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Sinful Spanking

Sinful Spanking

Content quality: 10.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 16.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $1.95
  • 1 month: $39.95

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Site Details:

Sinful Spanking

Network Details:

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Sinful Spanking brings you spanking content at its hardest! You can expect to see red asses, welts, and tears. It's all good though because the ladies on this site have a fetish to be spanked so instead of feeling pain they gain pleasure from all the hardcore spanking. Members can also expect to see some hardcore anal and pussy fucking after and during all the intense slapping. Quality isn't the best but the site does provide quite a bit of content which is a mix of exclusive and non-exclusive episodes. So if you're fetish is seeing hot ladies getting spanked raw this site will definitely have your attention.

Main idea:

You can forget about playful ass tapping because Sinful Spanking takes spanking to the next level. The lovely ladies get their asses spanked by the horny guys as they use their bare hands and other tools such as paddles and whips to get the girl's asses red and raw, in fact sometimes the spanking gets so intense that the ladies end up with welts on their cute butts, there are also times when the ladies turn the tables and start spanking the dude. So with all that in mind you can definitely say that it's not a site for every one and was specifically designed for hardcore spanking fans. Along with all the spanking there's a generous amount of hardcore fucking going on as well, in fact they are your general hardcore scenes only with a whole lot more spanking.

Member's area:

I was quite pleased with how the site looks and works. The site presentation makes the site look quite modern and the fact that everything is nicely spaced out keeps the site looking neat. The first thing you'll come across is a red butt in the top banner where a hot blond babe is getting spanked. Below is the top navigation menu where members can access the various media including the video and photo archive. From this menu members can also access third party services such as live came shows. Also the bonus sites, videos, and photos can be accessed from this menu.

Also found on the homepage is a section which is dedicated to the network updates. These updates are found on the bonus sites which members gain free access to upon signing up. They can be accessed via the thumbnail links found in the bonus sites section, also this section is quite convenient in that members won't have to visit the individual sites to find out what's new on the various sites. The updates on this site in particular can be found a little further down the site. There are 18 past updates on the homepage while the rest of them can be found in the movies section.

The movies section I mentioned just earlier can be accessed through the top navigation menu. The movies archive spans over 33 pages, each of these pages holds up to 5 episodes each, the episodes are presented via three thumbnails which feature screen shots of the episode giving members a rough idea on what to expect. Along with the thumbnails is the link to the video download section and a detailed description. The download section includes the segmented download links which are presented in thumbnail form along with the full scene download and a rating system.

The photo collection can also be accessed through the top navigation menu. This section has a similar layout only this time it spans over 4 pages and contains 30 photo sets per page. Clicking on the thumbnail link will take you to the main gallery which has the standard thumbnail format. You can choose to view the photos right in the browser or you can click on the provided download link to download the entire set in a single zip file which will allow members to view them offline.


It is unfortunate that the updates have not been tagged with upload dates as I cannot give readers an honest and educated answer on how long the site has been running for. Even worse the latest updates haven't been dated either so there's no way in telling if the site is still uploading new content. On a brighter note their current collection is quite large with a total of 161 videos all of which are exclusive to this very site which in plain English means you won't find this content anywhere else on the net. I really hope the site hasn't completely stopped on updates however, even though 161 episodes will take quite some time to go through it obviously isn't going to last forever.

The main aspect which this site falls short on would have to be video quality. To be fair the videos aren't that bad but they're certainly mediocre by today's standards, some would even say they are below average due to the low resolution. The highest video bit rate the videos come in clocks in at an underwhelming 1000kbps @ 320x240. Not very impressive right? But thanks to the decent kbps rate members can still blow the videos up to full screen mode and still enjoy decent quality. What the developers have done well on are the video options, members can download the wmv videos in short segments and full scenes in three different qualities. So even if you have a slow connection you can still enjoy the videos available on this site, but given the low encoding rate of the highest quality videos, I am sure you will want to stick with them.

As a side dish to the photo content members are also treated with 113 photo sets which include roughly 100 images per set. Now the only thing which I can complain about is the fact that the collection is a mix of screen captures and proper photos which really effects the consistency as we all know how poor in quality screen captures are. Luckily the proper photos make up for the average looking videos and the crappy screen captures. They are decently clear though if you're like me and are quite fussy with picture clarity you'll probably think they are above average, the colors are great however and so are the sizes them come in. The bigger pictures measure in at 1024x680 pixels which is definitely above average, maybe a little tweaking with the clarity and they would be perfect.

Probably the best part of the site would have to be the gorgeous models on show, each one of them have awesome asses which deserve to be spanked, hell I would even chew on them if I got the chance. That said I am sure ass lovers will certainly adore the hot line up of women on show. Besides having hot asses the ladies are also quite beautiful and have great bodies, there are even a few well known pornstars in the mix which isn't a surprise to be honest because these high caliber pornstars can take quite a beating. I also appreciated the diversity of their cast as they have provided just about every type of woman you can think of, so without going to in depth with it just know that no matter what kind of ladies you are in to, I am sure you will find more than a few here that will have you drooling.

Cons and pros:


  • Extreme butt spankings;
  • Decent amount of exclusive content;
  • Site looks very nice and easy to navigate;
  • Tons of bonus sites and video feeds;
  • Models are extremely attractive.


  • The video quality is mediocre;
  • Uploads have not been dated.

It was a bad sign that I really had to think about what impressed me about Sinful Spanking and when I came to a conclusion it would have to be the crazy spanking episodes and the hot ladies. See everything else it does pretty average on most notable would have to be the quality of the videos, and with the updates not being dated there's no real way in telling how well the site is doing on content numbers. Either way 161 episodes is still quite decent and will last members for quite a long time, plus there are the hordes of bonus sites on offer. If anything you should join this site for the gorgeous ladies and all the brutal butt spanking they endure, if you want quality though you're best off else where.

Featured comments:

Even as a spanking fan I found these episodes to be pushing the limit. I mean I'm all up for some vigorous spanking but these ladies endure some of the most brutal spankings I have seen in a while, definitely a site which was made for the true hardcore spanking fans. I found it nice that the developers decided to include scenes which involve some hardcore fucking as well because there are some spanking sites out there which only involve spanking and a bit of sucking and licking and that's it. Definitely a good thing in my books, spanking fans probably won't care too much but all the fucking definitely lengthen the scenes.

Given how gorgeous the ladies are and how beautiful their butts look you can't help but clench your teeth a little as they're about to get spanked with the chance of their perfect looking butts getting ruined. Seriously though these girls take quite a beating and it's strange to see that some of the most beautiful girls are the kinkier ones. I was very impressed with the cast of ladies on show, in fact it is probably the best part of the site because the site doesn't do too well on all the other aspects.

I must say I was sadly let down with the quality of the content available on this site. It looks to be quite a modern site so I was surprised to see the videos weren't of today's standards. This would have to be the site's main downfall and if it wasn't for the low quality the site would have almost been perfect. My only other concern was with the lack of upload dates, sure 161 episodes is quite a nice number but that is not going to last forever. Fair enough there are a ton of bonus sites there to check out but what spanking fans really want are spanking videos and the other sites don't cover this niche. I sincerely hope the site hasn't stopped on updates altogether.

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