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Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 4.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20

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Content updates: Bi-weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:


Toticos is a site featuring amateur Latina ladies in videos with a reality twist. This site features all sorts of smoking hot Latina women giving up their tight little twats in steamy reality-based content featuring plenty of hardcore sex whether it be outdoors or in the intimacy of the hot Latina’s homes. Launched mid-2012 Toticos is a relatively new site sporting a humble collection of videos and photo galleries all exclusive to this site. So if you’re itching for some amateur Latina pussy and are a big fan of reality based porn then Toticos may just be the site you’ve been looking for.

Main Idea:

According to the blurb on the front page; Tocito translates to Small Pussy from English to Spanish. That said you can imagine what kind of ladies you are going to find on this hot Latina amateur site. Petite Latina amateur babes is all you will see on this site, and the videos have a reality twist behind them as the sexy Latina ladies are approached by the horny men off the streets for some sexy times. Toticos provides a unique take on Latina porn with women from all nationalities considered to be Latin, mocha skin, tight round asses, and as the title implies; small tight pussies.

Members Area:

Tocitos looks very flashy and is riddled with character thanks to the eye-catching banner and overall look of the site. The top banner has pictures of some of the hot Latina models along with a cool drawn character representing the Latina women, this is quite appropriate given the fun nature of the content on offer. The top banner takes up quite a bit of the top area and includes a wealth of information in regards to the content and other bits of information potential members may find handy.

In addition to looking awesome, the site also has a simple yet effective layout making for easy browsing, all the objects within the page are nicely spaced out down the length of the page, the site designers have certainly made the best use of the space provided, without making the site look too cluttered. All in all the site presentation and layout of the site are great, making the porn experience that much more enjoyable.

The updates can are readily accessed off the main member’s area and are organized from the latest update to the oldest as you scroll down the page. Each update is represented via thumbnail form which includes a screen shot from the video footage to give members a rough idea on what happens in the scene. Along with the thumbnail is information on the model’s name, the date the video was uploaded, and a brief description giving members more insight as to what they can expect to view in the video.

To view the entire back catalogue of updates members will have to utilize the updates link found in the top navigation menu, there is even a link to the highest-rated videos which will come in handy for new members who want to dive straight in to the best content on offer, and you can rest assured that these videos are the best as they have been voted by other members.


Toticos looks to have been launched earlier last year in February 2012. For a site that has been live for a year, Toticos has quite a small collection of episodes with only 18 videos available for members to download. With such a small amount available members will most certainly find themselves running out of content a little too soon, and it goes without saying that they probably won’t feel as though they are getting their money’s worth of porn. On a brighter note the site is still active on updates with the last update dated three days prior to the completion of this review.

Judging by the update patterns, it seems as though Toticos updates roughly once a month, and it looks as though they have recently jumped things up to twice a month meaning there’s a new update every two weeks. This is nice but it does seem a little slow given that the site is still tiny. To give the developers some credit though; the content on offer is exclusive to the site, and given the unique nature of the content on offer, it would be hard to come across this type of porn anywhere else on the net. Either way the site collection is too small to be of recommended value, though the site does have potential, it is nowhere near reaching it.

The situation seems even more glum given the fact that the videos are not available for download, instead they are only available to stream right off the site in flash format, and even then the quality of the videos aren’t all that great clocking in at a mediocre 960x480; these videos aren’t going to impress the quality buffs. It’s all rather disappointing given that the content on offer is very arousing and entertaining thanks to the reality element of the videos. There’s photo content on offer too but those aren’t much better in size and quality than the videos on offer. A huge disappointment seeing as the content is very arousing and the Latina ladies beautiful.

Pros & Cons:


  • Hot Latina amateur models;
  • Site looks great;
  • Easy to navigate;
  • Exclusive content;
  • Active on updates.


  • Not enough content;
  • Video quality could be better;
  • No download option.

Toticos has huge potential thanks to the unique nature of the Latina content on offer and the beautiful Latina models on show, but on just about everything else the site fails to deliver on. The biggest disappointment was the fact that the videos are not available for download, it was bad enough that there are only 18 videos available after a whole year of being live, but now members can’t even download them. It is such a shame to see a site like this not reaching its full-potential due to small annoyances that could easily be fixed by the developers, unless these issues are fixed Toticos is a no go.


What I hate most about the site is that the videos on offer are not available to download, this is a standard feature on just about every porn site around, and it is only a very rare occasion I have come across a site which does not allow downloads. Add the fact that there are only 18 videos on offer and you have yourself one very dissatisfied customer, needless to say I discontinued my membership.

It’s surprising to see that there are still some sites around that don’t allow members to download the content, I am not exactly sure what the developers were thinking keeping this feature out, as it is very simple to do and will make members that much more happier. Sure the Latina girls are hot and the videos that are available are very arousing, but this needs to change.

It is a shame to see a site with such steamy Latina videos that have a unique flavour to them do so bad on just about every aspect which member’s will deem important. The most annoying part is that the videos are not available to download, I mean come on, what site does that? It’s a staple feature amongst most porn sites to allow members to download the content; definitely not happy.

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