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Sinful Goddesses

Sinful Goddesses

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 17.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 20.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Sinful Goddesses

Every now and then you will come across a site that catches the eye; you look more closely wondering what it was that made you stop and look, and you realise that it is something special. That’s exactly what happened with Sinful Goddesses. I glanced at the first tour page and knew I’d hit on something very special. You’re going to find this site is very different from the norm, in fact that is what it is aiming for. It is going to fuel your fantasies and wash over you like the proverbial breath of fresh air, it’s just about unique I’d say, with its great photography and fantastical erotic characters.

Main idea:

You see, what this site does is find gorgeously sexy women and then photograph them in unusual and fantastic costumes and surroundings. It’s not your standard fetish site as these models become characters, mythological nymphs, Amazon women, forest beauties and yes, there is plenty of naked flesh on show if that’s what you are worried about. The pages are nicely designed to fit in with the fantasy theme, you can rate the high resolution photo sets and movies and there are frequent updates on offer too. This is one of a kind and for glamour, erotica and style it would be hard to think of a site that does it better.

Member's area:

The stylish design continues in the members’ area where you have a gold leaf menu, good quality sample images, the occasional pieces of news and lists of the members’ current top photo sets. You will need to click on the Updates tab to get to the main content, and here you have a choice to view all, only the photos or only the videos. I had gained the impression that this was going to be all photo work, but no, there are videos too. We will look at those in a moment…

First though, other good things about Sinful Goddesses. The text is well written and easy to read; you have upload dates given so you can keep a check on the regularity, and each piece of content has a title. When you come to view the images you will find a choice of size, you can indeed rate them and you can also add them to your favourites collection. It’s easy to navigate through the pics one by one and you can also click back home in a second. Here’s a tip: when you are on the main thumbnail page for a set, scroll to the bottom to find alternative viewing options such as zip files in three resolutions to download, slideshows and there’s even a comments box there. You have the chance to get involved with this classy site so make the most of it.

You can also check the girls through the model index which is titled ‘Goddesses’ and are they ever! Each one sultry, sexy, and top of their class. The ladies introduce themselves and provide you with links to their content so it’s easy to browse the site by choosing your favourite girls first. Don’t forget to check the bonus pages before you move on to something else and then make sure you click back in regularly for more of this top quality fantasy photography.


I didn’t mention the videos and how they work because, sadly, the page was not working when I tried to sort only the videos. Maybe that’s a temporary glitch, or maybe the videos have not been added to that function yet, I'm not sure but I can tell you that I stumbled on some videos by clicking through the content. Here I found a WMV stream of 1.32Mbps @ 720 x 576 which was the mid-range option out of three resolutions, it was perfectly clear at full screen – the initial player is a little small so zoom it up. A gorgeous girl was dressed as a warrior, performing what came close to a pole dance with a sword as music played. Very erotic, very well filmed and very unique. Just like the rest of the site, you get your fantasies here! There are a few warriors, some leather babes, witches (but sexy ones without the warts and all) and some great lingerie posing, couch shots, outdoors ones and, from time to time, some action, lesbian scenes.

There were 86 of these and they all held a large amount of images in those three different sizes. Viewing is no problem as we’ve seen, but what about quality? Just like the videos, the galleries are superb. Very clear images, properly lit and produced, obviously there are top photographers working here and they take their work very seriously. This isn’t just any old website and I reckon photographers are lining up to shoot for the site, and only the best are accepted.

So you may gather that I liked the content here. I did, and not just because of the top models, the presentation is good, the quality is fantastic, the choices are good and everything is easy to access and use.

Bonus features:

To put some icing on an already well iced cake, Sinful Goddess also gives you some exclusive bonuses. These are personal things for your machine, wallpapers, calendars and high resolution posters – worth downloading and printing I’d say. These are the kinds go things that glamour and fashion calendars are made of, top quality and totally classy.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive videos and galleries;
  • A very unique, original and fantastical site;
  • Great design, easy navigation and interactive;
  • Perfect models in great settings and costumes and still very erotic;
  • Regular updates.


  • The ability to sort videos from photos wasn’t working;
  • You don’t know what is a gallery or a video until you open the link.

Being rather used to seeing adult sites, it always comes as a pleasant experience to find something different. And this is it. Not only is it different though but you can tell that a great deal of time and effort has gone in to its production. There are top artists at work here from the models themselves, through the photographers to the set dressers and the web designers. This site shines out over the heads of just about all the other erotica sites. Don’t expect hardcore porn, that’s not what we are about here, but do expect glamorous girls, cutting edge productions, good content numbers, originality and quality.

Featured comments:

There’s not much more to add really. This is a very unusual site. None of that porn site tack will be found here. The girls will blow your mind and especially the ones where they are fully naked, totally shaved and lying back. This is more than erotic, I don’t know what you’d call that but it’s not porn, yet your dick twitches as soon as you start viewing.

Don’t you think though that after a while you might get fed up with seeing the same kind of thing? I mean there are only so many Amazon warriors and adventure style characters you can take in one sitting. I know the site updates but I just wonder if there is enough here to keep you hooked for very long. I did enjoy it, I loved all of it in fact, but I probably won’t stay a member for long – now a bonus site would persuade me otherwise.

You can’t knock it, it’s great, original and well put together. And you can leave your comments, rate the vids and photos and get involved. I like the extras too as they stay on the theme of the site. A bonus site would have to be pretty hot to come up to the standard of this one – I hope they carry on adding more content and swell the pieces from 84 to hundreds!

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