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Spy Archive

Spy Archive

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Spy Archive

If you are addicted to Facebook you will very soon be addicted to the Spy Archive. Whay? Because this is the first site I have seen that copies the FB look and design, and that makes it like a voyeur social networking site and that is an absolutely brilliant move. I reckon we are going to see many more of this kind of site before long, it was only a matter of time before they started to appear. You've got profiles, and the blue and white look, you can upload photos and comments and meet up with other people who love voyeur content.

Main Idea:

And there is wall to wall content that is all about hidden cams, beach cams, stolen moments and any other kind of voyeur content that you can imagine. I guess we’re not looking at exclusive movies or galleries here, but we are looking at a decent amount of them, some member-submitted content, and with the facility for you to send in your own as well. You can view the home page like a FB page and then click to the more traditionally laid out pictures and videos; the site has all the standard interactive functions of a usual adult site as well.

Members Area:

Like I say, it looks like FB in here, with the blue banner at the top, the side bars, the profile picture, and the comments box. After a few minutes of looking around you realise that it’s not exactly the same but it’s still a neat way to lay out a site. He home page scrolls down with recently added content in the form of posts, and you can rate these and comment on them in the FB way. Then you can click to the top menu and find the Picture and Video area.

Here things start to look a little more like a standard adult site, with square sample shots taken from each video or gallery, and numbered index pages. You are told runtime or image numbers, number of views, and you are able to rate clips and pics as well. When you click to a video page you find a stream to run, a title and then buttons for Like, Add to favourites and then links back to the main pages, plus linked category words, and the comments facility. I didn’t find downloads. Images work in the same way with good navigation tools and all those interactive likes and rates and comments.

Aside from the content, you also find items in you menu which enable you to send in your own pics and videos and make up your own profile. There is also a help centre here should you have any trouble. In the left column you find categories to browse by, top lists of who is the most prolific poster, and lists of most rates and comments. To my mind the whole thing was just waiting to happen and it works really well. All it needs is you to start joining in; but watch out, it could easily become addictive.


The video and image content is set out on more standard-like index pages and there are easy to see numbers to take you around the collection of pages. I didn’t see upload dates with this content but the comments made by other members have the date and time with them, and these were pretty recent; like the day of my visit. I counted 1,073 video clips and 344 galleries. Movies were not full length scene of course but were short clips, and runtimes were varied. Similarly galleries had various amounts of images each.

The quality of a lot of the images was great with large and clear shots from digital cameras, taken at the beach and in public, but there are also likely to be spy cam screen caps, and the video quality varied according to how the clip was snatched, or where it was taken from. You only have the one Flash stream for videos and there are no downloads to be had. Some of the content looks to be homemade and some comes from spy cams. The content is easy to browse and access and the category lists help you decide what kind of thing to watch.

The action is varied as well. There is a lot of sex on the beach, with good quality images and distant spy cam footage of couples making out. There are also couples at home and in the shower and sometimes you do wonder who was there to capture the images or film. There are outdoor flashes, lots of up-skirt images and videos as well, and hidden cams in the locker room too. The site stays perfectly on target with spy and voyeur cam footage throughout; it’s a shame there are no download options, so you have to stay as a member in order to view what is here, but it looks like the site is updating and after all, you can always make and submit your own.


There are no bonuses attached to the site.

Pros & Cons:


  • Spy Archive stays 100% with spy and voyeur cam style content;
  • There is a lot to see and more being added regularly;
  • The design is very clever and easy to handle;
  • You can get fully involved if you want to, or simply view what’s here;
  • It really feels like you are part of a special members only area.


  • The quality of the content is going to be varied of course;
  • There are streams only, no downloads were possible;
  • Some clips are pretty short.

Spy Archive is exactly what a voyeur site should be like these days: goodly amounts of content, as good a quality as possible, though you have to accept varied quality, and most importantly, totally interactive for members. It looks like a social networking site and gives you no hassles when using it. As a member you will feel that you can get totally involved if you want, almost encouraged to go out and film and add your own clips for other friends to enjoy. The site seems to be updating pretty regularly and you can always help. A great place to start your voyeur porn career.


“I also very much liked the way the site looks, I thought at first that it had somehow linked to my own FB page, but it hadn’t. It would be nice if they could also add in the part where you can become friends with other members and make it even more social. Before they do that though there’s lots to look at and it does stay totally on the right content.”

“Good collection, non-exclusive, seen some before and some is totally new, only streams is a bit naughty as we can't collect the content. Was impressed by some of the image quality and wondered if this was specially made. Nice up-skirt stuff, nice locker room stuff, and right old mix of spy content and I really liked it.”

“Good site, well laid out, easy to use and fun as well. Uploading your own content is very easy and you have to click to say it is you and you can use it and so on. You can put in your own descriptions as well. There are a couple of adverts on pages but I didn’t mind them.”

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