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Playboy TV

Playboy TV

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 23.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Playboy TV

What’s unusual and different about Playboy TV is that it’s a site that shows you episodes from the company’s televisions shows. Yes, there are plenty of topless playmates and gorgeous girls, but it’s not your standard adult site by any means. It comes from that famous magazine company and as that’s been around for well over 50 years you know you are in safe hands, the sign up is secure and I doubt very much if the site is going to disappear anytime soon. The members’ area is easy to navigate and allows for fast streaming, there are regular updates, background information and details.

Main idea:

This is really an archive of TV episodes from the company’s televisions station. You've got the Morning Show, Playmates! Badass, Playboy Amateur Girls, Swing, Beach House, the list goes on with 84 different channels or shows in total. There is erotic stuff here, there are fun and games, interviews and chat, and some hidden cam, and slightly more hardcore scenes as well. The idea is that you find a programme and sit and watch it like you would if you were watching TV. Three is no downloading here so you simply decide on what you want to view, click to stream, go full screen then sit back and enjoy.

Member's area:

Although this site is different from the mainstream because it is all TV content, the members’ area actually works in the same way as most other adult site members’ areas. You've got a home page with recent updates listed, and a set of quick links to take you to various parts of the site. You've got some interactive options right off the bat with a search box and links to ‘members gateway’ and ‘my account’ (which led me to ‘page not found’ errors), and there’s a slider in use to show you adverts for various shows. The recent episodes are shown on this home page and you can start there and work backwards if you wish. But I found that the best way to check out the content was to use the Browse Shows link in the quick links list.

This was what brought me to the various channels, the various shows that are on offer. They are set out across index pages with large sample/title shots so you can clearly see the name of the show. Hold your pointer over an image and you get a pop-up with some more information, including recently uploaded episode dates, and then you click the image to get to the viewing page. These are the same for all shows: a decent sized stream at the top of the page and then large sample shots for each episode beneath. Click one to start the stream.

The site actually is very simple once you get used to the way it works and there are not a lot of fancy extras to get in the way. I was able to jump through streams, but there was no way to rate the shows or comment on them. I was able to filter out what was new and what was most popular, and there was a link to Members’ Special but that didn’t bring me any results. The ‘popular tags’ function is another way of filtering out content, but it’s a bit basic and I was concerned about the missing page messages I encountered at times.


There is something like 1,000 episodes available from the 84 different shows here and run times per episode vary; some are over 40 minutes though, so you've got lots of TV viewing to catch up on. And the shows are varied which makes for fun watching.

You can start off by going behind the scenes with Playmates, or go straight for something more up tempo with BadAss, it’s all about extreme sports with nude women there. There’s a kind of travel show where topless babes go to Argentina, fun and games at a holiday camp, sensuous and erotic lesbian scenes in Jazmine’s Touch, and Foursomes, a kind of reality show where horny couples get locked up in a house for 24 hours. And all that is just on index page one.

There really is good variety here and also good quality shows, live shows with presenters of reality TV style episodes, hidden cams and made up stories, it’s all good quality entertainment. There is only one drawback that I can see and that is: the videos are stream only. They say the streaming happens nice and fast and indeed it did for me, on a mid-range connection, and the quality was still good. But I wonder what it would be like on a slow connection, you many have some trouble and you can’t download to view later. I also found that I could jump through some of the scenes, but not all.

I think the bottom line with this content is that it is very varied and also very horny. I like the way, for example, that the Foursomes TV show ends with a hardcore scene, after 20 minutes or so of build up. I like the way everyone is so natural and there is a great sense of fun and yet you get your erotica. The quality is fine, more viewing choices would be good but as long as your connection can take the load then you've got the perfect place to come to chill out and enjoy an evening’s adult viewing.

Bonus features:

I’m not sure what the ‘members gateway’ was supposed to take me to, but as far as I know there are no extras here.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive Playboy TV shows that you can stream when you want to;
  • Good variety in the channels and shows;
  • Good quality filming;
  • Perfect girls of course;
  • A nice mix of erotica, fun, hardcore and reality .


  • Only one choice of streaming and no downloads;
  • Not interactive, no rates or comments;
  • No extras or bonuses.

This is a great site for a night in; put your feet up crack open a can and decide what you want to watch. It’s neat that you can usually jump through scenes and shows as the hardcore moments, if they exist, happen towards the end. But you've got a load of variety here and you can watch a differently themed show every night of the month and still not get around all the different productions. From studio chats and radio shows to reality sex in the ‘big brother’ style, you’ve got it all, and from a top company who employ top glamour and porn models.

Featured comments:

It’s fun for sure, a neat site to have as an extra to your daily porn viewing. Like when you’ve come home from work and you want to chill out with something, but the TV is rubbish and you want something with a sexy edge to it, well, then this is the place to have a membership to.

I’d like more ways to see the scenes, why can’t we download them? Is that so they don't end up on You Tube and places like that? Fast connection is fine but a slow one might get frustrating. I’d also like more things to do, like make comments about the shows or have a live chat with other members thing, or a message board, something like that.

I didn’t know there were so many Playboy channels out there. I’m not in a place where I get his kind of TV so having access to the shows this way is perfect for me. I like the quality, the girls are really hot and the guys do well as well. It’s nice to be able to see sex on TV without restrictions.

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