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Shady P.I.

Shady P.I.

Content quality: 20.0 of 25
Content quantity: 12.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Shady P.I.

Network Details:

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There is nothing shady about this deal. Your membership to this hot voyeur site comes complete with access to all the sites in the Porn Pros network, and there are 28 of them. They are all on different themes with all kinds of horny sex taking place –from MILFs to teens, from straightforward to fetish, you name it you get to access it. And it’s all exclusive to the company too. And your first site here takes a fairly unique theme and lets you view its scenes in multiple formats. You've got galleries, clips, full scenes, screen caps and plenty of interactive options to keep you going until the next update.

Main idea:

Shady PI takes a theme and works it well. You have this guy, the PI, who is on the hunt for ladies who have done bad, and it’s his job to catch them on the job, or in the act, or ‘at it.’ And he does. Movies start with some chat and a decent build up, there is usually a story line and then the hot action follows. As this is filmed from a ‘hidden cam’ angle, and in that kind of ‘secret’ style, so you may find some of the images a bit fuzzy, but that’s part of the fun. But the quality is actually pretty good and there are all kinds of ways to view the unique movies. Add on the screen cap galleries and the digital ones that come with each scene, and you've got some hot and fun episodes to view here – plus loads of extras and bonuses.

Member's area:

Your members’ area is a standard Porn Pros set up – with top menu, drop down lists of sites, categories and models, and then loads of recent update shots with links, ideas for other sites to visit, what’s hot and top in the in network, and all the details for help and support if they are needed.

In the top menu you find links to your main network Home – which is the area you start off at when you log in to any of their sites it seems; then you have links to the search engine so you can hunt down your content in various ways. There is a page of sites with sample pics so you can see roughly what kind of bonus porn you have in each of them, and then there is a favourites area where you check back to see what you've stored, once you've taken advantage of the interactive ‘add to favourites’ function you’re going to find. The Live Cams and Get Laid areas are slightly more disappointing as they are your standard up-sells to chat and dating sites.

To find your main, voyeur, hidden cam, content use the drop own list to go to your site. From then on it's plain sailing with sample images and dates for each movie, each one having its own page with a viewing screen, clips and full scenes, download options and streams. There is information, you can rate the scenes and make comments and get as interactive as you like; you've also go zip file downloads for photos and slideshows too.

This is a good, well set up and easy to use members’ area, it’s not hard to get used to it, there is lots to click and explore and see, and do and everything technical worked just fine.


As for the actual content… Well, Shady PI knows how to get the balance right. You can get the kinds of voyeur movies where the producers go so far over the top on the set-ups and the stories that they more or less forget the porn. Then you get others with hidden cams who hide them so much you can hardly see what’s going on, or the definition is so bad it’s just un-viewable. Not here though, here you've got the right mix of story line and intro – with the PI telling us about his job, who he’s got to catch and so on - and then enough mix of action. Actually there is much more action that storyline. You've got a few minutes of chat and see up at the start and then you’re off.

And the filming is good too. You’ve got choices of quality and resolutions, but these are not filmed with a hidden cam. Sorry to disappoint but they are not actually real! They look as if they could be home footage or hidden cam shots and that’s just perfect, but actually you can get very high resolution version downloads, the streaming Flash is just fine, even at full screen, and there are plenty of other file formats too; even iPod and Xbox versions are available.

The action itself is hardcore, there are threesomes and couples, there are even some foursomes, though so far there are only 21 scenes and it looks like they have been added over the past year – the dates run from January to January, via the summer months. So not a great update schedule, and looking at the dates you seem to get something new each month, sometimes two new scenes… sometimes none. It’s a bit hit and miss but you do have loads of other sites to view while you wait.

Bonus features:

And like I said those other sites are many and varied. You simply use the drop down list or the Sites page to find what you want to see, click it and away you go. You will find them all designed in the same way so it’s easy to find your way around them all, once you've got used to one. It’s a great set of bonuses that adds great value for money for you.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive content that is on the promised theme;
  • Good quality filming and productions, even though they are meant to be hidden cams;
  • Loads of extras and bonus sites to explore;
  • A neat and simple design that makes for no navigational problems at all.


  • There are not many of the main episodes at the moment;
  • The update schedule looks a bit hit and miss;
  • The neat design of the tour disappears once you are inside the members’ area.

If I was going to moan about anything here it would be two things: one, there isn’t a huge amount of content in the main part of the site and the update schedule looks a bit dodgy, and two, the neat design of the tour – with its tabloid style approach - disappears once you’re inside the members’ area, and the atmosphere goes with it. Other than those two points thigh, this is great voyeur entertainment from a well established company. You get lots of extras and bonus sites to bring you more value for money, and the quality of all that you see is just fine.

Featured comments:

It’s fun and it’s horny but it’s a bit thin on the ground. I tell you the one annoying thing for me was the camera distance. I know we’re pretending to be voyeur cam style here but I was too far away from the action. You either get off on that or you don’t and I don’t. But the photos were good, the sex was hot enough and I enjoy and approve of the bonus sites.

Only a handful of scenes doesn’t make for a value site, in my opinion. If you want all kinds of everything and don’t mind accepting that the bonuses are where your value lies, then sign up here by all means. But if you are heavily into voyeur content then you’ve probably seen better already, elsewhere. It’s ok… but that’s about it. There’s not a lot of it, and it does start to feel the same after a while.

Great network. Great scenes, hot chicks, hung guys, hard sex, and there’s that voyeur twist too. I don't really get the PI set up, we all know it’s a fake but that doesn’t really matter. Love the scenes, want more, wish they’d tell me when another is coming, love the network and all the extras you get to see and download. Got a huge amount of porn here and for a very decent price. Quit whining and get signed up.

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