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Saddle Gals

Saddle Gals

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 18.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 15.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $29.95

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Content updates: Not regular | Review last updated:

Site Details:

Saddle Gals

Saddle Gals is an interesting new theme of website. If you have come looking for some horse beastiality you may have had the wrong idea about the title. The site consists of hot girls taking a ride on a sybian and riding it until they cum. The babes get oiled up and then they giddy up till the job is done. I could watch the hot babes ride this sex machine all day long. If you are a fan of those sex machines then this site might be the right one for you.

Main idea:

Saddle Gals are all about amateur babes riding those intense sybians that come with a range of different attachments to get the job done. All the babes love to ride the sex machines and usually try it more than once because it was just so pleasing. It makes for a good watch when you see the girls start off at a slow speed and work there way up to the point of shaking and writhing from the pleasure. Take the tour and see if you are interested to see these girls having big orgasms on top of the sybian.

Member's area:

The site has a nice simple theme to it, with a white background and a banner with some gold stars, there isn't anything too flashy about it. The first thing you will probably notice is latest video with a sexy picture of a girl mounted on a sybian. Below that are the most recent updates with some more thumbnails of gals mounted on sybians. Over to the right side of the page are some advertisements and the link to the most popular video. The site seems pretty well organized and doesn't have too much cramped up on the main page.

If you click on the video link it will have a few pages of videos sorted by date but you can change the way they are arranged between the dates and models or you can change it to ascending or descending order. It makes searching through the content just that little bit easier. There are a few other interesting things to do on the website like the Live Cam section where you can watch a daily hardcore session with your membership. There is also a News section which will let you know what is happening with the website. The Support link will help you out with any problems you are having on the site.

The last main link is the Forum which is a great little bonus for people to see what others think and to generally chat about the site. It gives you something extra to do on the site when you have had your fun with the videos or the Live Cam. There isn't many other bonus features, no ratings or comments but at least people can make suggestions on the forum and maybe get some comments or ratings happening. Only time will tell. It looks like they are working on getting some more bonus features up but I wouldn't hold my breath. There isn't any set date for it so best just to set your sites on the videos.


There isn't a large amount of content available just yet. Hopefully they will start updating with more content. The quality of the videos they have is quite nice. They have a few different options to download in which are Flash stream in your browser at 900k (852x480). There is also QuickTime which looks nice at 1400k (852x480) and the lower resolution WMV which looks pretty decent when enlarged a bit at 1300 (640x360). You get a good selection of formats and they are pretty generous resolutions; you can even get the videos for your iPod if you want to have porn on the go. All the videos have no DRM so they can be downloaded and kept.

There is sadly no picture content on Saddle Gals but I don't think it's very necessary, who really needs still images of girls riding sex machines anyway. It wouldn't be as exciting as hardcore porn or anything so the videos will do me just fine but it would be a good idea to add some photos just incase. The only still images they have are the thumbnails so if you absolutely need photos then you might want to search elsewhere. The site looks like its getting a bit slow on updates. It is usually just over a week between updates but it can be more or less sometimes. Hopefully they will get a bit more organized and make them more frequent, they could use a fair bit more content.

The videos themselves are pretty amateur when it comes to the models and the filming but the resolutions are good and the girls look great mounted on the sybians. They work their way up to harder levels and start moaning harder and more frequently; it's really quite interesting to watch them get all hot bothered and finally getting the orgasm at the end. The content mostly revolves around the sybian but there are some other videos like masturbation and showers so they stray away from the main idea just a little bit but it still makes for an okay viewing.

Cons and pros:


  • Nice Sybian content;
  • Good resolution movies with no DRM;
  • Forum and Live Cam sections;
  • Easy navigation.


  • No picture galleries;
  • Layout is a bit dull;
  • Updates are sometimes slow;
  • Not much content readily available.

Saddle Gals has some good sybian videos that can get pretty intense as the girls ride those things hard and get the big orgasm at the end. The videos come in a nice selection of formats and generous resolutions but there isn't a whole lot of content on the website at this stage so they could use more frequent or larger updates. There aren't any picture galleries but with the nice quality of the content it is forgivable. The site navigation is pretty easy and there aren't any problems with finding videos. The site is pretty interesting and will keep most audiences fairly entertained.

Featured comments:

Saddle Gals had some really great videos which some pretty hot chicks, there wasn't enough content though, I would want to see more content or more updates before I would subscribe, otherwise it's a pretty good site.

The theme of the site was pretty plain but it made it easy to find everything so I didn't mind. The forum is a nice addition to the site so you can see what other people think about the website and you can make some suggestions as well. The video content was nice too, good site overall although needs more videos.

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