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Sex And Submission

Sex And Submission

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Sex And Submission

Do you let your mind access and revel in the dirtiest fantasies that live in there? Have you ever dreamt of tying up a hot chick and treating her like your fuck doll for a few hours? Do you crave being able to do whatever you want with her body? That's the basic thrill with Sex and Submission unless you dream of being in the girl's place. There's nothing wrong with that either. Pornography is supposed to be used to explore the desires that you can't live out in real life. Let those fantasies come to the surface and spill out when you're watching a hottie get whipped or beaten or fucked while she's tied up and unable to move. This hot site wants you to let it all out and they're helping by producing high definition content with that theme.

Main idea:

Sex and Submission is a bondage hardcore site that produces high definition movies and high resolution picture galleries on a weekly basis. The girls are tied with rope, put in bondage devices, suspended in mid air, whipped, dripped with hot wax and so much more. All of it serves to turn on the guy that's dominating them and for most of the babes it gets them all wet and horny too. That's why the fucking is so hot. They've completely given up control and it drives them wild with desire. You can experience that desire with a membership.

Member's area:

I've read a few complaints about the member's area and how it's designed but I think it's pretty great. At the very least it's easy to use. Basically, if you've visited the tour then you've seen the member's area because they don't change anything. The only difference is that once you've logged in you can download everything to get your porn party started. They show 13 pictures for each scene to help in your choice and there's a search function that will basically look through the scene descriptions for keywords.

They could have done more to make searching the contents of the site easier but I don't think it's necessary. The theme of every scene is the same so there isn't a ton of variety, at least at the most basic level (they actually do a good job of providing variety from scene to scene in the way the girls are dominated, the tools used, etc). If you're in search of instant pleasure then you just need to click on the streaming video link and the clip will start playing immediately. The gals are gorgeous and they really get naughty on cam so it' s a guaranteed good time.

The videos are the real stars of the show at Sex and Submission. Everything they've added since roughly March 2008 has been in high definition and we're talking about the real kind of high definition. It's done at 1280x720 and in an insanely high bit rate (one clip I downloaded was 7000kbps, which is crazy awesome). They even have two high definition formats (MP4 and WMV) for those that crave a choice. They list seven scenes per page and it's pretty much perfect because it never gets overwhelming with all the preview images loading.


All I can say is that I'm very impressed with Sex and Submission. They have more than 210 scenes for you to download and they've been updating on a weekly basis since launching. That's going to continue long into the future because something tells me this site is a big success and they don't want to deny their fans the glory of new scenes. The site mixed bondage and hardcore sex very well and it all starts with the girls. They're all really hot and they are either total pain sluts or they just love to be in porn and enjoy the money they're making because they put on convincing performances. I love seeing the pain cross the girl's face as she's spanked or whipped or dripped with hot wax.

The bondage is inventive and varied so every scene feels different, which is important on a site like this with a very narrow focus. My particular favorite is the rope bondage. I love to see the ladies tied up and put in interesting positions that they can't hope to escape from. There's something delicious about watching them struggle. When they work the hardcore sex in with the rope bondage it's extra exciting. Imagine a girl tied in a position where she can't move a muscle. Her pussy is available for fucking and her master is ready to slide his cock into her slippery hole and fuck her good. He punches it in there deep and he makes her moan like a naughty slut.

Bondage devices are also brought into play. I don't know enough about the subject to give you the names of any of them but suffice it to say that they're complicated and arousing and they effectively keep the girls from moving. Anal sex is a significant part of the porn at Sex and Submission. What could be more dominating than fucking a girl in the ass, which is all about the guy's pleasure and not really the girl's (sure, there are girls that get off with anal but they're very rare). I really think this is one of the best bondage hardcore sites in the world and if you're at all interested in the subject you should give it a look.

Cons and pros:


  • Very hot girls taking hard punishments;
  • Some of the best high definition videos in the business;
  • Inventive bondage and hardcore sex;
  • Weekly updates and a big archive of content.


  • Limited options for navigating the content;
  • Price of $29.85 is a bit steep after a few months.

Sex and Submission stands apart from almost every other bondage sex site out there because of their commitment to all facets of the genre. Instead of doing some light bondage and then fucking the girl while she's tied up they do heavy bondage and super hot and in depth hardcore fucking. Some of the scenes run more than an hour so you know you're getting your money's worth. What I really love is that if you want to just watch the bondage or just watch the bondage sex they've separated each part in the video section so you just download what you like or grab the entire scene in beautiful high definition. Very few sites maintain this quality level throughout which is why Sex and Submission deserves your attention.

Featured comments:

It really should be hammered home how high quality this site is. The models are beautiful and many are famous adult stars. The bondage is really awesome as they do just about everything under the sun and they do it well. The videos are fucking fabulous looking, the hardcore sex is amazing and they update every week like clockwork with an hour long video and a bunch of pictures. Very, very few sites maintain this quality level.

The design is the one thing that seems to get criticized most with Sex and Submission. I get the complaints but it's silly. It's not beautiful but who the hell cares? It's not like you're going to get lost or confused when you're looking for the content. If you can only enjoy bondage porn with big breasted chicks then you'll be stuck sifting through each page looking for them. I suppose that's a downer but really, it's not like you should skip joining just because of that.

The price is going to be an issue if you go on a month to month membership. After a while you'll have downloaded and watched all the stuff in the archive and you'll feel like you're basically paying $30/month for 4-5 new scenes and it won't seem like a good deal. They do have options to join for multiple months and the discounts are impressive.

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