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Real College BFs

Real College BFs

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 5.0 of 10
Originality: 16.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 Day: $1.20
  • 1 Month: $29.95

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Site Details:

Real College BFs

Sign up here and you are buying a Boyfriend Pass. This doesn’t mean that you will get access to your own boyfriend, hopefully you’ve got that already, but it does mean you will get access to a lot of other people’s boyfriends. Real College BFs is one site in a network that offers you genuine amateur videos and photos as submitted by, in this case, college guys. The emphasis of the network is on those short home clips that guys take of each other and that somehow find their way to online collections. And the tour also tells us that here are daily updates to the sites so you can expect plenty of new content on a frequent basis.

Main idea:

Within this network sits an area that is all about guys at college. So you’re told that you will find clips and pics of sexy student guys doing all kinds of horny things. That’s going to include solos and jerk offs, simple shots of cute guys posing before their own phone cams, and couples together, with the suggestion of frat parties and hazings too. You’re able to download the clips and view the images, and there is easy access across to all the other content in the various collections of real boyfriend material. The content comes, as the tour says, from ‘hacked’ online social networking accounts, and we are also told it is 100% amateur college boys who make up our main stock.

Member's area:

Now then, let me take you through the members’ area as I found it; it’s not your standard looking members’ area but actually doesn’t take long to get used to. Signed up, logged in, and I came to the main page of Boyfriend Pass. I expected to see a menu for videos and galleries in the standard format, but instead I had a menu of extras – Adult DVDs which took me to a very long page of clips and scenes from studio produced movies; a neat bonus. There was a link to live chat and cams which was a page of adverts for up-sell cam sites, and there was a link to bonus sites where I did find further links to six other real BF sites.

Those bonus sites were also there on my home page, in a frame and beneath these was the actual content that I’d been looking for. A set of 18 sample pics showing a moment from the video and its run time. A tab/link for pics led straight to a page of galleries again with sample pics and this time the number of images per gallery. These galleries are neat as they contain all kinds of pics, and various amounts of them, and they are varied collections – so not one small gallery per submission, but large collections of all kinds of hot boys doing all kinds of hot things. They are easy to navigate as images open up with good navigation buttons and the option to go big in a new window. Linked keywords take you to specific collections, say Asian boys, but I did find it a pain to back button back to the main galleries page.

Meanwhile, the videos are single items; you click a sample pic and you come to a viewing page where you can easily stream or download in a variety of players and qualities. (Providing the server isn’t playing up, as it was when I was there, leading to no downloads and stuck streams.) These movies are also presented with screen caps galleries.

So, not your standard kind of members’ area but easy enough to use once you get the hang of it.


Talking numbers I found 342 entries under the ‘videos list, many with screen cap galleries but not all 100% amateur submitted material. I know this because some were clearly studio production scenes. Others though were obviously home made and these were the most rewarding to see. You can easily stream in Flash with a neat player and a choice of resolutions from 320k up to 3,000, and there are five kinds of file types to chose for your downloads.

Next I noticed that not all the videos under ‘videos’ were videos. That count of 342 seems to include the photos. I found a very hot looking guy and clicked him hoping to see him in action and found I was looking at a photo set. Then I noticed that the samples in the index pages do actually say whether what you’re looking at are photo or videos. So, you don’t really need the ‘photos’ button unless you’re only looking for pics.

That little thing cleared up I then noticed that the content was also a mix of big dick and Asian content, and that some of what was here under college guys was also in the bonus sites. So are well getting the whole networked content cont in one place? Possibly, but you’re getting a lot of horny college guy videos and pics in one pace so who cares?

The quality was way you’d expect at times – I mean self-shot on your phone style quality, while at other times it was good and clear, almost HD and probably from a studio. At the end of the day, or at the end of my viewing time, I concluded that this content was actually a real mix of guys, with a good set of viewing options, horny content, and great looking boys all mixed in together.

Bonus features:

Clicking to the six bonus sites area I then moved on to Frat Boy Friends, one of the sites in the list. There was a lot of what looked like studio content here but some reality movies too. And there were five other types of content (rather than sites) in the bonus list. So plenty more content along the same lines as Real College BFs is offering.

Cons and pros:


  • The content is varied in theme;
  • There are some genuine college, home made video clips here;
  • There are good galleries;
  • Updates appear to be frequent.


  • The connection to the site often cut out during downloads and pages needed to be refreshed to display;
  • Not all content is amateur, self submit, homemade style;
  • Navigation can be a bit confusing at first;
  • Quality is not always great.

It took me a while to get used to how the site worked, when you click to go to an area it’s not always obvious that you are there as the content appears at the bottom of the pages and all you are seeing is the banner. I also found downloading was tricky, files were not found, or simply didn’t arrive, and some pages didn’t display. So there may be technical issues with the site. But when I did get something to work I found horny and real videos of some cute and sexy college guys in all kinds of places and situations.

Featured comments:

I’m not convinced about this site – it looks like there’s a lot here but a lot of it is shared with the bonus sites, and hey are actually only areas within the one site. It is confusing and I got really frustrated when I could not download things I was supposed to be able to. It keeps saying ‘connection to the server failed’, when my connection was fine.

Messy and poorly designed I’d say. And there are several technical issues with that connection problem. Why don’t they simply have a list of movies, photos, bonus sites and then the up-sell chat and cam sites? They could make it a lot easier to use by clearing up the design issues. I'm not complaining about the content though – there are some very hot little clips and pics in here.

There’s no way of getting involved either, and the design is very out of date. More info about the guys you see, where the clips come from, and all that would go down well. And less of the obviously professional made clips and more of the genuine college guys in their dorm room filmed on their own cameras please.

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