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Tropical Amateurs

Tropical Amateurs

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 14.0 of 25
Design and usability: 5.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Tropical Amateurs

You can expect something slightly different, slightly amateur and very exotic at this site. It is simple, it doesn't make any great promises on the tour, it is easy to use and it is not terribly big. But it is very enthusiastic and it seems to have found a niche all of its own. You can check out the tour pages and you will find that they look exactly like the members’ area, so you can see what you are going to get before you part with any money. The video clips come with streams and downloads, they are easy to access, photo galleries also come with zip files for ease of downloading and there are very basic navigation tools to make sure you have a smooth ride inside the members’ area.

Main Idea:

It is all about sexy, slim, and teen, 18+ Latina ladies in sexy and exotic locations here at Tropical Amateurs. The girls are certainly smooth and lush, trimmed or shaved, and lithe when they dance. There are some made up fantasies of tribal ladies dancing, there is suitable music to go with this and you get what are, I assume, exclusive movies. There is also an amateur feel to the site and content; in fact the content is watermarked with, presumably a sister site. But I for one have not met these girls before so I am looking forward to seeing more of them.

Members Area:

As mentioned, the tour is the same as the members’ area and you won’t be asked for your passwords until you try and play a video or see a gallery. I signed in and was then asked to show my credentials again, but only the once. I then found a very simple and even amateur looking members’ area with a basic menu, basic commands and not a lot of info or interactivity.

This is a small site so it doesn’t take long to get around it. You land on a home page that shows you the most recent content with galleries and videos separated out. Should you need to get back to this home page then you need to click the Member Content tab in the menu as Home is actually the free area. This home page (Members) actually holds small sample pictures sowing all of the content in one go. You can’t opt to see videos or galleries only so once signed in, there you are, everything in one place. That makes navigation easy but it also makes for a very small members’ area.

But, click to a video and you find a decent sized stream screen, and a download button, plus a message telling you the best way to view the clip. The clip started to stream automatically but if you are on a slow connection you are advised to start, pause and allow to buffer. For galleries you have a central image plus thumbnails below in order to click through, simple navigation buttons and the zip file download link. And that’s about it folks! Three is a contact department and support if needed, but nothing else at all in this members’ area.


I counted 42 movie clips and 44 photo sets here. That’s it: no model index, no extras. The movie clips ran for various lengths of time, around three to 15 minutes at the most, and galleries held around 10 to 50 pics each.

The movies (and galleries for that matter) centre around two or more sexy Latinas in daces and poses, checking each other out on the beach, wearing war paint and very little else. This is very much a one theme site with horny Latina and black girls enjoying paradise. Each video comes with music and they all work really well. So, although the content is limited in scope, it actually pleases in its own way. It isn’t really hardcore, it is soft and erotic and fuels the fantasies, but then you find girls hung upside down and it gets a bit fetish in nature. And all this takes place in the videos which are in Flash format and .avi files for downloads, and in the galleries where images are a reasonable size.

I didn’t have any technical troubles with the site once the buffering for videos had run on and once the first image had loaded in each gallery. The girls are all very similar though, and you may start hankering for something else once you have seen one or two of these clips; they all start to get a bit the same after a while. Sometimes you also get the impression that there is someone just off camera directing and the girls are a bit lost as to what they are supposed to do. But one thing I will say for Tropical Amateurs, it’s very original. On the downside, there is no info here, no interactivity and nothing to tell us when or if new content well be added.


There are no extras or bonuses.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive, or at least original, movies;
  • Very sexy younger girls;
  • Exotic fantasy material;
  • Very simple site to use.


  • No information and no interactivity;
  • No upload dates;
  • Limited viewing choices;
  • Not a great content count.

On the one hand Tropical Amateurs is good because it is giving us something so totally different and original. On the other hand, the material seems to come from another company/site, there is no info about updates, the clips are short, the viewing choices are limited and there are not that many galleries either. Some work on the members’ are could improve things no end and more content would certainly be great to see. But the girls are hot to view, slightly weird and everything gets a bit fetish-like at times, so that’s ok then! Worth a look out of curiosity if nothing else.


“A very odd and neat little site if you ask me. The ladies are young and lovely and I love the shaved Latina an Ebony pussies. The beach scenes are odd, but good, it’s all very erotic and exotic and not hardcore or gratuitous and a very strange and lovely little gem of a site to find.”

“Bit costly if you ask me, as there is not a lot of content at all. And you’re right, there’s not easy way of telling when they will put some more clips up. Clips could be longer, they could have different file downloads, the avi zip file technique is a right pain, and we’d like to know more details about the girls, the locations and, well, everything really.”

“Hot fun and unusual, love good looking younger girls, love the music and the atmosphere, like the fantasy, like the simplicity of the site, love Brazilian ladies, like the dancing and love the photos, there’s a lot to like here. Would like more news and stuff, and some extras as I had to pay €25.00 for a month and it only took me a few hours to see all the content.”

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