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Squirting Virgin

Squirting Virgin

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 14.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Squirting Virgin

Love seeing girls get banged so hard that they climax by spurting a glistening stream of pussy juices all over the joint? Well this is exactly the type of content Squirting Virgin specializes on featuring over 30 videos, all of which are exclusive to this site and are quite decent in quality to boot. Members are also lucky enough to be granted full access to the entire catalogue of steamy teen porn on the TMW network, as a side dish to the appetizing main meal of gorgeous and incredibly horny squirting virgins.

Main idea:

Squirting Virgins covers to fairly obvious niches thanks to the descriptive site title. Obviously the main category is squirting whilst the second category is reality. Basically the site developers have gone out of their way to find girls who are virgins with the ability to squirt. Now one would think a virgin wouldn’t know if she could squirt or not, because after all, wouldn’t a girl need to be fucked first before she knew she could squirt like a drink fountain?Either way it makes for some entertaining reality content so we’ll just take the developers word for it.

Member's area:

What let the site down the most is actually the site itself as the content is rather good. The main annoyance is that members are taken to the main member’s area to the entire TMW network after logging in. This is great and all if a member wants quick transitions between the 24 sites across the TMW network. But in doing this the developers have made finding the featured content for Squirting Virgins quite confusing to find. To the right of the page there is a link named ‘squirting virgins’, however, upon clicking this link members are still presented with the latest updates for the entire network as a whole.

To find the featured content members must use the search tools, and not just the normal search engine, but members will have to utilize the advanced search tools, check the box for Squirting Virgins and after clicking search they will be presented with the entire collection of Squirting Virgins. Now if new members weren’t initially informed of this procedure, they might just find themselves ripping their hair out in frustration over finding the featured content. One would think that the developers would slap the featured content right on the main page, but instead have made a process which should be very simple to execute.

Aside from confusing browsing, the site could certainly do with a makeover because aesthetic-wise the site looks rather dull. The grey background is drab and the mustard yellow trimmings make the site look a tad tacky. Really though the site could do with more character, and go for the fun rather than the professional look as it is a porn site after all. Layout-wise the site does look quite neat and is really the only aspect of the member’s area I can compliment. Overall the site mechanics and presentation don’t do the content justice, it really does need to be fixed.


Thankfully the content on offer isn’t as mediocre as the site itself, though does it hold enough content to keep members happy? First of all the site has been around for quite a while, but as far as porn sites go I’d have to say that it’s a relatively new site. Squirting Virgins was first launched early last year in January 2011. Since then the site has been filled with 31 squirting based episodes, which is rather a small number for a site that has been live for over a year. Needless to say, members may find themselves left high and dry due to the lack of featured content, but at least the content is exclusive to the site.

What was most concerning is that the site hasn’t been updated in quite a while, and with no information on future updates; members are left in the dark as to what the future might hold. Knowing that members aren’t going to be ecstatic about the fact there are only 31 videos available, they have allowed their members full access to the entire Teen Mega World network, which is basically a network solely dedicated to providing the net with teen based porn. In total the network boasts a massive 2700 videos, which is great and all but it doesn’t change the fact that only the ladies on Squirting Virgin squirt, and I am sure that is exactly what paying customers are expecting. Either way the 2700 plus videos will certainly keep members going long after they’re done with the featured content for Squirting Virgins.

It almost seems as though there’s no good news in regards to this site, but I’ve left the good news till last. Although the site mechanics are fairly confusing, and the content numbers low, the site excels in providing decent quality videos, so even though there isn’t that many, the videos do look quite nice. How nice exactly? Well they are available in HD ready videos with resolutions of up to 1280x720 and formidable encoding rates of up to 4500kbps.

All videos are ready for download in two formats including wmv and m4v. Members are also able to stream the videos in flash format, and each episode comes with high quality photo galleries that can either be viewed online within the browser, or downloaded in zip files. With no download limits members can download to their heart’s content, and no DRM restrictions means once they’ve downloaded a video, it is there’s to keep for as long as they wish. Plenty of video options and high encoding rates is what this site delivers on, but I can’t stress enough that members are going to want more featured content.

Cons and pros:


  • Very arousing squirting scenes;
  • All exclusive content;
  • Network access;
  • Good media quality.


  • Needs more featured content;
  • Has not been updated in a long time;
  • Navigation is initially confusing.

What the developers really need to work on before Squirting Virgin reaches must see status is content numbers. 31 featured videos is alright for a brand new site, but this site has been up and running for over a year. At least what they have on offer is exclusive to the site, but they’re going to need more to attract new customers. Access to the TMW network is a nice offer, but at the end of the day it’s the squirting babes that the members have paid for. If the videos weren’t so hot and decent in quality I would have said that this site is a waste of time, thankfully the developers have provided some incredibly arousing squirting vids.

Featured comments:

What really threw me off is the Virgin side of the content, I mean if a girl knows she can squirt, obviously she isn’t a virgin as she would have had to have sex before being aware of her awesome talent. As farfetched as the reality theme sounds it doesn’t change the fact that the models are incredibly hot and that they have put up some awesome performances. Quality is also worth mentioning, but the developers really need to get more featured content up on their site.

I really enjoyed the messy squirting content the site has to offer but too bad there just isn’t enough of it to keep me coming back. I did delve in to the bonus content available on the other sites of TMW but the problem is none of the girls on the bonus videos squirt, and that was the main thing I was looking for, I love squirting girls. I also have to mention that at first the site is quite confusing to navigate since the featured videos aren’t readily available on the main member’s area, the developers should really fix that up.

Being quite the squirting fan I was more than looking forward to seeing what Squirting Virgins had in store. You can’t imagine how disappointed I was when I found only 31 featured videos available. Though I have to say that I felt the site was worth it as the videos are exclusive and I haven’t seen this content anywhere. So it’s definitely worth a look if you want to expand your squirting videos collection.

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