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Public Disgrace

Public Disgrace

Content quality: 24.0 of 25
Content quantity: 16.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Public Disgrace

It seems odd that humiliation could be so arousing to so many people but you don't have to feel bad if you get off on it. It's not weird (weird is relative anyway) and it's something that you should pursue if you feel a passion for it. If it turns you on to see a slut humiliated then you should pursue that with everything you have. There's joy around every corner in the world of pornography and that joy can be experienced in so many ways. At Public Disgrace they make it their business to humiliate girls in public or at least in public settings with lots of amateur guys watching. There are very few sites that do genuine humiliation content so this one is really intriguing. It's produced by a collective of folks that do some of the finest bondage porn the world has ever seen and they have a great deal of experience with this kind of thing so I have a good feeling about what they're doing with the site.

Main idea:

Public Disgrace is designed to humiliate women. They are tied up and paraded around outdoors where everyone can see them gagged and feeling slutty. They are brought indoors where a group of regular guys watches them get used like the fuck sluts that they are. The content is arousing and intense and if you're in the mood for public humiliation then you should at least swing by the site and have a look at the free trailers they're doling out. Also notice that these movies run over an hour in almost every case. They are dedicated to quality!

Member's area:

The paid area of Public Disgrace looks a whole lot like the tour. In fact, it's almost exactly the same with the only major difference being that you can now download the movies and browse the picture galleries. For every scene they have a big block of preview pictures on the main page and they list seven scenes per page. Pick the public humiliation scene that turns you on the most and then you're free to download all the lusty content.

After you've read the descriptions and viewed the small preview pictures you'll know what you want to see. Then you pick the picture galleries, the downloadable videos or the streaming movies. The pictures are great looking at 1200px but I can't tell if they're screen captures or digital stills. I suppose the fact that I can't tell should be information enough. Obviously they look good. The movies are uploaded in real high definition, including an incredibly gorgeous MP4 file that must be 4000kbps or higher. It's crystal clear and so big. Some sites claim to have HD porn and don't offer it but these folks deliver.

One of my favorite things about the site is that they divide the content into segments. There's the segment where the girl gets put in bondage and then the segment where she gets fucked and the segment where she's paraded around in public. Because they do it like this you're free to download whatever you want instead of having to grab the entire flick. They also offer the full movie in case you want the whole thing. I like having the choice though. The streaming version is in a nice high resolution Flash player and it looks good, of course.


There are two types of scenes at Public Disgrace. The first is genuinely filmed in public, meaning they go outside and parade a girl around town. I'm almost certain those are filmed in Europe because they have much more relaxed rules on public nudity there. For the real public humiliation these are the scenes you should be downloading. I was surprised at how real they were with it. These girls must be total sluts or really desperate for money because they were totally willing to be stripped naked and put in bondage in a very public place. One chick was on a bridge and her tits were tied while she got fucked by a thick cock. Anyone could have walked by!

The outdoor humiliation scenes often feature an element of bondage and punishment. One chick had a ball gag in her mouth and she was made to bend over a post and take a pretty rough ass beating. It's astoundingly arousing and if you're into public humiliation then I guarantee you're going to have a boner like you've never had before. The pleasure is just too immense. The other type of scene is basically girls humiliated in front of large groups of guys. They drag in a bunch of guys off the street and have them watch as a babe is paraded around naked, put in bondage, forced to suck cock, forced to get fucked and more.

In one those scenes we see the beautiful India Summer taken to a restaurant and fucked right in the kitchen. The guys smears cake all over her body and into her mouth while he's fucking her and it's wicked hot. Earlier in that scene she's in the dungeon where she is tied up, gagged and slapped around a little to make sure she knows that they think of her as a stupid slut. Every scene at Public Disgrace features a hardcore element, whether it's the girl being forced to give a blowjob or getting bent over and fucked or sometimes both. There are double penetrations and group scenes on occasion as well. They currently have 34 scenes for download but they update every week so the site is growing rapidly. It's already fantastic and it's only going to get better.

Cons and pros:


  • Genuine public humiliation content;
  • Real high definition movies at a super high bit rate;
  • Hot chicks submitting to humiliation;
  • Weekly updates.


  • Still a little small for $30/month;
  • The scenes not filmed outside might not qualify as public humiliation for some of you.

Public Disgrace is the best public humiliation site I've ever visited. This is an exceedingly rare genre so you aren't going to find much competition but that didn't stop them from producing a top notch site filled with high definition videos. The girls are universally sexy and they are subjected to intense experiences of humiliation, bondage, pain and hardcore sex. They're tied up, fucked, slapped around, punished and displayed in public to anyone that wants a look. About half the scenes are shot outdoors for genuine public humiliation and the other half are shot indoors where groups of guys watch the girls get treated like garbage and like human sex bots. It's awesome, obviously.

Featured comments:

It's not much of a complaint but I could see where you might not want to join because there isn't really enough content yet. It's early March 2009 and the site hasn't been around for all that long but paying $30 for 34 scenes is a little steep, at least compared to what some other sites offer you.

I've looked long and hard and it's really difficult to find content like this. They do genuine public humiliation, they do it in high definition (the movies are fucking beautiful) and they update every week with no signs of slowing down. It's a remarkable selection of porn and even if they don't have enough to satisfy everyone I love my membership and will for a long time.

I like Public Disgrace but I think it's a stretch to call some of the scenes public humiliation. The girls are treated like little fuck sluts so they're definitely humiliated but a lot of them are fucked in what seems like a studio while a bunch of guys watch. It's really not the same thing as the chicks that are fucked outdoors or even the babe that gets fucked on a bus while all the passengers watch.

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