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Smoking Joes Cafe

Smoking Joes Cafe

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 12.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Smoking Joes Cafe

Smoking Joe’s Café is a neat little site with a niche that it sticks to. It doesn’t come with any extras or bonuses, apart from a few galleries/videos, and there are no bonus sites attached. It does though have a section where you can write in and suggest a scene to be shot, so you can get interactive with their ‘Direct a Scene’ feature. After that it’s simply photos and videos with simple downloads and streams. Files are suitable for mobiles apparently and you can comment on what you see. The site also has a really good and original design and look to it.

Main Idea:

The main theme of the site is smoking of course, but hot, amateur girls from around the world smoking while they pose, strip and give head, or sometimes go even further. There is some variety in the action, and with the models, which is good to see, and there is also variety to be found in the galleries. Whether it’s a solo girl, two together, a girl and a guy, or a guy and two girls, there is always a cigarette or a cigar on show lit and being smoked.

Members Area:

This members' area is very easy to use as it is not very big. It’s actually quite basic but that’s not great problem as it also looks really good and original. It is nice to find a place that is not using the same template design as everyone else. They have a style here and it’s kind of 1950 diner style, taking its inspiration from the site’s title. So, full marks for originality there.

You start off at a home page where each area of the site is set out with some text and a large image. You can click onwards from here and then on following pages you find that there are links back to home, videos, galleries, bonus videos, and the direct your own scene feature. Clicking Photos brings you to a page of large shots and at first you think that each one will lead to a gallery. In fact they only lead to their own enlargement. Clicking to Videos you find a page of large sample shots with links to viewing, but with no information; there are no upload dates here. You can play the mobile versions from here or click to download. Click the image to find a rudimentary viewing page.

These basic viewing pages come with a stream, the mobile link, the main menu, a place to rate the scene and a place to leave comments. There are also suggestions for other scenes to head to next. The other links in your menu are for sending feedback and sending in your suggestions. There’s not a lot of detail here, no model index and not a lot of content, but what there is here works fine.


I counted 30 videos when I was at the site and 36 individual photos that click up to larger sizes, so there are images, but there are no galleries. (A few videos had a zip file you can download with some images in it.) It wouldn't take much to arrange some screen caps at least, and you do rather feel that the site is thin on content, especially for its signup fee. But then again it is, as far as I know, exclusive content so the videos are worth collecting for that reason.

You have a stream you can run for each video and I found Flash files that played at about 876 x 480 in size, and, after some buffering, streamed nice and smoothly. Having said that, there were other scenes where I tried to stream and I simply got a message saying: No video with supported file type was found. So you may need to check your player software or contact the site to find out why there are some missing videos. There were the downloads and these were restricted to Mp4 at 1,280 x 720 @ 2600 kbps, with file sizes around 155 Mbs, the transfer rate was a bit slow. But the quality was OK, I’d call it mid-range amateur quality in that I have seen better and I have seen a lot worse.

But what saves the day here are the girls. They are very sexy vixens who smoke and puff out, hold their cigarettes and get down and a little dirty as you watch. They are good lookers, they are exotic and sexy enough, and the smoking fetish is always played out.


Apart from being able to write in a detailed scene and seeing if they will film it (direct your own they call it), you can also watch 41 bonus scenes with girls smoking. I guess there are non-exclusive scenes, but there is no information so it's hard to say. They played in small, mobile compatible, MP4 streams and were clips of around three minutes or so.

Pros & Cons:


  • Exclusive smoking videos;
  • All on niche;
  • Some new and good looking girls;
  • Easy to handle.


  • No news about updates, no details or information;
  • Few viewing options;
  • Not a big site;
  • Some streams did not stream.

You might leave Smoking Joe’s Café feeling a bit undernourished. This is a pretty small site with some nice and exclusive movies and clips showing girls smoking, sometimes while having sex. There are few viewing options though and we have no idea if or when anything else might come along. The site has a very nice design but it could do with being made more user friendly, and that includes letting us know who the girls are, where they are from and when we might see more of them. But, if you collect sexy girls smoking then this is a neat little collection you might want to collect.


“Small site, very clumsy and though it’s got a nice café design to it at times the actual technical design could do with some work. I also found missing videos and wasn't very impressed with the photos either. My main complaint would be the cost of the sign up, around $30.00 is a lot to pay for a small collection of mobile formatted downloads.”

“Sexy chicks though, great lips, the smoke just lingering as it rises slowly up across their faces as they sit and pout in their slinky outfits and then suck cock and look up at the camera with the smoke blowing your way. Yes! Love it.”

“Nice at times, needs some work, need to know about updates (there were 24 in April and now, two months later, there were 30, that’s around one per week), some more galleries would be good and available online rather than zip files, nice to have the direct a scene function, girls are hot, smoking is always there. Fifty-fifty for me.”

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Last Update: 22 Sep, 2015

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