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Russian Mistress

Russian Mistress

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Russian Mistress

Being dominated by a Russian babe with a sexy accent is every femdom fans dream, and here you can live out your fantasy on Russian Mistress. This site stars some of the most dominating Russian models who really know how to give a man a hard time. The Russian Ladies get up to all sorts of kinky bondage and femdom acts in 200 smoking hot femdom episodes all of which are exclusive to the site. Members are also treated to over 250 photo galleries which are just as kinky as the video content on offer. A great site for all femdom fans who absolutely love Russian ladies.

Main Idea:

Having a Russian woman dominate you and bark orders at you in a sexy Russian accent would have to be one of the steamiest fantasies around and femdom fans can now rejoice in knowing that there is finally a femdom site which solely revolves around hot Russian babes. There’s just something about a Russian woman that makes them naturally dominating, whether it is their seductive stare or their cock-hardening voice. The Russian mistresses on this site dominate their submissive men in all sorts of ways, whether it be with ropes, gags, blindfolds, and all things kinky. There are even face sitting, foot fucking, and trampling episodes for those of you who love extreme femdom action.

Members Area:

The site presentation for Russian Mistress is very busy, which isn’t necessarily a good thing as simple looking sites do tend to look more professional. The top banner is littered with so many pictures of sexy Russian ladies dominating their men, and although the collage does give the site some character, it does look very busy as mentioned earlier and some members may find it a little distracting. The welcome message from the webmaster (although nice) is a little drawn out and does tend to detract from the overall aesthetics of the site, given that it is situated right under the top banner, if they had placed the welcoming message somewhere else it would have been less obscuring.

On a brighter note the site is very simple to navigate thanks to the easy to use navigation menu, and the fact that you can access all of the past updates straight from the main member’s area. After the lengthy welcoming message, members will come across information and thumbnailed screenshots of upcoming updates, this information will certainly keep member’s spirits up in knowing that there is something new to check out in the near future. Below that section is the most popular section, featuring the episodes and photo galleries which have been voted the highest by other members, this is helpful for new members who are having troubles picking where they want to start.

Towards the bottom of the page is where the 10 latest updates are situated, like the upcoming updates these are also presented in thumbnail form. Each thumbnail comes with information, including the Russian model’s name, the date the video or photo gallery was uploaded, and a detailed description on what happens in the video. If you wish to view the rest of the updates you will have to utilize the pictures and videos link found in the navigation menu. From this menu members can also access the models section and the bonus extra content.


Russian Mistress has been live for quite some time now, with the first few episodes having been launched back in 2007 May. Having been live for roughly 6 years now, one would expect the site to have quite a sizeable library of videos and photo galleries, and so far the site is doing fairly good for a site which has been running for 6 years. With exactly 200 videos currently available; Russian Mistress isn’t as large as those massive DVD megasites, but at least the niche is very unique and not to mention that all 200 of those videos are 100% exclusive to the site, meaning members of Russian Mistress will be the only people lucky enough to enjoy this content. So although they may not have the biggest collection of videos, the originality and exclusiveness of the content makes that number seem a lot more impressive.

It looks as though the video collection will continue to grow as Russian Mistress is still quite active on updates. According to the upload dates – the site is updated with a new video every 2 weeks, given that the site has been live for 6 years the site should have much more than 200 videos, but it seems as though the developers took a bit of a break on updates at some point. Also worth mentioning is that the site also gets updated with a new picture gallery on a weekly basis, so you can say that the site essentially gets updated every week.

Although not true HD with their videos available in resolutions of 720p, the videos are still a great watch, second only to true HD quality. That said if you are a quality nut and absolutely must have 1080 dpi then you may be a tad disappointed, but either way the videos do look great, and you will probably be more interested with the smoking hot Russian ladies dominating their men, rather than fussing about the quality of the videos. On a darker note – the older videos are lower in quality in comparison to the more recent updates. But overall the older videos aren’t that bad to watch, though it would have been nice if the developers re-encoded the older episodes to their current standard.


Pros & Cons:


  • Russian models are hot!;
  • Great femdom footage;
  • Unique concept;
  • Exclusive content;
  • Active on updates.


  • Site looks too busy.

Russian Mistress does well on just about all the factors which matter, with the only slight downfall being that the videos aren’t in true HD, but as mentioned earlier they are still a treat to watch being 720p, however quality buffs might feel a little disappointed in knowing they could be watching the sexy Russian girls in high quality. Content numbers are decent given that the site does only offer exclusive content, and overall the femdom episodes are very arousing and as kinky as can get thanks to the excellent femdom performances from the attractive Russian models. A unique femdom site which is sure to have many femdom fans pleased.


Russian woman are already so damn sexy and dominating with their sexy accent, and I am sure there is not a femdom fan in the world who hasn’t fantasized about being subdued by a smoking hot Russian Mistress. I myself fantasize about this all the time, so you can only imagine how excited I was when I finally came across a site dedicated to Russian femdom, truly a dream come true for me.

Although I do enjoy my videos in 1080p, I still thoroughly enjoyed the 720p videos available here on Russian Mistress. Either way I was way too aroused by the sexy Russian ladies and their thick accents as they dominate submissive men to even worry about the quality of the videos. Certainly a site that all femdom lovers will enjoy that’s for sure, so even though 720p may not sound too appealing to you, the site is still worth a look.

What Russian Mistress has going for it is that it provides very unique femdom content which stars only Russian ladies, and we all know how sexy Russian babes can be with their raspy seductive accents, it is like being dominated and fucked by a horny Russian spy. It does tend to subtract from the diversity in women, but who needs other femdom ladies other than Russian girls because they are the most seductive dominatrix women around.

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