not know how to work the equipment as well as men but that doesn't mean they can't learn. A good handjob is just as pleasurable as a good blowjob, especially if the babe clamps down on the cock right as it explodes and swallows. As a style of porn the handjob is way underrated too. A good handjob movies is just as hot as any other kind. You just have to find a site that does good handjob movies. I'm hoping that Tugjobs is that site.

Main idea:

The folks at Tugjobs want you to get off watching a cock be stroked. They want you to blow your load while a beautiful babe plays with a dick in a POV style video. They want those things for you because they love handjobs more than anyone else. Do you like a good handjob video? Do you like it when the girls talk dirty and rub their pussies over the cock? Do you like it when they occasionally get in there for a lick? It's all good and it's all at Tugjobs. They're giving away free samples right now if you want a taste of the action.

Member's area:

Inside the site is well designed and easy to use. The latest update is at the top of the page and below that are 32 other movies added in the last several months. They update weekly and have been doing so since they launched so they're consistent. The main page also gives you access to the top 10 scenes and models along with links to the bonus sites. They've thrown in a few ads as well and I could have done without those. It's a small thing though.

When you find a scene you like and you click the pretty picture to go to the content they have 12 hot pictures for you. They're great samples of the scene and show the girl, her handjob technique, etc. There's a description too but I haven't found much use for those. There are links to the picture gallery, the screencaps, the trailer and the video. You can download the clips or stream them. They've divided them into quarters and one minute clips and they have the full length video for you too.

The picture galleries are low resolution at 800px and the screencaps are pretty small too. In this day and age they should be able to give you better resolution on the digital shots at the very least. On the tour they craftily say that the videos are shot in high definition. They don't mention that you're able to download them in high definition, which is good because that would be a lie. They play at 720x400 (or very close to it) and roughly 1500kbps. That's not even close to HD and they clearly shrunk the movies down to save on bandwidth. That's incredibly cheap and annoying.


My experience with Tugjobs was hit and miss. The thing they get right is the girls. They're all beautiful and they're all good at tugging cock, although that's not exactly tough. It's the beauty that's the most important aspect though. These babes are good looking and they have very nice bodies with several great sets of tits in the mix. The videos are generally 15-25 minutes long and the girls will do a little bit of everything for your pleasure. There's always going to be cock stroking but they work in stuff like stripping and sucking to spice it up a little bit.

Many of the scenes begin with the girl fully clothed. She has to do a striptease so she can best entertain her man and that means you get to watch the clothes slowly come off. When the hot body is exposed she usually goes to work stroking dick, although occasionally the guy will finger her or suck on her tits. Then the slut gets to work stroking dick and that's where things can get bad. There are some scenes here that I hate and it's mostly the ones that are done in near silence. The girl isn't saying anything and the guy isn't groaning so all we hear is the sound of lubrication on his cock. That's hot but I need something more for a handjob.

To me a handjob movie is about the audio as much as the video. I want to hear the girl talking dirty. I want to hear her ask if it feels good getting stroked. I want to hear her say that she loves stroking cock and that she wants the dick to cum, etc. A little bit of naughty chatter always makes the scene more fun. I also like it when there's a lot of lubrication used so that sloppy stroking sound comes through my speakers loud and clear. There are many scenes at Tugjobs that lack any of those things with the possible exception of the lube. I don't like those scenes at all but I imagine some of you will like them (even though they seem terribly boring). On the other hand there are tons of scenes at Tugjobs that have all of those things that drive me wild with desire. It's a love/hate thing I have going with the site. Tugjobs comes with access to a large network of bonus sites, providing you with more than 3,000 full scenes to download.

Cons and pros:


  • Many hot handjob videos;
  • Downloadable videos that look pretty darn good;
  • Weekly updates;
  • Access to a large network of bonus sites;
  • Hot chicks giving the handjobs.


  • Many boring handjob videos;
  • The cumshots seem lackluster;
  • The videos are filmed in HD but you end up getting a much lower quality version.

Tugjobs is a good site that comes up short on being great because many of the handjob movies are just kind of boring. I like seeing a really hot girl play with a dick but 10 minutes of that without any talking or even any moaning just isn't interesting. That's why I love the scenes with the talking and the sloppy sounds of lube on the guy's cock and I hate the scenes where no one says anything until the cum starts shooting from the guy's dick. The videos look good and are downloadable but they should have given us the full HD clips, not this lower resolution version that was filmed in HD and then downgraded. The network of bonus sites is pretty hot too and makes up for any shortcomings of this particular porn collection.

Featured comments:

Rachel Roxxx is really hot. She's one of my favorite pornstars. She has a scene at Tugjobs and it sucks. She's fingering her pussy at the start of it and eventually a dude comes in seeking a cock stroking. She gets to work on him but the only thing we hear is the sound of her bracelets clanking together. She barely makes a peep while stroking his cock. At the very end he's shooting and she's moaning and that's it. Rachel Roxxx is really hot and she should have been told to do more.

When they said on the tour that the videos were shot in high definition I figured that meant really nice looking, HD videos. That's pretty reasonable, right? Of course that's not how it turns out. In terms of resolution 720x400 is way less than half of 1280x720 even though it doesn't seem like it. The difference is huge and it just means that they're too cheap to give us the good stuff.

What's the deal with the picture galleries? Why are the images only 800px? This is the year 2009, right? Don't they have a camera that can produce larger images? How about you cut the number of images in half (do I really need 400 pictures from a handjob scene?) and double the size? Wouldn't that be awesome?

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