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Teens Filled

Teens Filled

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 18.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Teens Filled

A winning combination gets you ready to play as soon as you view the tour area at Teens Filled. And what's that combination? Well, it's great looking, young and sexy teen girls, gallons of the sticky white stuff, good quality presentations and hours of hardcore oral and anal sex. And all that is enhanced by the inclusion of creampies. Is this fetish content? Is it simply hot sex? You'll have to decide and, once you've seen the attractive tour, you will want to. And, if that's still isn't enough to interest you then you should check the bonus sites from the same company. Members of one get access to all the others so you're really buying a pass that will bring you all kinds of hot goodies.

Main idea:

It's a simple equation that is presented to you at Teens Filled: Hot young girls + you + creampies = total satisfaction. If you're not sure what a creampie is, it's when a guy shoots into the pussy or ass of his female partner and that's what this site is really about: The unloading of jizz into the insides of sweet and lovely looking teen babes. Hot and messy, wild and horny all the way it's not going to take you long to realise that you've got some serious wiping up to do, especially after you've seen the exclusive videos that this sticky site has on offer.

Member's area:

I just want to mention a couple of ‘oops' things before we really get going. There were some missing images on the tour pages and, once in the members' area (after a page redirect) there was nothing in the ‘coming soon' box. Hopefully they were temporary glitches. But what was there was the certainty that when you start to view the content you will be ‘coming soon', so press on.

Actually the members' area is a neatly designed place to hang out. It's bright and clear, there are no nasty pop-ups or advertisements to distract you from the content and getting around it is easy. Across the top you'll find the main menu with links to the content, blog, your favourites area, bonuses and more. Below this you'll see what's due to be uploaded (maybe) and then featured videos, members' polls, top rated episodes, any news, and the most recent additions. It's all there on one page which you should explore before you eagerly click on to the main content.

Finding the content is simple enough, you have the page titles linked or you can use the search engine and look around using keywords. There is also a model index so you can select scenes by the main attraction, the young and sexy teen girls who you just know are going to get well and truly filled at some point.

The only draw back at Teens Filled was that some of the pages in the members' area did not have anything in them as yet. Hopefully this is because the site is new and still setting up and not because these things have been overlooked. There were no stories, no bonus feeds or audio files - an intriguing page title if ever I saw one. However there were links to five bonus sites and these may have this missing content.


But as for the content you can get to see: Start with the model index to see who is on the site and you'll be slightly spoiled for choice from the 14 girls already there. They certainly fulfil the promise of ‘young'. You can click one that tickles your fancy and go to all her appearances or you can click over to the photos and videos.

The photos numbered 13 sets and in each of these were around 50 or 60 individual shots at 1,280 x 853 px in size. Nice and clear, big and well taken - you are treated to quality images here. But what's better is that the camera-guy makes sure he concentrates on the girl; yes you'll see a cock plugging her ass but you rarely see who it belongs to. This ensures that you get to see only what was promised; youthful lasses with pussies and asses dripping with goo. At the end of the sets at least, earlier on you'll find posed and natural nude shots and some great close ups. But it's all about the girls.

As for the movies: there isn't a lot of choice for viewing. You can download (at a good 100kbps transfer rate) or run an Mpeg or a WMM version of the full length scene. That's it - no clips and no choice of resolution though the one offered is pretty good with a 960 x 540 sized screen. Go full screen when streaming or playing and you won't be disappointed. Again the action centres around the girls so you feel like you are the one who is in the room with her. The sound is fine and the image quality is good. No complaints there. And of course you have, towards the end of the 20 minute episodes, the chance to sample the creampie action which is the second theme of Teens Filled. Bring an umbrella - the jizz gets everywhere.

Bonus features:

Some of the bonuses are not on the site and I don't actually think it's because the site is new after all. Checking the video upload dates, the first one was made in May 2008 so they should have got themselves sorted out by now. So don't expect any feed sites or stories or those audio files. I have no idea what these audio files are as they weren't there. But you can log in to five bonus sites, one of which has creampies as its theme; the others though are not teen sites. So not a great deal of bonuses after all but there are some interactive options. You can add things to your favourites area, download photos in a zip file and, when they get the technical problems sorted out, you can vote in the members poll. There is also a blog to view. Well, there is in theory - this was another empty page.

Cons and pros:


  • Some great looking teen girls;
  • The creampie action is all there;
  • Good quality images and pics.


  • Several missing pages with no content on them;
  • Missing images in places;
  • Updates are spasmodic and not regular.

Good things and bad things. On the good side you have some very sexy young girls here and you do get the creampie action that you are promised on the tour. The accent is on the girl not the man and so you're not too distracted by the male models' appearances. The quality is fine and there is a quick download speed. On the downside though there are no bonuses, apart from five sites, and some pages have nothing on them at all. Updates are not regular and there is no site news. Weigh it up, Teen Filled has the potential to be really good but it needs some more attention.

Featured comments:

So that's 16 movies and 13 galleries added over eight months. Not a lot of content for your money. What's going on with the blank bonus pages? There's a hell of a lot missing here.

I'm on a slow connection speed because I have to be where I live and the 400Mbs files took so long to come down the line I gave up. The streaming was a joke too. You gotta be on a fast internet to access this stuff.

If it wasn't for the bonus sites I'd probably be complaining. At least you got some extras there but not all teens and creampies. Not sure about this site. If there's nothing new soon I'm out of there.

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