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Pure Smoking

Pure Smoking

Content quality: 19.0 of 25
Content quantity: 19.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 2 days: $1.00
  • 1 month: $39.95
  • 3 months: $69.95

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Site Details:

Pure Smoking

Network Details:

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One of the best ways to get a good value in porn is to join a network of sites. There are lots of companies nowadays that run a group of sites and will give you access to all of them for the price of one. It's a brilliant business strategy on their part because it encourages you to stick around for a long time because you're getting such great value. I mention this because Pure Smoking is part of a network of fetish sites and that's one of the things that led me to the review. I was looking at the network and everything in it and I figured I should get access and write reviews for all the sites that interested me. It's kind of cool that you can join up and dabble in these smoking videos and then head over to a bondage site for some spanking or something even naughtier. Options are always good and they've got oodles of them here.

Main idea:

Smoking is sexy and women that smoke are sexy. That's the premise of Pure Smoking and they've decided to prove it by putting up lusty videos and image sets that show hot girls smoking solo, sucking dick with their mouths full of smoke, having lesbian smoking sex and much more. Things look awfully tasty on the tour and the invite you to watch free trailers so you can indulge in your smoking fantasies for free and then get all worked up. You might even get excited enough to join. Read the review to find out if that's worth the money.

Member's area:

It would be fair to call the member's area ugly. That doesn't mean it's difficult to use or that you won't want to join because of it but they definitely didn't put in a whole lot of work. They slapped up a few tables and put up an image from each scene and that was pretty much it. The 25 most recent additions are sitting on the main page ready to be accessed and they have a small preview picture from the next update that is designed to entice and arouse so you'll stick around for just one more week.

There's a title with each scene but you're choosing based on the girl doing the smoking and the frustration is that they rarely give you any information as to what actually happens in the scene. They have a variety of content types at Pure Smoking but if you were just looking at the content selection pages you would think it's all scenes of solo girls smoking for the camera and looking slutty. Still, it's easy enough just to visit the scenes that turn you on the most. There are lots of hot girls smoking so you can't go wrong with whatever you pick.

When you actually click on a picture you'll see seven screenshots from the movie along with a link to download the clip in high or low resolution. The movies look good at 512x336 and they come in WMV format only. They probably should have made them a little higher resolution but there aren't a ton of sites that do high resolution smoking content so they're not exactly facing stiff competition. For every scene the pictures are just screen captures so don't get excited by those. They're decidedly boring and blurry and low resolution.


Pure Smoking is updated every week and as of this writing they have 76 glorious smoking scenes for you to download. They have a pretty impressive variety of content considering that it all has to have the chicks smoking before they can do anything else. Solo smoking scenes make up the highest percentage of the smoking porn. The girl and her cigarette are all alone and she's making sweet love to it while often talking to you. These ladies tend to have foul mouths and dirty minds and it fits right in with the notion that they're sexy sluts that smoke because they're dirty.

The solo smoking scenes almost always involve some sort of sexual pleasure so you get more than just the girl taking drags on her nicotine stick. In one a hottie in a corset is using a vibrator on her clit while she smokes and moans. She blows smoke rings and she gets closer and closer to orgasm. In another that same hottie is looking in the mirror while she smokes and at one point she actually kisses herself. I was surprised at how arousing that was. The smoking chicks will at least show off their tits so you have something to stroke to. They're all masterful at smoking in an erotic away. It takes a certain amount of skill to pull that off convincingly and these ladies come through.

The smoking blowjob scenes have to be the best. They're certainly my favorite. The girl is on her knees between the guy's legs and she's got a cigarette in one hand and his cock in the other. She takes a drag and then lowers her mouth onto his cock. She sucks him and runs her tongue over his cock head and then she pulls off and blows the smoke into his face. That's fucking fantastic! There are a few smoking lesbian scenes too but they largely involve the girls blowing smoke on each other. As I mentioned much earlier in the review the best part about joining Pure Smoking is that you get access to a network of acclaimed fetish content. Bondage, femdom, spanking, smothering and much more is covered in the 25 separate sections. It's a tremendous network and it will turn you into a quivering mess if you're a fetish fan.

Cons and pros:


  • 76 scenes of hot smoking bliss;
  • Very hot girls that know how to smoke in a very sexy manner;
  • Smoking blowjobs are fantastic;
  • Access to an astounding network of fetish content.


  • Videos aren't as high quality as they should be;
  • The blowjob scenes make up a fairly small portion of the content;
  • No picture galleries;
  • Price is awfully high at $39.95/month.

Pure Smoking is a terrific smoking fetish site that I would recommend to just about anyone interested in the niche. The membership is $30/month and that covers 25 other fetish sites as well so it's a great deal. Those that love smoking will be aroused by the beautiful girls taking longs drags on their cigarettes and blowing smoke rings or slowly letting the grey gas float out of their nose. They love to suck cock while smoking and they'll give handjobs too. One girl smokes an entire cigarette with a load of cum dripping from her face. How fucking awesome is that? The video quality should be better and that stands as the site's greatest drawback. Other than that I think it's a fantastic site and a fantastic network.

Featured comments:

Not only are the videos kind of low resolution but they all look really old. The one that's listed as the latest update looks like it was filmed in the 1980s. The girl has really big and curly hair like women from that era had for reasons unexplained. The scene after that one features a chick in shoulder pads. It makes me think they're pulling the videos from DVDs and uploading them but I suppose that doesn't really matter. They look hot so who cares?

They should have included more smoking blowjob scenes and I would have loved to see a few where a smoking chick got fucked. What do they have against smoking hardcore? I love to see the sexy chicks smoking cigarettes but I want something more as well.

You need to know more about the bonus sites. This isn't just some typical reality porn network. This is a collection of fantastic fetish sites that you'll want to be a member of for a long time. They have bondage and spanking and smothering and femdom and strapon sex and much more. They have some really extreme stuff too so even the naughtiest among you will find something to enjoy.

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