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Private Home Clips

Private Home Clips

Content quality: 12.0 of 25
Content quantity: 24.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Private Home Clips

Let's talk for a bit about amateur porn. What is it that makes amateur sex so appealing? The video quality is almost always worse and for the most part the people aren't as good looking. Why then is there so much appeal in amateur sex scenes? For me a big part of it is the fantasy aspect. I like to watch the scenes and imagine that my significant other would be willing to fuck like that. Just imagine if I could get my girl to give head on camera and let me blow my load on her face! There's also the aspect of genuine passion existing between the performers. You don't really get that in a professional porn video and it's a whole different experience. You're watching a couple meld together and it's pretty tasty stuff. That's my way of introducing Private Home Clips, an amateur porn site loaded with hot homemade porn movies.

Main idea:

Private Home Clips is built on submissions from members. If you add a video you get points toward downloading movies. This is an exceptionally large collection of scenes because the site has been well marketed and people really like it. The more popular it gets the more submissions they get and the more porn flows in. It's a nice system and it's all yours to enjoy. You can visit the tour to check out free trailers from the movies along with screen captures. It's organized a lot like YouTube so you'll be familiar with it.

Member's area:

Inside it's essentially the same as the tour so if you visit the site you're getting a good idea of what the paid area looks like. The very first thing you'll see is preview pictures from the movies they intend on adding very soon. There are 18 videos scheduled to be added tomorrow so you can imagine that this is a big damn site. Last month (April 2009) they added 482 movies and 10,000 pictures. The site's been online since 2006 and they've been adding at this pace since early 2008, which means a huge archive of goodies.

The search function should be better. Right now it's just a box where you type in a keyword. That's pretty standard but if the keyword is not found in the scene's description or title you're not going to get the results you need. It would be better if they categorized each scene and then gave you a list of categories to choose from. This is a mild frustration but it should be pointed out that the organization is better than many other amateur sex sites. Some don't even give you picture previews of the videos and they have one for every scene here at Private Home Clips.

The video quality is the part of the site that disappoints me the most. The clips are made to be watched in the embedded Flash player and that makes some sense. Most are pretty short so it doesn't really behoove you to download them. The scenes play at 320x240 even if you download them. It's bad and there are several sites where you can find higher resolution videos. However, those sites don't offer the same volume of content and the same organization so it's a trade off. Plus, I've been watching lots of movies in the embedded Flash player and it's been working fine for me.


Private Home Clips features a little bit of everything and that's what makes it so awesome. They have more than 10,000 videos and 78,000 pictures to create and with more than 47,000 members the site is going to keep growing. In fact, it will probably start growing even faster as more people submit their porn in an attempt to get free downloads. Browsing the content can be difficult, as I mentioned, but the truth is these people aren't doing fetishistic or niche specific stuff. You'll see girls stripping, masturbating, sucking cock, having sex and taking cumshots in various holes and on their faces. They also have the occasional video of a guy masturbating.

The solo videos are often taken from webcams; I get the feeling people tape webcam shows they've paid for and then upload them here or the girls upload them. Sometimes there's nothing hotter than a great looking girl stripping on camera so those scenes are hot. I really like the blowjob scenes since most of the time the guy is holding the camera and filming his lady putting on her oral show. It's a huge collection of POV videos where you can put yourself in place of the guy getting sucked if you want to have some fun. You have to appreciate how many women are willing to be filmed sucking and fucking since the guys are almost never shown.

There's a ton of sex during these videos too and sometimes they were clearly filmed by a third person so you get a whole bunch of awesome angles to enjoy the amateur sex from. I'm pretty sure that some of the scenes are professionally done and just made their way onto the site by accident but I don't really care because everything is hot. There are few websites that can offer you this much content - 10,000+ movies! - for such a reasonable price. It's just a really well conceived amateur sex site and if you're searching for this sort of thing I can't think of any site better suited to your needs.

Cons and pros:


  • More than 10,000 videos and 75,000 pictures;
  • All content is downloadable and the streaming clips load very quickly;
  • 10-20 new clips are added every day;
  • Loads of super hot chicks.


  • Videos are low resolution;
  • Search function is lacking.

Private Home Clips is an amazing site that will make your amateur sex dreams come true. This is truly one of the finest compilations of porn I've seen anywhere with more than 10,000 individual scenes (not a smaller number of scenes broken into multiple parts) ready to be downloaded or instantly streamed. They have loads of pictures to go along with them in case you like your images still. The search function sort of sucks and the videos aren't as high resolution as I'd like but most amateur sites share that in common. People simply don't upload super high quality movies. If you're looking for an amateur porn site I can't think of a better one to join. This one has it all.

Featured comments:

I have a hard time with the crappy videos at Private Home Clips. I can't believe that they can't do any better than this. Wouldn't it be possible for them to have people upload higher quality clips? I know they require that you keep them under 200mb but I didn't find anything higher than 50mb when I was searching.

This is definitely the best amateur porn site on the net. It's fucking amazing and it only gets better as the days go by and they add more content. It's just hotter and hotter and I don't see how anyone could be unhappy with what they're doing. I suppose you might want some super high quality content but I think this is just amazing.

I was really bummed out by the search function. I understand they have a shitload of videos and that categorizing them all would be a big pain in the ass but they should have done it anyway. They're making money hand over first with this site and they should hire people to watch the videos and assign them categories. That would make searching the content so much easier.

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