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Tugjob Honeys

Tugjob Honeys

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 10.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Tugjob Honeys

When sweet girls do the tug, it can definitely bring a guy to a delicious climax. TugJob Honeys is dedicated to amateur girls who aren’t really as amateur as you would think of them to be when it comes to bed skills. This relatively new site features videos and images of fresh, sweet-ass girls with awesome hand skills that will make you realize why they’re called TugJob Honeys. It might have little content for now, but with the update schedules that they seem to follow, TugJob Honeys might just seem to bring members into their happy endings.

Main idea:

There is nothing sexier and hotter than a fresh-faced amateur who knows how to handle that big package right in front of her. The girls at TugJob Honeys are definitely the ones that you haven’t seen from any other adult sites, alright, but you wouldn’t believe how professional they are when it comes to posing, seducing, grabbing, and of course, tugging the goods that’s presented right in their eyes. This isn’t all about hand pleasuring though, as each girl showcases different talents to bring their man into the sweetest ending they could possibly imagine.

Member's area:

Rough and hard. That’s what the members’ area home page sure looks like with its black hardwood and white colour scheme. The main page already shows what you’re supposed to be here for. The first panel displays the recent updates in the site. You can shuffle and arrange the videos from here according to the newest to oldest updates or vice versa. You can also sort them out according to popularity or in alphabetical order of the girls’ names. To entice you with their videos, they already included a description along with the video link.

Down below, the site displays the upcoming updates to the site to pique your curiosity even more and make you want to visit them again. The lowest panel features the amateur honeys who have done a great job in tugging and grabbing their partners’ treasures.

Getting around TugJob Honeys is an easy thing. The videos can be found on the “Scenes” category they can be arranged according to date, popularity, or in alphabetical order. Each video page comes with an image gallery of the screen captures. Going down further, members can access other related videos or leave their comments on the page.

The “Girls” category allows you to choose the kind of model that you prefer by clicking on the list of specifications. Since there aren’t a lot of models at TugJob Honeys yet, the search results might seem limited. If you couldn’t find the model that you’re searching for, you can also look directly in the model gallery. The model index page features the model’s information, statistics, as well as the videos in which she have appeared in. The “Favourites” page saves your favourite videos according to your cookie browser settings.

Currently, the navigation syste, for TugJob Honeys do work, and it seems that the other search features such as the model search and the search browser will be more optimized once they add more content to the site.


The site started out in featuring sweet-looking amateurs who can’t seem to stop tugging their partner’s jewels in May 2012. Since then, they have been consistently adding content to their once every week. But since TugJob Honeys is still new, there is no surprise that the site contains only a few videos for now. Currently, the video gallery has 13 videos of amateur models, performing handjobs, BJs or combination of both. Most of the videos though majorly consist of girls who are posing in front of the camera rather than doing the anticipated actions.

As far as the quality goes, the highest resolution that you can find will rank around 720p. The videos can be streamed and downloaded and they also offer portable formats for mobile devices. The movies look average to great, although they aren’t high-definition.

The image gallery that comes along with the videos look pretty decent, as well. You can view them through slideshow or save them in zipped file formats. There isn’t a separate photoset, so there are only 13 photo sets as well, corresponding to the number of video scenes that are in the gallery. Each photo set contains an average of 60 to 80 photos, with girls in various stages of undressing.

The model gallery features the site’s amateur models. As mentioned above, the model’s statistics, information and related content are found on her model page. Looking at the gallery, most models fall from 18 to early 20s age range, so you can say that they pretty sure look fresh and supple. As far as experience goes, they are amateur models but they sure are skilled.

Exclusivity is a vague aspect as of this moment, since they didn’t advertise this aspect. What looks more exclusive though is the source of their videos, since it looks like they are all produced by TugJob Honeys. Membership to the site provides access to a bonus site Other member privileges include two loyalty bonuses for members who have reached the fifth and the ninth month of their membership.

Cons and pros:


  • Site presentation is great;
  • Consistent updates;
  • Good-looking models.


  • Could do with more content;
  • Average quality of videos and images.

TugJob Honeys is a new site which features young amateur models who show off their amazing skills in playing and satisfying their male partners with their hands and their soft lips. Being new, the site only has 13 videos to date, although if they continue with their weekly updates, they can build a good collection within a year. The quality of the videos looks average, but they don’t look amateurish either so it can be a good thing for an amateur site. The same observation in the quality of the images applies. Members can gain access to a bonus site, and members who have stayed for five to ninths or more can get a loyalty bonus which means that they will have a lower bill during these months. The cost of membership is relatively higher than other sites and considering the content that TugJob Honeys has right now, it’s still leaning towards the unbeneficial side. In time though, the site might gain more followers once they consistently follow through with their updates.

Featured comments:

TugJob Honeys definitely proves that girls don’t need to ride to make sweet, happy endings. With the perfect type of skills, these TugJob Honeys are doing their roles right. As far as the content of the videos go, they have shown their skills, alright, but majority of the videos only show the girls posing and stripping more than performing what they’re supposed to do. If you can get pass that and you can get aroused with these seduction moves, then TugJob Honeys is well worth a try.

Certainly not one for fans of hardcore porn, mainly because for hardcore fans these videos are merely an entree to their main meal. However if you are a fan of steamy foreplay then you will definitely enjoy the content available on this site. Being an amateur site the content isn’t of HD quality, and the content numbers could do with a huge boost. If anything the site does provide very arousing handjob episodes. But there is definitely room for much improvement here.

As it stands now, the site has a rather small collection of episodes, not only that but the videos themselves aren’t exactly top quality, but don’t get me wrong, they don’t look horrible, though the quality could do with some improvement. The site is still rather new and updates come in weekly, so hopefully we will see this site grow in to a more considerable size soon. The content available may not appeal to hardcore fans since the episodes focus around steamy handjob foreplay.

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