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Stroke My Dick Now

Stroke My Dick Now

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 3.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $0.95
  • 1 month: $9.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Site Details:

Stroke My Dick Now

Have you ever had a great handjob? I’m talking about the kind of cock stroking action that makes you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before. The kind of handjob where the girl knows how to tease you and drive you wild with her hands and her body. She turns around and waves her ass in your face and she rubs your dick all up and down her ass crack. She straddles you and rubs her pussy lips along your cock without letting you slip inside. She’s a naughty tease and she loves how wild and crazy you get for her. That’s what a good handjob looks like and the women of Stroke My Dick Now are highly skilled ladies that know what guys want when they settle in for a good cock stroking. You can watch them giving the handjobs and dream about being one of the guys that gets to receive them.

Main idea:

Stroke My Dick Now is a handjob site starring beautiful young ladies with terrific bodies. These women are skilled in the art of sexual pleasure and they know how to make guys feel so good. The guys are horny and they have big dicks that are lubed up and pleasured lustily. The tour features a whole bunch of streaming videos for you to preview and it’s recommended that you do so. You’ll get to see the cock stroking beauties moaning and as they try and work a big load out of the cock. It looks good and they promise you a big collection of bonus sites, which should be nice.

Member's area:

When you log in you’re taken to the main page of the entire network, which totals more than 100 sites. You’ll find a drop down menu with a list of all the sites and towards the bottom you can find Stroke My Dick Now. Not surprisingly everything in the network is built off the same uninspiring design. My chief issue is that it’s really bland. There’s no personality so any notion the tour may have established will be abolished quickly. The main page also features a handful of advertisements and links to all the bonus sites, which seems unnecessary. There are so many links it’s a bit much.

A few problems with Stroke My Dick Now jump out right away. Chief among them is that it hasn’t been updated since they launched. They have 11 scenes now just like they had when they went live six months ago. That’s not much content and they’re not going to be updating it anytime soon so right away it’s clear that if you’re looking for lots of handjob content Stroke My Dick Now isn’t the site for you. Each scene comes with videos, a picture gallery and a screenshot gallery that acts as a trailer of sorts.

Video downloads are fast and each scene has been broken into multiple parts. There’s a link to download the entire movie but that link leads to the first part, not the entire thing. You can download the handjob clips in WMV, MPEG or iPod format and you can stream them in a nice Flash player. They play at 640x480 and 1400kbps so they look good but not great. The pictures aren’t as high resolution as I was hoping at roughly 900px but they get the job done. The screen captures are largely uninteresting, especially since you get a preview picture for each video part on the download page.


The fact that they don’t update Stroke My Dick Now is made extra disappointing by the fact that these are really good handjob scenes. The first key is to find hot girls to stroke dick and they’ve done that for the most part (I wasn’t impressed by two of the girls but beauty is often in the eye of the beholder). You’re going to spend the entire scene staring at the girl’s face so she damn well better be hot. Rose is my favorite chick thanks to her otherworldly smile that she’s utterly generous with. All the pretty girls are good cock strokers too.

The handjob I described in the introductory paragraph is the kind they give at Stroke My Dick Now and that’s what makes the site so interesting. Most of the scenes run 25-30 minutes long so these girls have lots of time to work the cock. They usually spend a little time on their own stripping and playing and then they whip out the lubrication and get to work on the cock. I like that they use lots of lube as I find the noise of the stroking to be kind of arousing. Something about it makes me think of the girl stroking my cock and that’s always a very good thing. They do more than just masturbate the dick too.

It’s the teasing that I really like, especially when the girl is rubbing her pussy along the shaft of the dick without letting it inside her. She furiously runs her snatch along the shaft and the dude obviously loves it because she’s all wet and hot and so is he. It’s a shame they didn’t produce more handjob scenes because this is really good stuff. My only complaint is that the girls aren’t more verbal. A handjob is the perfect time for lots of dirty talk and most of the babes just aren’t interested outside of a few cursory moans. It’s a shame. There are 100+ bonus sites and while none of them are going to win awards for the best site ever they almost all have downloadable videos starring hot chicks so this is a pretty good collection of porn.

Cons and pros:


  • Excellent handjob videos;
  • Hot young chicks;
  • Tons of bonus sites.


  • Very little content and no updates;
  • No full length videos available;
  • Design is bland.

If Stroke My Dick Now were a big site it would get a full recommendation for membership (unless you’re really into vocal handjob girls). The women they’ve hired and young and beautiful and they stroke cock well. They’re talented and they tease lustily and look great doing so. They have a surprising number of ways to pleasure a cock and they seem willing to do them all, which is fun. The site never updates though and with only 11 scenes it’s small. They have more than 100 full-fledged bonus sites though and with those in the mix you’re getting a genuinely good deal here. It’s all about whether you like the bonus sites.

Featured comments:

I prefer a network where they concentrate on less sites and update all of them. I’d rather have 20 constantly growing sites that I like than 100 where only a few of them are given new content and then they just launch a new one when they want to shut another down. It’s just not as valuable and experience.

The fact that the links to the supposed full length videos just link to the first part of the scene is an indication that they’re not very careful with their site design. They just put together a design that could accommodate 100+ sites and put it out there. It’s frustrating that they couldn’t do a little better for this.

This chick Rose is really pretty. She’s the first babe featured on the tour in case you’re wondering about her and I’m in agreement that she’s totally pretty. Towards the end of her scene the guy is about to cum and she takes to licking and sucking his balls in an effort to make his orgasm even better. How awesome is that?

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