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Pornstars On Webcam

Pornstars On Webcam

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 2.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 day: $0.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $59.95

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Site Details:

Pornstars On Webcam

We like pornstars because they represent sexual fantasy. They’re willing to fuck anytime a guy wants it and they’re willing to do just about anything a guy could dream of on camera. Whether you want a blowjob or anal sex or you just want to cum inside a wet pussy you would be able to get a pornstar to do that for you. That’s how the fantasy works at least. We like looking at these purely sexual creatures getting it on so we can live our fantasies, masturbate and cum hard. Pornstars on Webcam introduces you to downloadable videos that the porn sluts have recorded at home. It’s a unique idea that’s never been done before as far as I know but it would be more interesting if there we live pornstar webcam shows you could watch.

Main idea:

Pornstars on Webcam is a video download site where young girls with experience in porn are filmed doing hot solo cam shows. They play with their pussies and they use toys. They moan, they talk dirty and they make it all seem like a first person show. It’s like you’re sitting across from the pornstar as she waves her pussy in your face. They also talk a pretty big game about the bonus sites, promising more than 27,000 scenes for download (which is a complete lie unless they’re counting the streaming DVDs). The tour is a nice place to get excited if you want a little bit of arousal in your life.

Member's area:

The full collection of Pornstars on Webcam can be found on the member’s main page because they didn’t bother making many scenes for you. There are 11 of them and they list a preview picture from each along with the date the scene was added and the pornstar’s name. Those scenes were added more than a month ago now so it’s unclear if they’ll ever update. I would guess that they won’t but this network of sites has very slow updates so you might still get some content out of them.

The videos play at 640x480 and 3100kbps, which means they look better than DVD quality. That doesn’t quite fit with the webcam aesthetic but I’m happy for it because it makes the videos look great and that’s really all that matters. You can stream the pornstar striptease movies in a Flash player and they’ve split each scene into 12 equally sized parts in case you want to download or streaming something specific. The videos are not crystal clear so in that way they’re more like a webcam show. Most scenes are 15-25 minutes long and downloading is a breeze.

There were times when the site was slow to load. It’s as if there was a problem with the database that would make everything hang. Some of the content sets have picture galleries at 1000px. They’re nice but they really don’t fit in with the whole webcam thing they’re supposed to be doing. Nevertheless it’s an opportunity to see sexy young pornstars fucking their wet pussies with toys so let’s just be happy about it instead of complaining. They have advertisements on almost every page of the site and I could certainly do without those.


Pornstars on Webcam is a fun idea for a site but it’s not executed in the ideal manner. You don’t get any webcam shows. You get a downloadable videos that’s much higher quality than any webcam show has ever been. The real fun of a webcam show is being able to direct the girl as she plays with her pussy and strips and all that. Being able to chat with her and in some cases talk to her is another part of the excitement so it’s kind of silly that they called the site Pornstars on Webcam. It’s really just solo pornstar videos.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s a small site though and the content isn’t particularly unique. I didn’t recognize some of the names here and that’s saying something since I spend my working life immersed in porn. Girls like Chelsie Rae, Nina Devon, Chantell Merino and Ashley Mare are no doubt girls that have done porn scenes but I don’t know if I’d call them stars in the traditional sense. Amber Rayne and Dakota Brooks are well known chicks though. All the babes are doing solo striptease and masturbation shows and they look good while playing with their pussies on camera but they never elevate the content beyond that.

A scene typically starts with the girl in front of her camera showing off her body. It looks like some of them are typing but since you can’t see what’s being typed it’s utterly meaningless and actually a little stupid. Then the babe will start her striptease and you get to see titties and pussy. There’s fingering and clit rubbing and then the girls bring out a dildo and start in with the pleasuring of the pussy in that manner. It always looks good so it’s a fun site. If they don’t update more it won’t be a very valuable site though. The bonus sites are meant to soften the impact of not much content. There are 73 of them and they cover a wide range of topics for your pleasure. Most of the sites are small but there are lots of them so it’s a good value.

Cons and pros:


  • Cute young pornstars;
  • Lots of bonus sites.


  • Not much content and no updates at the moment;
  • No interaction with the models;
  • No actual webcam shows.

Pornstars on Webcam sounds like it’s going to be different than it actually is. When you first hear the name you probably imagine that you’re going to see actual pornstars getting in front of a webcam modeling their hot bodies. That’s not actually how it goes though. Instead you get to see girls doing videos that look like webcam shows. You download them after they’ve been recorded so they’re not nearly as interesting. There are 11 of them and the pornstars are hot and they’re doing solo pussy fucking shows with their dildos so it’s not a worthless site but it’s not really what it should be. If you like the bonus sites then it’s a good value.

Featured comments:

You know, this is a stupid site. This content is just lame. The girls might be filming their scenes on webcams but who the hell cares? If it’s not live then why wouldn’t I just want to download and actual solo porn scene where I can get multiple camera angles? Maybe other people can appreciate this site in a way that I simply cannot.

This network has 74 sites in it and they update once or twice a day at best. If you work that out it means you’re getting one new scene per site every two months. What’s the point of that? Why even bother? You’re not going to like all the sites so you’re going to end up feeling screwed. More is not always better.

I ran into some problems getting parts of the site to load correctly. Sometimes the page just wouldn’t come up and I’d be looking at a black background for minutes at a time. Sometimes the preview images for a gallery or for the latest updates page just wouldn’t load. This seems like something they should fix and it’s been happening continuously over the span of my membership (which will end after a month).

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