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Torbe Network

Torbe Network

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Torbe Network

Network Details:

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7 more sites in network
Nasty Grandpa 77
Torbe Loves Boobs 66
Torbe Network 88
Street Brides 81
Torbe In Russia 74
Only Euro Porn 77
Torbe Films 69

Torbe Network is obviously loaded with pornography. The site offers access to 33 sites packed with content of the most varied niches. From amateur or big boobs to solo, gangbang or reality sites, there’s definitely a bit of everything. Torbe has certainly gained some reputation over the years, he’s the fat guy you seen as soon as you land on the tour. With just a quick look at the promotion of the sites you can get a pretty clear idea of what to expect from Torbe. I have a feeling that based on what I’ve seen in the tour, this could be a great experience once I log into the member’s area. There’s no doubt these guys have some fabulous porn inside!

Main idea:

The idea of Torbe Network is to grant surfers access to all their porn sites for just one low price. Some of the sites included in this package feature bukkakes, euro and Latina babes and more. There are thousands of pictures and hundreds of movies waiting for you indoors in sexy, fresh sites and apparently more are coming very soon. My advice to you is to pay a visit to the tour and preview some of the videos there. It will only take you a little while and I’m sure you’ll find it entertaining and totally worth the time.

Member's area:

The main page of the network shows a lot of stuff. You have the last update in the middle of the screen getting all the attention, below that the recent updates of some of the sites in the whole network, then there are some DVD covers that redirect you to the Bonus Content DVD area, a few recommended sites, an ad about the next site Torbe plans to add to his network and some more interesting links to a Torbe’s friend sites. On the left hand of the screen you have a quick launch menu that lists all the sites in the network, there are 33 sites so far and this list has been growing steadily for some time already. If you click on any of these links you’ll be seeing the last update of the site’s name you clicked on. To navigate the site via a top menu bar is simple enough so no worries there, especially if you consider the only 4 places you can go from there. They’re the last updates, the upcoming updates, the models list and the browse content link that shows you a screenshot and a description of all the sites in the network

One of the things I missed is a search tool, the network already has a lot of content and it would be great to be able to navigate through it with a search tool and not as it is now where you have to first choose a site and then navigate its content only instead of being able to choose a model, a category, a niche and see all the material I want from the whole network.

Overall the design is good and gives this network its unique feel. There’s no doubt that these guys have their own way of doing things. Torbe has performers from all corners of the globe, original site themes and he himself acts in many of the scenes.


When I swung by this network I found a healthy collection of over 600 videos awaiting my viewing, each of these running around 20 minutes in length. If you think this is too long then it’s likely that you’ve been seeing sites full of story lines and acting too long. These minutes I’m writing about are packed with unbridled passion for sex. The majority of them are available for downloading in great quality for the Windows Media Player, Quick Time, MPEG and PSP/iPod format. Some sites have some low quality videos, most likely the older ones.

Aside from the videos themselves you have a lot of picture material available to enjoy in most sites. Not all of these sites have pictures, some has videos only, but the majority of them do have some snaps. Most of them offer their picture content for downloading only, others let you download and watch the pictures online as well.

Torbe has some really original themes for his sites, I should definitely give this guy that much, the ones that called my attention were Freak Bukkake, Street Bribes and Doktor Schmutz but you have a lot more to check out and I’m positive the babes you’re going to find are sure going to satisfy your needs. What I’m sorry to say about this place is that I find out that many sites in this network have not been updated in a long time and there is a pretty good chance in my opinion that they won’t be updated in the near future.

Cons and pros:


  • Huge library;
  • Zipped picture sets;
  • Many video formats available;
  • Exclusive content.


  • Some sites have low resolution images;
  • Navigation could be improved;
  • Some times are not updating.

The Torbe Network is a great place for anyone who wants access to lots of different sites with just one single membership. I found some sites don’t have picture sets and some have low video quality but to be fair they are only a few and overall the network has incredible exclusive content, gorgeous babes and simply put, tons of hours of adult hardcore entertainment. I highly recommend this place, if you’re still unsure of what to expect from these guys I suggest you get the trial membership and see for yourself, I believe you won’t regret it, not one bit!

Featured comments:

What I loved most about Torbe Network is their incredible compendium of incredibly good looking ladies. It’s really amazing that these guys have put up a network like this one entirely on their own and have managed to fuck all these gorgeous ladies.

I’ve found that some of the sites do not have the video quality that I expected. Believe me, I’m not too picky when it comes to quality but some sites lack the clear images I hoped for.

For me navigation was not as easy as I thought it would be and to be honest I agree with the reviewer and would very much liked a search tool that would have let me browse through all the content with ease.

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