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Swank Pass

Swank Pass This site has a Special Croco Guide Discount

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $2.95
  • 1 month: $19.95
  • 6 months: $94.95
  • 3 months: $49.95

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Site Details:

Swank Pass

Network Details:

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7 more sites in network
Fox Magazine 83
Girl Next Door 82
Just 18 84
Leg Action 85
Plumpers And Big Women 78
Swank Pass 86
Black Lust 74

There was a time when you had to get your porn pictures through magazines. You couldn’t log on to the internet and find anything you wanted in a split second. You had to work for it! It wasn’t talked about in the mainstream but there were dozens of quality porn magazines to be purchased by consumers voracious for sexy pictures of nude women doing unspeakably sexy things to themselves, each other and the horny men of the porn industry. When the internet came along those magazines were largely shoved aside and they all made an attempt to get online. Some have been more successful than others at establishing their presence. For instance, did you know that Swank Magazine has a network of adult sites inspired by their publications? Yup, they do! It’s time to give them a review.

Main idea:

Swank Pass is a collection of 9 sites for the price of one. At least some of the sites are inspired by and feature content from magazines that the Swank folks have produced. I’m not sure that really matters nowadays. It’s all about what they’re doing in the present and they advertise a strong selection of sites with many different avenues to go down. There’s teen porn, big tit porn, quality pornstar porn, fat chick porn and more. You can preview each of the sites if you visit the Swank Pass tour so it’s certainly worth a trip.

Member's area:

I’m not a big fan of the member’s area. I’ve seen this same design on dozens of others sites so either the same company runs them all or it’s a package they buy. The main page of Swank Pass is cluttered to hell with ads, the latest updates, the top rated scenes, areas of the site they want you to visit and more. They’ve just overloaded it. Along the top you’ll find a strip of links that should take you to the site’s various destinations. That includes photos, videos, articles, bonus content, magazine issues, DVDs for streaming and a few advertisements.

The advanced search function lets you choose from more than 50 categories. If you want to browse by site you’ll find a small dropdown menu on the right side of the page. Select the site you most want to see and you’ll be brought to its main page. The design is the exact same (still sloppy) but now you can browse the pictures and videos of that particular site. The movies are image sets are listed in typical thumbnailed fashion with a short title or the name of the pornstar and the picture being your guide for selecting one.

The video quality is lacking and they can vary. The older clips look bad and grainy with a bit rate of 800kbps being the best you can get. Newer clips play at 1400kbps but that’s really just average these days. Some videos have full length clips in an incredibly low resolution MP4 format that is used for your iPod. Where are the full length clips in WMV? The pictures look good at 1400px and 800px and they come in a zip file. Some are tiny due to the magazine gallery format and some are quite large.


A significant percentage of the content her at Swank Pass is non-exclusive. I don’t really look at that as a negative but I could see where some would. If you want a network that produces its own content then this one is not going to get the job done for you. Because of the non-exclusive nature a lot of the smut feels a little stale. It lacks uniqueness and feels a lot like a DVD download site because of it. They have more than 2,500 videos and 8,900 picture galleries though so they’ve built a mighty big collection of content for the guys to enjoy.

Let’s talk about the sites. Dcup is all about big tits, obviously. The girls need at least a D cup to get in but there are plenty that will measure larger. The scenes feature solo, lesbian and hardcore content. Fox Magazine is general hardcore and posing action. Genesis is more of that but they seem to bring in higher quality and more notable girls. There are pornstars aplenty in there. Gent is another busty girl site and some of the ladies there are wielding genuinely huge tits. It looks like they want E and F cup hotties to step up and prepare to get fucked. There are solo and hardcore scenes at Gent. Girl Next Door is a solo site with the idea being they’re bringing you pictures of the sweet girl in the neighborhood that you had a crush on.

Just 18 is teenage porn with solo posing and hardcore fucking. The girls are young and many familiar since they’ve gone on to have big porn careers. Leg Action isn’t quite the leg fetish site I was hoping for but the chicks are hot and there are lots of stockings. It’s just not as fetishistic as I was thinking. Plumpers and Big Women takes you into the world of fatties where you get to watch heavy women playing with their tits, masturbating and sometimes fucking. Swank is a general babe site with a little of everything. Tranny Kingz is a small site featuring attractive shemale models. Velvet Mag is another repository of hotties. A lot of the sites feel the same so the network can get a little messy and overwhelming. They have tons of content though.

Cons and pros:


  • A big network;
  • Daily updates;
  • Old picture galleries from magazines.


  • Much of the content is non-exclusive;
  • Design is messy with too many ads;
  • Some videos are low resolution;
  • Full length video downloads generally stink.

Swank Pass is not in the top tier of porn networks but they fall somewhere in the second level. They actually have 11 sites with a decent mixture of content types. Some of the sites blend into one another because they lack any real differentiating qualities but it’s all quality content so it doesn’t much matter. You get to download the videos in parts (and in low resolution full length clips) and the picture galleries come in zips. They do hardcore, softcore and lesbian content in equal measures and the category list is thorough so finding something specific is easy. The design is awfully messy and browsing the site can be annoying but the price is right (especially if you join for multiple months) and if you’ve tired of the highest quality porn networks this is a good alternative.

Featured comments:

I think the reviewer is being too kind to the design. I fucking hate it. The thing is an abomination. There are ads all over the place. The look is sloppy. The colors are boring. It’s not that easy to find stuff using the categories. The search function sucks. They’re lazy about the video setup. It feels sloppily and lazily done and I resent that.

Even the most recent videos don’t look all that great. They’re just average clips and it really seems like they should be pushing at least 3000kbps video on us at this point. 1400kbps is getting to be below average. The old stuff really sucks. I hate that they don’t let you download the full length clip in anything but an assy looking MP4 file.

To me, Swank Pass feels like a big, messy DVD download site with a bunch of picture galleries thrown in. The design ensures that nothing feels unique. Most of the sites just meld together into one big blur. Some of the content is amazing but this is really just an average site that shouldn’t be treated as anything else.

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