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Pantyhose Jobs

Pantyhose Jobs

Content quality: 22.0 of 25
Content quantity: 20.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 3 days: $12.95
  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $74.95

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Site Details:

Pantyhose Jobs

Network Details:

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It’s our job to point you in the direction of the adult sites that can make your fantasies come true. No matter what you crave, what you dream about you should be able to pursue that pleasure unfettered. Some of you crave the dirtiest of dirty things. Others want simpler pleasures. We just want to give you the good stuff. Today we focus on pantyhose and the pleasure they can bring a man. There are many ways in which these nylon leg coverings are delightful but I imagine it’s the feel that does it for most guys. Pantyhose are almost always incredible soft and they certainly make a woman’s legs look better. Her ass looks hotter too. Maybe you just like the idea of pantyhose without thinking directly of their properties. Whatever it is that turns you on Pantyhose Jobs aims to get you off. Our job is to determine if they’re qualified to do so.

Main idea:

Pantyhose Jobs promises you perverted pantyhose sex videos and if they can deliver that should mean a good time. The women are young and beautiful and they’re having sex in hot videos, although the tour would make you think they have pictures too. I suppose those are just screenshots they’re putting on display though. The sexy ladies suck dick, get fucked and ultimately take loads of cum. It looks like they do some interesting stuff with the pantyhose too. I like the idea of a guy eating pussy through the hose or burying his head beneath them to get at the box.

Member's area:

They make you log in twice but once you’re past that annoyance the content is awfully easy to get to. The main page has a graphic to direct you to the videos and with one click you’re browsing. The updates page lets you know that they add a new scene ever four days, which is an impressive rate. They’ve been doing that for more than a year now so it’s reasonable to assume they’ll continue in the future. That means a great deal of content for fans of pantyhose porn.

They list four scenes per page and for each there’s a thumbnail and the names of the performers. What’s annoying is the lack of any information when you click to download a scene. All they provide is the same small thumbnailed picture. There’s no description, no trailer, no running time and no file size. Sometimes you can’t even tell what the girl looks like because the picture was poorly chosen. This is most bothersome because it’s just plain lazy. They could have provided that information but chose not to. It’s hugely annoying and makes browsing the site more troublesome than is necessary.

Pantyhose Jobs provides high quality videos though. They play at 720x480 and roughly 2000kbps and they look crystal clear. They call them DVD quality and that’s a fair assessment. The clips download at a relatively fast speed and everything I downloaded was less than 400mb. They only off the pantyhose movies in AVI format though. They should work a little harder to ensure you have options. It’s another example of how the folks behind the site are lazy and/or cheap. Either way it’s a bad thing.


Pantyhose Jobs will thrill anyone that finds nylon arousing. They offer so many different types of pantyhose pleasure that I can’t imagine any fan of the genre will walk away disappointed. The women are Eastern European and their beauty is just as powerful and impressive as you’d expect. In addition to wearing pantyhose of all colors, opacities and patterns they can often be seen wearing sexy outfits. Examples include maids, schoolgirls, secretaries and then there are bunches of sexy skirt and tight top combos that I appreciated. Having the ladies dress in such a variety of ways adds an extra dimension of delight to the collection of content.

The pantyhose porn is thrilling. In some scenes it’s as simple as a hole being torn around the pussy so the guy can get his dick in there and fuck the slut. Sometimes they roll the pantyhose down so he can get in there. You’ll see that in almost all of the 120+ scenes but they do so much more. Most of the time the guy will eat pussy through the pantyhose and if you’ve ever done so you know there’s pleasure to be had. Even if it’s something you’ve never experienced you can imagine how much fun it would be. You put your tongue against the soft nylon and you can feel the warmth of the pussy emanating. The guys in the Pantyhose Jobs scenes do those things and you get to live through them.

Some of the videos feature what I would call pantyhose worshipping. The girl will sit on the guy’s face and let him lick her with her permission. Sometimes the guys just want to lick the pantyhose so the ladies will let them suck toes and bathe their calves in spit. You’ll see girls put a second pair of pantyhose on their arms to rub a dude’s dick up and down. It’s not going to be for everyone but they also have scenes where the guys put on pantyhose to rub against their ladies. That’s kinky and it’s a whole lot of fun to watch. The only major flaw with the actual content is the lack of English being spoken. There’s little verbal joy.

Cons and pros:


  • Tons of pantyhose pleasure;
  • Hot young Eastern European chicks;
  • Updates every 4 days.


  • No bonus content;
  • No video options;
  • Design is annoyingly lazy.

The flaws with Pantyhose Jobs lie in the way the site is designed. They offer you no information on the videos so in most cases you’re guessing as to their content before you download. All you’ll know is that there’s pantyhose fetish action going down. If you can get past those problems and you have a genuine fetish for pantyhose then you’re going to love the site. They have just over 120 full length videos in within them they engage in all sorts of fantastic play. You’ll see pantyhose licking, pussy eating through hose, pantyhose hardcore, guys in pantyhose having sex with chicks and so much more. The videos look great and if they keep updating you’ll be swimming in content.

Featured comments:

The design is inexcusable. It doesn’t make the site impossible to enjoy but I know that I wasted a lot of time downloading videos I didn’t want to see. I can’t amply express my annoyance at the sloppiness of the design so let me just say that they could have and should have done something better.

It’s weird that a modern site would only offer you one file type and one file size. They have a full length video for the scenes in AVI and that’s it. There’s no streaming option and there’s no WMV or MPEG. If for some reason you hate AVIs or you can’t play them then you’re pretty much fucked and you shouldn’t join.

I was really impressed with how pretty some of these girls are. Because they’re all Eastern European I wasn’t familiar with any of them, thereby making the site a new experience. That’s a big plus in my book and I commend them for trying something new and different. Kudos and thanks for all the orgasms.

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