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Tug Express

Tug Express

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 13.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $2.95
  • 1 month: $24.95

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Site Details:

Tug Express

Network Details:

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Need an orgasm? All aboard the Tug Express for some great hand job videos. There are some nice looking ladies on Tug Express who seem pretty good at tugging on man meat and they don't mind having a lot of people knowing it. The site looks real nice and welcoming and the ladies look equally as good so this one has got my interest, I don't often see sites that are mainly about relieving some stress via ladies soft hands. When you acquire a membership for Tug Express or Nerd Pass you will get access to a bunch of nice websites for free.

Main idea:

Tug Express takes you on a train ride through some good jerking off from some fine ass looking gals. They get some oil and milk those cocks till the juice comes out and I often don't find girls jerking off guys all exciting but it I must say I might just start to get fond of it with the more time I spend on this site. The site doesn't have a lot of variety and all its content is about hand jobs but that's what you have the other sites in your membership for. Visit the site and see if you like what you can see in the tour.

Member's area:

The member's area looks a lot different from the main page and has most of the content located on the Home page for instant access to some hand jobs and company site content. The first thing on the Home page that you should take notice of is the latest updates including a nice picture of the newest video out on all the sites. Underneath that is a bunch of other updates which is kind of a waste of space considering there is always an updates section on the same page but I guess it lets you see more videos on the page.

The site has some pretty easy navigation since most of the videos can be accessed on the main page but there are a few other notable links on the site you will want to have a look at including Our Girls which has all those lovable gals that like to get naked for our viewing pleasure, Updates section so you can sort out all the updates for the company sites, Behind the Scenes, Live Radio, Sites and My Account where you can obviously change around all your members area options. It's quite simple to find everything so no one should have many problems.

The site doesn't disappoint in the bonus features area; they have a lot of good stuff for their members including commenting, ratings and members will have access to a forum for all the sites in their membership. There is also the Behind the Scenes which shows you what all the producers and models and such get up to when they aren't being too professional. But my favorite feature on the site would have to be Sanchez Radio; I could listen to it for hours. They mostly talk nonsense and interview some of the female stars that they work with but it's all very funny and is a great feature to have while you aren't watching porn.


The doesn't have bucket loads of video content at this stage, they are currently sitting on 16 movies which go for around 20 minutes give or take so it isn't a huge amount but there is a lot of bonus sites to make up for it. You get some different options to watch the videos in which is always a good thing to have. You can stream it in 4 sections, watch the full movie, watch it in 1 minute clips or download in different formats. The 2 formats they give you are WMV 1500k, 720x480 and MOV 720x480 which both look pretty nice at full screen. The videos have no DRM so you can keep them once you get them on your hard drive.

The site has a picture album for each of its video sets and they usually have around 200 high quality pictures in them as well as an album of video stills. They are pretty nice quality but they aren't big enough to be wallpaper or anything. You can watch them in a slide show or just download the whole albums for later. You get a fair few photos so it's probably quicker to just download all the sets to save you some time. The updates aren't as frequent as I hoped; they update once every week or two which isn't heaps but they update their other sites as well so you can check out other content to tide you over for the next update.

The ladies of Tug Express look damn fine, I'm jealous of the guys that get jerked off by these hot babes in the videos. They sure know how to pick out some good ones for these videos and they know how to jerk it pretty well if I don't say so myself. The videos are pretty good to watch, they aren't full on hardcore or anything but it's still such a turn on, I really enjoyed them.

Cons and pros:


  • Great looking girls;
  • Nice resolution movies with no DRM;
  • Good amount of bonuses;
  • Lots of picture content.


  • Site doesn't need so many update sections;
  • Updates could be more frequent;
  • Content wasn't very hardcore.

Overall I quite enjoyed Tug Express, although its content wasn't very hardcore enough for me it was still great to watch and they give you some different viewing options, loads of pictures and some great bonus features like the Live Radio and forum. I didn't find a whole lot about the site that I didn't like except for the small amount of videos they had on there but it was tolerable because of the great videos from the bonus websites so in the end the site was fairly good. I could recommend it to anyone that likes hand jobs and a site with a good amount of member participation.

Featured comments:

I quite enjoyed what I saw in the videos; there were some great looking girls and some great hand jobs. The site design was pretty nice and you could get to all the main stuff from the home page so it saves a lot of clicking.

My favorite part of the site would have to be the Live Radio; those guys on there were real funny. The content was nice quality and looked good in full screen but its sad there wasn't many videos that were to do with hand jobs.

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