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Spunky Teens

Spunky Teens

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $28.15
  • 3 months: $77.55

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Site Details:

Spunky Teens

Network Details:

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Spunky Teens 81
Pack Of Porn 90

All of the horny teens on this site have one thing in common and that is that they all love cum! Watch fresh faced and adorably cute teens get their faces sprayed with fresh jizz from either one or multiple men. Members are provided with deliciously high quality videos along with equally gorgeous pictures to keep them entertained and as if all the great content on Spunky Teens wasn't enough the developers have also given their members the privileged of free access to the entire Pack Of Porn network which is bursting at the seams with high quality extremely hot porn.

Main idea:

Spunky Teens produces episodes which is a mix of three different categories being teens, cumshot, and orgy. To give you a better idea on what goes on you will basically see cute teens getting their tight pussies and mouths ganged on by several horny men eventually ending with some of the most stickiest climaxes where the lovely young models are drenched with freshly squeezed cum! So by the end of it all they don't look as innocent as they started off which is definitely a huge turn on. There's plenty of hardcore fucking to be viewed along with some brutal blowjob segments where the cute teens have to please multiple cocks with their talented mouths.

Member's area:

Before members are taken to the actual home page of Spunky Teens they are immediately taken to the home page for the entire Pack of Porn network right after logging in through the front pages. This makes it easier for members to keep up to date on the entire network as they are presented with all the latest updates and best rated episodes directly on this page. To make their way to the actual Spunky Teens home page members can utilize either the bonus sites link situated within the top navigation menu, or use the drop down menu located below.

Once on the home page of Spunky Teens members will notice that the layout and site presentation remains exactly the same as the Pack of Porn homepage which is a good thing because the site does look very nice and it makes jumping from site to site consistent. Like the home page of Pack of Porn members are immediately presented with the latest updates on Spunky Teens right below the navigation menu. To the right of the latest updates is a list of the best rated episodes which have been voted by other members so you can be sure they are the best of the best.

All the other updates can be viewed by clicking on the link situated towards the bottom of the page marked as "more updates". Upon clicking this link members are taken to the entire archive of updates which currently spans across 5 indexed pages which hold up to 18 thumbnails per page. Each one of these thumbnails represents an episode and features a picture of the starring model. If you were to click on this thumbnail you will be taken to the main media section, here you can download the video files, stream the episode, and view the photo gallery.


At first I thought Spunky Teens was a brand new site due to the modern look of the site presentation but as I browsed through the archive I learned that Spunky Teens has been live since mid 2007. Up until now the site still has quite the regular update schedule with a new episode uploaded every 7 days with very few inconsistencies. All up there are over 140 scorching hot episodes to enjoy most of which run for approximately 18 minutes in length. That is certainly quite an impressive number keeping in mind that all the episodes are exclusive to the site. There's no news on future updates at the moment but I'm sure members will be treated to another new update within a weeks time.

Video options are quite diverse on the site, members have the option of three different qualities to choose from ranging from full to low res. This makes the site convenient for everyone, even members who have slower net connections. Members can either download their episodes in full scenes and short clips with no DRM restrictions meaning you can keep the episodes for as long as you want. There's also the option of streaming the videos off the site however this option comes only in full scenes so it's better left for members who have fast connections otherwise members with slower connections could be waiting for quite a while for the videos to buffer.

The highest encoding rate videos are available in is (2000kbps @ 640x480), sure it may not be DVD quality but they are still very nice to watch given the high kbps rate, so even though the resolution may be 640x480 they are still great to watch in full screen. Overall I was quite impressed with the quality of the videos, even though they may not be of HD or DVD quality they are quite close indeed.

All the episodes come with a set of photos which contain up to 130 pictures on average. Like the videos the picture content is of high quality, in fact the quality of the pictures is extremely high by my standards. The clarity is amazing and the colors are brilliant, they have also been professionally shot with a high quality camera, and the lighting is great. Overall the pictures are definately a welcome side dish to the great video content and I'm sure picture lovers will absolutely love these.

There's definitely a nice selection of cute teen models to choose from though I some of them looked a little too mature to be teens, thankfully these models are the minority as most of the models look like genuine fresh faced teens. Diversity is something the site could certainly improve on because so far there are only blonds, brunettes, redheads, and the occasional Latina in the mix. Lets hope in future updates they decide to include Asians and bubble butt ebony teens to keep things nice and mixed.

Cons and pros:


  • All of the content is exclusive to the site;
  • The lovely models are extremely attractive;
  • Updates come in regularly;
  • Quality of the media is high;
  • Great site presentation;
  • A nice collection of bonus sites.


  • Some models look like they aren't genuine teens.

Spunky Teens has certainly delivered on it's promise of cute teens getting their faces painted with sticky cum, and even though the quality of the videos may not be of DVD or HD quality they are still unmistakeably great to watch. There is currently a nice amount of content to keep members busy with and seeing as the site constantly gets updated I'm sure members will be entertained for a long time to come, and if by some miracle they run out of content on this site, they have the entire Pack Of Porn network to keep them entertained. The only aspect on which the site could improve on is the diversity of models on show, other than that though Spunky Teens is definitely worth a look.

Featured comments:

I don't get it how some teen sites include models who are obviously not in their teen years. Spunky Teens looks as though they have included some ladies who are well over their teen years and are maybe even in their middle ages, either that or they're mature looking teens. Luckily though most of the girls on this site look to be of genuine teen age.

I would have to say that Spunky Teens is almost a perfect teen site, the only thing which is holding it back is that they haven't provided HD or DVD quality content, doing this will certainly make the site shine because it does every thing else just fine. The updates, the models they've chosen, and even the great site layout and presentation is perfect. To be fair though, even though the site doesn't have HD or DVD quality media, I have to admit that they are still very decent to watch, but a little more quality would certainly take this site closer to being perfect.

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