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Self Desire

Self Desire

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 11.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Self Desire

You may have heard of Team Skeet before, but if not, this is the network that you get to access when you sign up to Self Desire, a solo, masturbation site. Team Skeet though offer you other sites and other genres and categories once you are a member, and they are not asking very much per month for your membership either. They advertise nine sites in the network, including POV, big boobs, solos and interviews with the girls, and they also offer you weekly updates and some high definition viewing. The site is pretty interactive and there are loads of extra functions and navigation is easy. So although this is a big network, it is easy enough to use.

Main idea:

Clearly we are looking at content which is all about girls pleasuring themselves, and that is what the site sticks to in its exclusive videos and pics. These are also young and good looking ladies, in the main, with an emphasis on youth and beauty. The girls use fingers, or toys to slowly masturbate their way through the videos, and they do this in various locations. There are indoor and outdoor shoots and a variety of toys in use as well. It’s all about variety here though with your bonuses and extras, and you are not going to go short of something to watch or download.

Member's area:

On the way to the members’ area you need to bypass an advert, not a problem, and then you get a pretty nifty ‘tip of the day’ pop-up box which tells you about contests and what is happening on the sites. You can disable this so it doesn’t show again, but I rather liked it.

You will start off at the network home page and need to go to the top menu’s Sites page in order to find Self Desire. You will notice also that the sites are all designed in the same way, so once you are used to one you should have no trouble with the others. And that’s a good thing as this network is state of the art and they’ve got everything here. There are so many options and functions that you need instructions; for example, click on an update and you have ‘add to favourites’, rates, comments, linked tag words, number of votes, pictures, default viewing options (with instructions), a choice to view clips or full scenes, or the ‘best of’ moments from a scene, trailers, screen caps, more pictures and then other related scenes. It can look a bit overwhelming at first, but you soon get the hang of it.

With galleries you can control how many thumbnails you have per page, there are zip file downloads, slideshows and easy navigation. There is a model index to check out the network girls in, plenty of search and sort options, including keyword searching, models come with info and stats and links to their videos, and you can rate them and comment on them. I found all these functions worked really well and there were loads of things to check out and experiment with. You've even got a place where you can go to make suggestions to the site, so you find a fun and interactive members’ area that serves you well.


There were 30 solo and pleasure videos when I called in to the site, and I didn’t see upload dates so I am not sure of the schedule. They all came with the same style page of options and you've got all kinds of ways to view the material here.

Let’s say you opt for the full scene, you click the tab on the intro page and there you find a choice of WMV or Flash streaming. Beneath this there were six choices for downloads including WMV, Quicktime, Mpg and iPod suitable. And in some of these types there was a choice of resolution or quality. There were some HD versions available and there were even HD streams in the more recent content. Movies ran for around three to six minutes, so you probably don’t need the one minute clips page. What’s really nice on the viewing pages is that you've also got a choice of how you view the stream. You can turn down the backlighting (more or less blanking out the rest of the page), you can go full screen or pop the screen out. It’s all very fancy and yet enhances your viewing.

Clicking into the image area you have the thumbnail galleries with full images clicking up to 700 x 1,000 for example where they are digital, clear, focused and a mix of poses and ‘action’ shots. These galleries hold around 70 to 80 pics each I’d say, and the screen caps have around the same amount. These screen caps were at 720 x 400 in size.

And as for the girls and the action, the things they get up to. The ladies are young and fit, sexy and pretty and the camera makes sure you get in close for the toy play, the fingers in the pussy, and you miss nothing. It also roves around so you are not sitting still. The sound is there too and gives you the full effect, and the videos are intimate.

Bonus features:

I counted a further 10 sites on the bonus page, though one of these sites is a collection of the network’s hottest scenes, in their words, so not really an extra site. But, an exclusive network is what you get and you get good value from it.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive videos and pics;
  • Good quality content with lots of viewing options;
  • A fully interactive and technically advanced members’ area;
  • Access to the Team Skeet network of sites;
  • Good looking models.


  • Not a lot of content in this one site;
  • No upload dates and not sure about the schedule;
  • Videos are quite short.

If this site were a stand-alone one then you would be complaining about the small number of scenes and the fact that they don’t run for very long. But it is not on its own, it comes with access to nine other sites from the same company. They all open in the same window and run in the same way so although the sites are very technically complicated and have loads of options, you don’t actually get lost. You do though get very involved, if you want to and there are plenty of fun things to click and do and try out. But at the heart of Self Desire are only some small, short scenes with some very sexy ladies doing some very intimate stuff.

Featured comments:

Spot on, too small to be its own site it needs the network to make it worth joining. I would rather have longer scenes too, where the girls maybe said something to you. Some of them just started straight in an up close and with the model already inserting a toy. No build up, no characters.

I reckon these are bits from other films in the network and they just collect all the masturbation parts in one place and call it a new site. That’s why there are no update schedule and why some of the clips start half way through. It’s good quality, though some of the older clips are not as good as the modern ones and don’t have as many choices for viewing.

You can’t knock this network, it’s all exclusive and well made. With great looking models and lots of variety. There is hardcore if y want it, POV movies, blow jobs, solos and lesbian action as well. I really like all the extra functions and things you get, they really help your viewing and this is a network worth joining and staying with. IMHO.

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