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TS Seduction

TS Seduction

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

TS Seduction

Chances are good that if you're reading this review you have some interest in shemale porn. If you're feeling weird about it you need to dispel that and embrace what you love. The shemale niche is one of the most popular online even though most people probably wouldn't admit to liking chicks with dicks if you asked them to their faces. That's what makes the internet so amazing though. You can do anything you want and no one is going to know. Are you familiar with the shemale domination niche? There aren't many sites mining this territory but it's fertile ground for some excellent content. The hot shemales are the ones in control and they use their men like hot fuck holes that are meant to be filled and abused a little. The guys love it and the men watching really love it. TS Seduction is one of the leading sites in that niche and I'm excited to give it a review.

Main idea:

At TS Seduction the tables are turned on the usual setup for a shemale sex scene. If you've tired of seeing endless movies where guys fuck the shemales and take control then perhaps this shemale domination porn site will be the thing that really turns you on. Here the chicks with dicks are in control and more importantly they're happy to forcefully take what they want from their men. They will smack them around, talk dirty to them and then give them a good ass fucking with their big shemale cocks. It looks exciting and there's a video preview on the tour if you want a look.

Member's area:

There's a whole lot of shemale cock at TS Seduction and when you log in you'll be looking at all you can handle. The member's area looks exactly like the tour, which I always take as a good thing. If a site is willing to share everything with you then you know they are proud of their content and highly confident that you'll want to join. They list seven scenes per page with 13 preview pictures and a description from each that should help set the scene should you choose to download it.

They provide a search function but it really just looks for keywords in the descriptions so it's not terribly useful. Instead you should just browse by date and if you find a model you like click on her name to see if she's done more than one scene, as several of the most popular and sexy tgirls have. The picture galleries are sexy at 1200px and they're always crystal clear. What's great is that you can't really tell they're shooting pictures during the video (when flashes are going off it damn near ruins a movie so thankfully they don't do that).

The videos are tremendous too, done in a super high definition format. They play at 1280x720 and the bit rate is right around 7000kbps, which for those that don't know is really fucking awesome. The movies look beautiful! I was at full screen and it was just gorgeous looking at the big shemale cock slide into the tight male asshole while he moaned like a bitch. One other thing worth noting: when you go to download the movies you'll find that they've been segmented. One part has the blowjob, one part has the fucking, one part has the seduction, etc. It's genius.


The shemale models at TS Seduction are the first thing we need to talk about. They are almost universally gorgeous and their bodies are fucking flawless. They almost all speak perfect English too (more on that later). Most importantly their dicks work flawlessly so they can fuck their male submissives good and hard. There are several trannies with very big dicks so the size queens out there can dream about getting nailed by a huge shemale dick. The guys are appropriately submissive and I like that they didn't really go for the meathead look with most of them. By and large they're normal looking guys that you could easily identify with.

I think it's fair to say that the audience for this site is guys that want to be fucked by a shemale. If that's you then you should probably skip the rest of the review and sign up now because there is no better shemale domination hardcore site on the internet. There are competitors but none does the content better than this one. The girls are beautiful, the outfits they wear are beautiful, the locations are classy and well appointed, the guys are submissive, the cocks are always hard and the sex is tremendous. They've put it all together and if you want a shemale to take control of you and force you to suck her cock and get fucked up the ass this site will make your dreams come true.

Most of the scenes feature some light bondage and a little bit of CBT/spanking/whipping. The guy suffers a bit of pain and is often cuffed or tied up to make sure he doesn't go anywhere when the shemale fucks him. Other scenes go outside the box, like the one where a hypnotherapist puts her patient under and then pulls out her shemale cock and fucks his ass (that's one of my favorite scenes). The verbal humiliation aspect of the scenes is also one of my favorite parts. This is one of the only shemale sites I've seen where the girls all speak perfect English and use it to the advantage of the porn. When they call a guy a little bitch and tell him to take big cock in his asshole it heightens the arousal, at least for me. Some of the girls are better at it than others but they all do it to a certain extent. One last thing: the site has more than 110 updates and continues to add new content on a weekly basis.

Cons and pros:


  • Super hot shemales with big cocks that stay rock hard;
  • High definition videos for download;
  • Weekly updates and a decent sized archive of content;
  • Lots of verbal humiliation from the sexy shemales makes the porn extra hot;
  • A little bondage is exciting.


  • Navigation options are limited;
  • Price is a tad high at $29.95.

As far as I'm concerned TS Seduction is the best shemale domination site on the web and if you're into dominant shemales fucking guys you shouldn't spend your money anywhere else. The thing that makes the biggest difference between this site and others is that the shemales speak English. I think the verbal component adds a lot to the porn and if you agree then you really want to invest your money here. They have more than 100 hot scenes to download and you'll be surprised at how exceptionally hot the shemales are from scene to scene. They have white, black and Latina trannies fucking ass and mouth and it's nonstop sexy action. The price might be a bit high to stick around for several months but for a one month stop you're in the money.

Featured comments:

There are so many fabulous shemales to choose from at TS Seduction it's hard to decide which is my favorite. I think I'd go with sexy blonde Jesse if I had to choose. I like how passionate she is when she fucks a guy and how she's actually willing to do some kissing, which is way hotter than I was expecting.

I have nothing but love for TS Seduction. It's the site I've been searching for my entire life. I dream of being owned by a shemale with a big cock and that's basically what this site is. The shemales fuck the guys hard and make them their bitches. It's fucking awesome! If you want a babe recommendation then go with Kelly Shore. She's one of the hottest shemales I've ever seen and she has a great scene where she wears a latex nurse's dress.

It seems like a shemale domination site wouldn't have any kissing but there's actually a fair amount of it here. I mention it because I found it to be really hot watching a shemale slide her tongue into a guy's mouth and spin it around. It's pretty hard to beat that kind of sexy action, especially when you throw some hot ass fucking on top of it.

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