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Public Pickups

Public Pickups

Content quality: 25.0 of 25
Content quantity: 9.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Public Pickups

Public Pickups provides reality porn at its finest. This site has beautiful models getting picked up off the streets by horny strangers flashing a bit of cash. A brand new site having been launched for less than a month, there’s not a whole lot of content to be seen, with a humble collection of 13 episodes; there’s certainly room for growth here. What they have provided however is top-shelf, the ladies are gorgeous and the videos are available in gorgeous HD quality. Good news is that the site is still quite active on updates, so we’ll certainly see that number grow to a more considerable amount.

Main idea:

Being a reality based porn site; members can expect to view some steamy and sometimes hilarious stories which lead up to the steamy sex. Most of the episodes start off on the streets as the protagonists go on the hunt for some fresh talent. Eventually they come along one of the various models, and before you know it; they’re taking each other’s pants off. As mentioned earlier; you may get quite a few laughs out of the intros, though the sex segments are as steamy as they come, so there’s certainly no issue as far as the hardcore factor goes.

Member's area:

Once logged in members will be taken straight to the main member’s area of the site from where they can access the various types of media on offer. Right below the top banner is a section dedicated to the latest update, this includes a thumbnail links which will take a member straight to the video download section. Along with the latest update is information in regards to the upcoming update, the developers have even included the date of when the upload is to commence. This section will keep member’s morale up in knowing that there’s something new to be seen just around the corner.

The bottom half of the homepage includes links to the other past updates, along with the most popular episodes link; this will certainly come in handy for new members who aren’t sure where to start, as these episodes have been nominated by other members, so you can be sure that they’re the hottest content available. The top navigation menu is quite simple, consisting of only 5 links including the home page link, the videos link, the models area link, and links to the bonus content and special deals on other great sites.

Presentation wise the site does look quite nice, the site designers have opted for lighter colors, though they haven’t gone overboard as the site is still quite easy on the eyes despite the bright colors used. All the items on amongst all the pages are nicely spread out; eliminating the cluttered feel you get on some sites. Overall the site presentation is great, combined with the easy navigation; Public Pickups is a pleasure to browse.


By the looks of things; Public Pickup has been live for just over 2 months. The first ever episode was uploaded on the 17th of April, so it was to be expected that this site may have a fairly small library given the short amount of time it’s been live. As predicted the video collection is rather small, with a meagre 17 episodes to be seen. Needless to say; an avid porn fan will go through that amount in no time, so this certainly is quite a concerning issue. On the other hand, the site is still being filled with new content on what seems to be a weekly-basis, so although the current collection isn’t very impressive; the site is slowly growing, and to be fair, the episodes are exclusive to the site.

It seems as though the developers knew they would have to make up for the small content numbers as the quality of the videos on offer is outstanding. All videos have been encoded in HD quality; in gorgeous resolutions of up to 1920x1080. Any quality buff will know from those numbers that these videos are of the highest quality, if you don’t understand those numbers, just know that these videos are HD quality at its finest. Members can choose to stream the videos online in flash format, or download them in either wmv or mp4 format. There’s no download limit so members can download as much as they want without having to worry about being capped, and with no DRM restrictions; members can keep the videos for as long as they see fit.

In addition to all the great featured content, members also have access to a DVD library as bonus content. This is certainly a much-needed feature given the small amount of featured videos there are available. The DVD library covers a wide array of different types of categories, breathing some variety in to member’s porn experience. These bonus DVDs will certainly come in handy when members need a buffer in between updates.

Cons and pros:


  • Gorgeous video quality;
  • Site is easy to navigate;
  • Exclusive content;
  • Constant updates;
  • Awesome bonus content.


  • Small video library.

Public Pickups is almost perfect, there’s just one major issue that’s preventing the site from reaching the must-see status and that’s the fact that there are only a handful of videos currently available. The site does have huge potential, but unfortunately it isn’t reaching that potential in its current state. Thankfully the site is being updated weekly, so even though the site may not be overly impressive right now, in a few months’ time it will certainly be a site to check out. Public Pickups is one of those site you’ll want to keep your eye on.

Featured comments:

The back stories that lead up to the steamy sex really had me entertained, seriously though; the developers of Public Pickups really know how to produce entertaining yet very arousing reality videos. I had no problems with the content on offer, they’re arousing, the models are beautiful, and the quality is just outstanding. My only concern is that there isn’t enough of it to keep me going, I wish the updates came in quicker, at least the bonus DVDs keep me entertained in between updates.

It’s a shame to see such an awesome site with deliciously hot episodes with such a small amount of content. Though we have to be fair seeing as the site has been live for only a month, a little patience and we’ll see this site eventually turn in to a behemoth. Aside from the small amount of featured content, the site does well on all other aspects including video quality, and most importantly; the nut-busting factor.

My main and only concern with this site is definitely the limited amount of videos available. I found myself running out of content sooner than I had hoped for, and if it wasn’t for the bonus DVDs I would have been left with nothing new to keep my hands busy. It certainly is good news that the site is updated weekly, though given the small amount of videos, I feel the developers could ramp up the updates. It’s a good thing that the reality episodes are so damn arousing to watch.

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