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Subby Girls

Subby Girls

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Subby Girls

Subby Girls is a stand-alone site that comes with its own exclusive content in video and image format, it is easy to use, the tour looks the same as the members' area, and the sign up process is safe and simple. The price is pretty steep for a one-site deal though and came in at around €35.00 for one month for me, but in return you do get a fair amount of content and updates are happening at the rate of around two per week. The action stays on one particular theme; lesbian sex, with some role play and domination fun added as well, and you will find simple downloads to take and basic galleries to view.

Main Idea:

So, lesbian sex eh? Yup, and very good to see it is as well. The site does contain some fetish action though and there are girls being subservient to other girls, there are some chains and collars involved, stocks, some foot worship and tickle torture and a little bit of BDSM. Well, quite a lot in some of the older scenes. The site has been around for a while now and has built up a large stock of galleries and videos. Each one comes with at least three download options, though there were no straightforward streams, and the quality is fine.

Members Area:

What you see on the tour is more or less what you have in the members' area. You find a simple set up here with a main list of content spread over numbered index pages and a left column that acts as a menu. Here you find a link to Home and a link to Contact. That’s it. Each index page of the site holds the video sample image, the descriptions, and the download options, it also holds the links to the galleries, so there are no separate areas for movies and galleries and there are no links off to any bonuses or extras.

There are some links off to up-sell sites though, adverts in other words. And these include links to other sites from the same company, though you do have to sign up and pay to access them. There’s a basic search box to use but that is as interactive as you get here: no rates, comments, no ‘add to favourites’ function and no forums. But on the other hand, the navigation system is simple. You click trough numbered index pages and download the files you want, or open the gallery viewing page.

These are not your standard thumbnail galleries, these are sets of large images that are already enlarged on the pages for you. You scroll down the page to see the collection and right click and save the ones you want. On these pages you also have links to the file downloads for the videos that the images depict, so you can get a quick view of the action before you start saving files. And, er, that’s it! If you have any difficulties you will find the appropriate links at the bottom of these pages.


There are four pieces of content per index page and, when I was looking in, 41 pages which gave me a total of 161 clips dating back to June 2013, which was only one year before my visit. That suggests a very good update schedule and it’s great to see that Subby Girls is updating very regularly, around twice per week with a new video and a new gallery each time. Having said that, the videos can be pretty short, around 10 to 15 minutes, and the galleries only hold around eight to 12 images each, but they all stay on niche and they are all good quality.

You get a choice for the videos with downloads in WMV and MP4 at 1,280 x 720 and a mobile versions in MP4 at 368 x 208, which should suit most everyone. There are now clips as the scenes are not very long, and the files are not very huge, around 150 Mbs for the full DVD or HD quality files. The video images are already enlarged when they arrive on your pages, which can take a while depending on your connection, and were up at 1,920 x 1,080 when at full size, and slightly smaller when first opened.

And as for the action, well, that is nicely varied and yet stays with the girl on girl theme. There is some foot worship, toe sucking and tickle torture in some scenes, in others there is some BDSM with girls tied and bound and then used and played with by other girls. There are some milder, erotic scenes and some that are slightly more hardcore. There are scenes filmed at home and some that appear to take place in a dungeon or on a set, but none of them are really nasty hard-edged fetish scenes, they are all quite homely and soft and fun, though very erotic of course.


I didn’t see any bonuses with this site.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive lesbian fetish content;
  • Good quality videos;
  • Easy site to use;
  • Regular updates.


  • Short videos and small galleries;
  • Not interactive and no additional functions;
  • Very little information and no info about the girls.

These Subby Girls will be great for everyone who likes a bit of good old fashioned ‘slap and tickle’ with sexy girls enjoying their fetishes and playing with each other. It's not dark and painful BDSM content though, it’s softer and more erotic and all very good to see. The quality is fine, there are a few viewing options but it is downloads only, the galleries are small and the videos not very long, but the site updates about twice per week and it’s all exclusive. The price might be a bit high to start with but the site is growing week on week and staying on its promised niche all the time.


“Nice. Top girls, something amateur feeling about them, that’s horny, like the fetish stuff and good to see it is not that painful, though some of the tickling really makes the girls squirm. Like this site a lot, but yeah, did find it cost a lot to get the one month membership. Worth seeing though.”

“Could do with more to it, it’s really just a medium sized set of images and video clips and these don't last for very long, and you have to take them down first and then run them. Some streams would be nice, as would a place where we could comment and give rates, or have a chat in a forum. You don’t feel like you are part of anything special here. You feel like you are in a library.”

“I have a suggestion: they could buddy up with their other sites and share them. You really should get more for your money than this so a way in to the other site(s) would be good, if they could include it. Don’t get me wrong, I like the content and the girls and the fetish stuff, I just wish there was more of it.”

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