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Sex Toys HDV

Sex Toys HDV

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Sex Toys HDV

Once again we’ve found a good deal for you, and this time it is all to do with High Definition movies. And it is also to do with toys, but then there are 17 sites in total with this membership, and they are varied in content, yet similar in presentation and quality. You can see exactly what you are in for when you visit the tour and, for a pretty decent sign up price, you can then get a set of access details that will let you into porn heaven. Each of the included sites has its own update schedule so more and more content is being added to your collection each week.

Main idea:

So, in there, in your set of 17 sites, you have a channel called Sex Toys HDV. All of these sites are HD video sites, and we’ll get to that later, but each of them has its own theme. The main thrusts of the one we’re looking at here are toys and toy-play. That’s very sexy girls getting up to self-pleasure fun with all kinds of dildos, vibrators and toys. Sometimes this is solo-style and other times it’s with other equally as sexy models. You’re going to find various ways to stream or download the scenes, and they all come with galleries of high quality images as well.

Member's area:

You’re going to find yourself in a members’’ area that looks similar to the tour and you are going to find it very easy to use. I can tell you that from experience having spent quite a bit of time in here. You will notice, first off, that there’s a top menu to guide you around, but actually there is very little guiding needed. You see the recent updates on the home page and you can be clicking straight into the recent videos as soon as you enter. You can also see what’s coming soon here, and you will notice that rig at the very top is a choice of viewing resolution. Members are able to select how they view their site and in what resolution and the really neat thing is that there is a mobile version too, so you can take your HD toy-play scenes on the bus with you.

To find the scenes, either use the home page as a starting place, with its numbered index pages for scenes, or click to the Scenes tab in the main menu. Again you will find numbered index pages and scenes sampled with a good photo and upload date, plus the membership’s star rating; as a member you can rate the content as you go through it. There is also a search facility on these pages.

Click to an individual viewing page and you find a large stream screen, links to the download options and galleries, and a box where you can submit your own comments. Other related scenes are also mentioned and linked at the bottom. If you want to browse the content by model, then there is a model index to use, there’s not a lot of info about each girl but you can link directly to her scenes from here.

Lastly, your top menu also leads you to a page of ‘Extras’ which are actually offers on sign-ups to other sites, and to a Live Cam site where you will need to register to enter. But all in all, the pages here are clear and clean, present no problems and everything runs very smoothly.


Ok, now for the content itself. You will find 18 scenes per index page when you go to ‘Scenes’ in the top menu, and currently six pages; the total count was 97 scenes when I was in the site. This content dated back just about two years and I worked out that here had been a new update added every week, more or less, and that each of the scenes was marked as HD, and each one had some toy play involved. But what I also noticed was that these scenes are shared; you can see on the samples that some are from other channels, or appear on other channels too, and by channel I mean the other sites that come with your membership. So one scene here may also appear in HDV Teens, for example.

When you come to watch a scene you find a good set of viewing choices. Not only can you stream in HD or medium, but you can also download in high quality formats too. For example: I found MP4 files at 5,000 kbps @ 1920 x 1080, and the Flash streaming screen was set to around 960 x 540 in size when viewing online. The movies were clear and focused, the camera stayed with the action, the girls performed well and there’s a lot of variety around the sex. What I mean is you have moments when it’s just one sexy lady, her toys and you; other times here are guys involved or other girls where you have lesbian scenes, and these can include double ended dildo fun. All your horny fantasies about what ladies get up to when alone are worked through here, and then there’s a fair smattering of hardcore as well.

So, no complaints about the content, or the quality. And that goes for the images as well. You find these on the same viewing page as each video where you have a choice to download whole sets in zip files, or browse online. In this case you find thumbnails leading to images that are up at 1280 x 853 in size and that are digital and clear, sharp and that present no problems at all.

Bonus features:

At any time you can change channels, and there are 17 in total. These include Sex Toys HDV and Premium HDV All, which is where you can find the entire collection of networked scenes from all of their sites. Under the scenes tab here I found 18 varied episodes per index page and 47 pages with a total of 830 videos in all; so if you’re looking for bonuses and value, there you go.

Cons and pros:


  • Good quality and exclusive content;
  • Various ways to view the site, including a mobile version;
  • Easy to navigate and use with a nice design;
  • Comments and rates are included;
  • There are 17 channels included in your membership.


  • Might be a bit ‘heavy’ for slower connections;
  • Live Cams and extras are third-party offers;
  • There are quite a few advertisements on the pages.

You certainly get large files and clear images and videos at Sex Toys HDV and you get good productions too. Members also get treated to a large stock of content from a large network, with over 800 scenes throughout the collection. But the toy-play scenes also remain good and varied with solos, lesbian scenes and girl/boy hardcore, even if some of the scenes are shared with other channels. This is a good value offer where you find HD movies and high resolution galleries, with slightly lower resolution and smaller versions for lesser connections too. Don’t be afraid of it, it will serve you well and give you excellent porn-value.


Been a fan of this HD network for a while but yes, you need to be fast connected or things can really slow down. If you don’t mind waiting for downloads you’re ok, or if you have broadband etc. you’re ok. It’s a good quality network, it updates the sites/channels every week I’d say, and you can probably find something new on one of the channels every day if you stay logged in.

I would like to see more information in the model index, and find out more about the girls. You might find some interviews and stuff, but I haven’t yet. I find the scenes either start too quickly or too slowly, there’s no in between. But I approve of the quality and the high standard of film making that goes on here. I am not complaining about the price either, I think it’s really good value.

The best moments for me are when you are alone with one of the girls and she’s looking at the camera and smiling at you as she inserts her vibrating toy, so you feel like it’s just you and her and then she shows the toy close up to the camera and you can hear it and see how wet it is; that’s the kind of solo toy play site I like to see and you get it here but you get it is good quality, higher definition formats and pics. Nice.

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