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Teens Analyzed

Teens Analyzed

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Teens Analyzed

Teen Analyzed has combined two popular mainstream categories of teen and anal to produce sure-fire hits amongst many porn lovers out there. Covering popular categories makes this site a safe-join for just about any type of anal and teen fan. Members will appreciate the high-standard of teen models on show amongst the 180 plus scenes on offer, sure they may look like sweet and innocent girls with their fresh-faces, but once you see them going all out in steamy anal scenes, you will soon learn that it's the cute ones you have to look out for.

Main Idea:

As the site title suggests, Teen Analyzed covers two prominent categories being teen and anal. Nowadays it seems quite a staple for most generic porn sites to include anal sex in their scenes, so for the most part, it's the teen models on this site which is the main selling point, the anal part is just a given. The teen models are certainly of high-standards, though it would have been nice to see some variety because so far the site prominently features cute Caucasian teens. Either way the models do put up a steamingly good show in the one on one anal romps found within.

Members Area:

Thanks to the darker colors used to dress the site; the site does have a professional look to it, though given the fun and happy-go-lucky nature of the teen content, the site could look a little too professional for some people who are joining the site for the fun-factor which comes with teen content. The site background is draped in gradient grey, with maroon trimmings to give the site some contrast. Overall the site presentation does look professional and modern, so it's certainly rather easy on the eyes.

In addition to the decent site presentation, the site also has a very basic layout which makes browsing for porn a breeze and a pleasure at the same time. Below the eye-catching top logo, there's a top navigation menu which includes links that members may not find much use out of. This is mainly because the navigation menu mostly consists of links to bonus sites and third-party services such as webcams. There's also a picture gallery link included in the top navigation menu, but like the featured content, these can be accessed straight off the main member's area, so again; members may not be using the navigation menu all that often.

As mentioned earlier – the featured content can be found right on the main member's area. Directly below the top navigation menu is a section dedicated to the latest update. This section includes a thumbnail taken from the video footage of the scene, along with information on the upload date, how long the scene runs for, and the various categories the scene covers. The rest of the past updates can be found as you scroll down the length of the main member's area, with the entire collection organized from latest to oldest over indexed pages.


Teen Analyzed is a relatively new site on a network which has been around for roughly 4 years now. That said it's one of the newer sites on the network with it's launch date being late last year in December 2012. For a site that has been up and running for roughly 5 months now – the site does rather well when it comes to content numbers, with a current total of over 180 videos there's certainly no shortage of steamy teen anal footage to be seen here.

Although it may not stack up to those massive online DVD archives which sport thousands of scenes, this site provides 100% exclusive content which is a massive factor for potential members who are looking to expand their teen anal porn collection, because chances are this is content they have never come across before. Having been live for merely 5 months, it goes without saying that the site is still quite active on updates. The only problem is that the updates isn't on a very solid schedule, there will be times when the site gets updated daily, whilst other times the site is updated ever fortnight, so there's no real solid schedule for updates. Either way; it's good to know that the site is still providing new content even though they already have quite a sizeable collection of videos.

So there's certainly no problems as far as quantity goes for this site, though the question on quality arises. Well you will be glad to know that the quality of the content available on this site comes second only to those true HD 1080dpi videos as they clock in at a close second clocking in at 720dpi. The HD ready resolution does the cute teen models justice as they look absolutely gorgeous in the videos. Though it does go without saying that an improvement to 1080dpi videos is always welcome.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Active on updates;
  • Good quality content;
  • Site looks nice;
  • Great bonus sites.


  • Updates are not consistent.

There is plenty to like about Teen Analyzed with very little to complain about, and even the single complaint made isn't all that bad and it's that the updates aren't on a solid schedule. One way or another the site is still active on updates which was to be expected given how new the site is. What the site does do well in is providing hardcore anal content featuring stunning teen models who really know how to put up a good anal show. Quality is quite decent for both the photo galleries and videos, though it would be nice to see the videos upgraded to true HD 1080dpi, fingers-crossed the site developers take this in to account for future updates.


Teens Analyzed is certainly one of the better teen anal sites around, that is saying something because as popular as this combination of niches is, there's a whole lot of anal teen sites out there and it certainly takes quite a bit to stand-out. Teens Analyzed could stand out even further if only they re-encoded their videos in to 1080dpi content, but hey; we can't win them all.

Quite a tried and true combination of niches - teen and anal content comes in droves when it comes to online porn. That said, Teens Analyzed doesn't really bring anything new to the table, though it does well on all the factors which potential customers would deem important. The site has a decent amount of content, the content itself looks great, and the teen models are stunning.

Having been a long time fan of anal and teen porn, it has come to my attention that although these niches are quite popular, it's very rare to come across a site which does this popular theme justice. Teens Analyzed has done quite a top job when it comes to providing members with teen anal porn, definitely a site to check out if you're looking to expand your collection.

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