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Puuko This site has a Special Croco Guide Discount

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $19.95
  • 3 months: $59.95
  • 12 months: $89.95

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Network Details:

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Hentai is pornography drawn in the Japanese anime style. It can be awfully exciting and there are so many reasons why. For those that likes things on the extreme side hentai can go over the top because there are no restrictions on what can be drawn. The cartoon babes can do things that would otherwise be impossible. They can also be drawn perfectly so every babe you come across has a tiny waist, a nice butt, great tits and a pretty face. Hentai also delves into dark, naughty areas like tentacle sex, heavy bondage and lots of naughty costumes. This type of porn is wonderfully naughty and Puuko wants to be your new and only destination online. As of this writing the site has just gone live and it looks like they have lots of good stuff for us.

Main idea:

I’m not sure what the word Puuko means but I know they have a fantastic tour to entertain you and that they claim to be the ultimate hentai site. That might not be true but it looks fantastic and they have lots of images to entertain. Right now they have a selection of hentai games that are available for free download. Those might go away at some point but there are quite a few of them to get naughty with. I recommend a visit to the tour for a sample of what these folks are offering and what they’re hoping to accomplish with their site.

Member's area:

The member’s area looks a whole lot like the tour. The main page features the most recent updates for all the major porn categories on the site. The hentai DVDs are prominently featured alongside the picture galleries. The design is really pretty and it’s easy to find whatever you’re looking for thanks to a navigational bar along the top of the page. It appears as though they’re not updating. The dates on the content are all the same, like they launched the site and haven’t come back to it since.

The videos at Puuko can be downloaded at 2000kbps, 1000kbps and 500kbps. That’s basically really good, good and not so good in case the numbers are unfamiliar. They can be streamed too and it’s really easy to get going on a good hentai fuck scene. The picture galleries tend to have an enormous number of shots. 150-350 in some cases. That’s a whole lot of content and the shots are generally around 800px, which is small but standard for a hentai site. They don’t seem to make toon images in an insanely high resolution.

The doujin page features what look like hentai comics. They tend to have dialogue and panels and all that stuff and many of them are done in black and white. The dialogue is written in Japanese though so you might struggle to get anything out of it. Thankfully those pictures display in a much higher resolution so you can see all the panels. They also have manga, which seems a lot like the doujin. Those pictures are also high resolution so they can be properly appreciated. Finally there are the video games. Those you have to download and burn to a CD with a program like Nero to launch. You can also use a program like Daemon Tools to mount the files.


Puuko offers a complete hentai experience and it comes close to being the ultimate hentai site, as they claim. There are so many sites in this genre that simply throw a bunch of pictures together in a member’s area and call it awesome. They rarely make an effort to create a truly high quality experience for people that appreciate this form of pornographic art. It’s obvious that the people from Puuko are passionate about hentai, manga and everything else involved in this type of entertainment and they have crafted a site that shows it.

They have 72 DVDs and they can be downloaded in full length for your pleasure. You can watch the beautifully animated hentai girls suck dick, get fucked and get super naughty when the time calls for it. They don’t do much of the incredibly dark stuff that hentai sometimes encapsulates so you’ll have to travel elsewhere for that. They have 23 picture galleries and in each of them you’ll find massive loads of entertainment. The pictures are high quality and the art is very well done. It’s all good sucking and fucking and I really liked seeing the busty chicks get boned and suck on dick and take huge loads of cum on their pretty faces. What man wouldn’t want to see that sort of action?

The doujin and manga might be different things but I’m not educated enough to know what the difference is so we’re going to talk about them together. As far as I can tell they’re hentai comics where pretty girls get fucked, suck cock, take loads and do a lot of conversing. The problem is that everything is in Japanese so I can’t understand what’s being said. Despite that I still found them arousing because the art is fantastic and it’s really high resolution. There’s nothing quite as hot as a high resolution cumshot being sprayed on the face of a pretty hentai girl. They have 22 hentai games you can download and they’re pretty big so they offer naughty experiences for you. I would recommend those over everything for erotic fun. It’s an interactive jerk session.

Cons and pros:


  • Lots of cool hentai videogames;
  • DVDs to download;
  • Great comics.


  • Content is non-exclusive;
  • Doesn’t seem to be updating.

Puuko has one of the strangest names I’ve seen for a site (I can’t find its significance anywhere) but they deliver a strong collection of hentai porn content and I’d recommend it for a fan of the genre. They have DVDs, picture galleries, comics and video games to entertain you and they all offer you naked hentai babes being violated in beautiful ways. There are blowjobs, lesbian sex scenes, facials, hardcore fucking and sexy solo chicks. Many fetishes and desires are explored and you’ll bust a nut all over the place. I’m a little worried that they don’t update but it’s a big site so it’s worth the initial investment.

Featured comments:

Although the content is non-exclusive I’ve never seen any of it. I just wish they had some translations for the comics or that I could read Japanese. It seems like I’m missing out on a good time by not being able to. The main page is a little sloppy too. I know the reviewer liked it but there was too much there for me.

I’m totally psyched about the games here. I was able to download them for free for some reason and they’re awesome. Some of them get a little dirty and I could see people getting a little uncomfortable with that but I had a lot of fun. There are wicked hot chicks doing very dirty things and you get to control them. Try them all!

It’s a little strange that they haven’t updated the site in two months. It’s not really a good business practice to leave your content just hanging like that. Anyone that joined in the first month is going to quit and never come back. In fact, you’d be kind of stupid to stick around for more than a month.

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