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Sex For Breakfast

Sex For Breakfast

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 14.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $14.95
  • 2 months: $39.95
  • 3 months: $29.95

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Site Details:

Sex For Breakfast

Network Details:

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Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a room for rent in your house or apartment and you could get hot girls to stay there that would pay you in pussy? You’d put an ad in the paper and you’d be vague about how much the rent is. Maybe you’d say something about how it’s negotiable so the girls don’t have to worry about it being expensive. Then when they come to see the place you’d talk about how you’re really flexible when it comes to payment. The girl would look you in the eyes and lick her lips just a little bit and you’d know there was an understanding. That first week after she moved in she would come to deliver the payment and would get on her hands and knees to suck your dick to completion. Maybe she’d bend over and let you fuck her from behind until you came on her face. That sounds awesome! Sex For Breakfast is basically that in the form of a reality porn site.

Main idea:

At Sex For Breakfast two young men put ads in the German newspaper looking for young ladies that need a place to stay. It’s usually short term chicks looking for somewhere to crash for a few nights. The guys let them stay as long as they’re willing to put out in some way. Girls will masturbate for them, blow them and have full on threesomes. Some of the girls just want to fuck one of the guys. Either way everyone is having a good time. The girls get a place to stay, the guys get laid and we all go home happy. There are free videos on the tour and it’s well worth a look if you’re feeling a little bit horny.

Member's area:

I like that they’ve kept the member’s area the same as the tour. The most recent update is the first thing you’ll see and there are three preview pictures and a button to click to watch the video. You also have the option to watch the high definition video. Below that they feature another nine scenes and then you head to another page to see the rest. The main page also has links to the top rated scenes and at the very top of the page you’ll find a link to your personal favorites list where you can put the babes you liked the best.

Sex For Breakfast is a streaming only site and that will be its greatest weakness. They let you stream the videos in a slick Flash player in two resolutions. The first is pretty low quality and is meant for guys on slow connections. The second is high definition and looks terrific even if you’re running it full screen. I would recommend you go for it if you have a fast enough connection. They only charge $14.95/month for a membership, presumably because it’s streaming only. If you want access to the seven bonus sites you have to pay another $10/month though so it’s not as great a deal as it seems at first glance.

You’ll get a picture gallery with each scene. There are generally 100-200 shots and they can be viewed at 900px or 1500px. You decide on the thumbnail gallery what size you’d like to see. There are no zip files for those picture galleries, although that’s obviously not a surprise. They seem to be allergic to offering you a chance to download anything here. I really like how simple and straightforward the design is though. There are no advertisements cluttering things up and they don’t overdo it to make anything complicated. It’s all right there in just one click.


Sex For Breakfast is a lovely reality porn site but a lot of the reality is crushed unless you speak German. The only English here is the text used to describe the scenes and that’s rarely more than a sentence or two. Since it’s reality porn the setup is usually kind of important for establishing the tone of the scene. The setup is lost here though because you can’t understand a word they’re saying. Instead you have to invent the story in your head and then watch with your dick in hand as the girls get fucked in their slippery wet pussies.

The women of Sex For Breakfast vary in their attractiveness. Some are super hot, some are super cute and some aren’t all that attractive. They’re German girls and I kind of like how they mix it up. It’s supposed to be a reality porn site and these girls look like amateurs for the most part. That adds some flavor to the site and I say it makes it better. You might disagree and there are plenty of reality sites where pornstars get fucked if that’s what you want. The scenes here vary so you will experience a little of everything. Most of the time the girl is just getting fucked hard by a nice big cock. She wants to pay the rent and she’ll give up her pussy to make it happen.

In the hardcore twosomes the girl gives head and she gets fucked in her naughty slit. Some of the girls are only willing to masturbate to pay their rent and the guys are happy to film them as they use their fingers and toys to make their pussies happy. There are a few girls that were willing to get fucked by both the flatmates. Those gals are my favorites. I love seeing a slut take a cock in the mouth and a cock in the pussy. I just can’t get enough and I hope future updates include more of those babes. They promise weekly additions here but there are no dates on anything so it’s hard to tell if they update regularly. There are seven other sites you can access but you have to pay $10 extra a month to get at them. That makes it even less of a good deal.

Cons and pros:


  • Videos are high definition and hot;
  • Monthly price is cheap;
  • German sluts are hot.


  • No downloads of any kind;
  • Bonus sites cost extra;
  • Not a big site;
  • Only German is spoken.

Sex For Breakfast is a reality porn site that you’ve probably seen done before. Girls have to pay their rent and they pay it in pussy. It’s a fun idea and it’s pretty well executed here with sexy German chicks playing the slutty renters. The babes are boned by the guys renting the place. There are twosomes and threesomes and a few of the girls just masturbate. The site is small with 42 scenes and the update schedule is unknown. They don’t have any bonus sites unless you pay $10/month extra and they don’t let you download anything. Everyone is speaking German so you don’t really get into the reality part of it unless you speak German too. It’s worth it if you’re on a budget and $14.95/month is all you can afford. Otherwise it’s not a great deal.

Featured comments:

If they gave you the whole network for $14.95/month this would be a totally awesome site. But they make you pay more than most of the other big reality porn networks charge to get access to the whole network. The other networks let you download everything and most of them are doing HD content these days. Why would you join this site if you could join those?

The lack of any English really sucks. I want to hear these naughty German girls moaning about how good it feels to get fucked by a nice thick cock. I want to listen to them talk about how much they love sex and how they’re happy to pay for their rent by giving up their pussies. I like the audio part of porn.

I wonder what they were thinking in not letting you download their videos. Maybe they don’t want them uploaded to other sites so you could watch them for free? Probably they just want you to stick around for multiple months so you can see all the hot content. That’s pretty shady stuff though.

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