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Only Bush

Only Bush

Content quality: 17.0 of 25
Content quantity: 15.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Only Bush

If you aren’t in to the new craze of ladies shaving their pussies completely naked, and miss the good old days where women were encouraged to grow a healthy bush then you will certainly enjoy the women starring in this site. A side dedicated to the hairy fetish you can expect to see some natural looking ladies on this site get their hairy twats ravaged in steamy hardcore scenes. In total there are over 70 videos since the site was launched earlier this year in March. Even now the site is still being updated with new hairy videos every day.

Main Idea:

If the site title Only Bush hasn’t already given it away, this site revolves around ladies who have gone the natural look and have let their muffs grow for all the world to see. This is a site specifically tailored for those of you with a hairy fetish and have shunned the craze of ladies shaving their pussies bald. Aside from the girls being hairy, the site is pretty much just like any other hardcore site out there. You’ll see the bushy ladies getting their pussies pleasured in the steamy videos available on this hot little site.

Members Area:

Some may find the main member’s area of Only Bush to be a little harsh on the eyes seeing as the page is mostly white. Though the site isn’t entirely devoid of colour as there’s small hints of grey and red, either way the site isn’t much to look at as the white background, although makes the site look professional; sucks any form of charm or personality from the site presentation. There’s also a large amount of text and some navigation menus which could be deemed redundant and takes up too much space on the main member’s area, making the site look a little cluttered.

Although the site is a little crowded; the featured content is easy enough to access as they can all be accessed straight from the main member’s area. As you scroll down the main member’s area the first thing you’ll come across is a section dedicated to the video and photo of the day which seem to be picked on random. Further down is a list of the most recent updates, and at the very bottom of the main member’s area is a section dedicated to the highest rated videos. These have been voted by other members so you can be sure they are the hottest videos around.

To access the rest of the past updates you will have to utilize the navigation menu and use the video and photo links provided. These pages are similar to the main member’s area, but instead of presenting only the latest updates, these areas include all the past updates down to the very first. Each update is represented via thumbnail link, once clicked on the member will be taken to the content’s main download area from where they can access the download and streaming links to the various videos, view the photo gallery online, or download entire photo galleries in zip files for offline viewing.


Aside from the fact that all the ladies are all rather bushy, this site provides quite a diverse selection of different types of porn. Their diversity lays in the myriad of sub-categories under the main category of Hairy; you’ll find the usual girl on guy encounter along with steamy lesbian play, hairy girls getting themselves off with toys, and scorching hot threesomes. Only Bush is a fairly new site which looks to be on a network that has been live for quite some time, that said; Only Bush may be a new addition to the growing network.

Only Bush is relatively new having been live earlier this year in March 2012 when the first update was uploaded. Since then the site has been filled with over 70 episodes which run for roughly 30 minutes each. The site is still very active on updates, in fact they update daily and at times they upload up to 3 updates on the one day which is rather impressive, though given the fact that the content isn’t exclusive to the site, it is somewhat understandable to see why they can upload so much in such a short amount of time.

The main aspect in which the developers really need to improve on is the quality of the videos. They aren’t horrible to watch, but by today’s standards they certainly aren’t top shelf, in fact they could be considered pretty average. All videos are available in fairly mediocre resolutions of up to 640x480, the developers have provided wmv, mp4, and mov files for download, or flash format for streaming the video off the site. There are no download limits and with no DRM restrictions members can keep their videos once they have been downloaded.

Overall the site is doing well when it comes to content numbers and regular updates, though it would be nice to see the developers improve on the quality of their videos. Sure 640x480 isn’t horribly bad, but they really need to keep up with quality standards.

Pros & Cons:


  • Diverse collection of hairy porn;
  • Plenty of bonus content;
  • Regular updates.


  • Video quality could improve;
  • Site looks cluttered;
  • Bland site presentation.

Only Bush is a fairly generic site, though probably one of the better hairy sites around, more so due to the fact that there’s a decent amount of content already on offer, and with 2 plus updates per day this collection will grow monstrous in no time. If there is anything the site developers could improve on, it would certainly have to be the quality of the videos. The site presentation is rather dull though this is more of an annoyance than anything, all in all the video quality definitely needs an update, other than that the site will definitely appeal to hairy lovers.


Being a hairy fan it is only every now and then I come across a hairy site which is worth talking about. The great thing about Only Bush is that the site gets updated regularly, sometimes more than once a day, with this in mind; Only Bush members certainly won’t be running out of content any time soon. The only downside to the site is that the videos are pretty average in the quality department; hopefully the developers will fix this up.

There aren’t many hairy sites around that can compete with the amount of content Only Bush is pumping out, sure the video’s aren’t exclusive to the site but at least there’s always something new to look forward to, which is quite surprising for a hairy based site. If only the site developers provide higher quality videos then this would be the perfect hairy site, until the site accumulates some HD videos it doesn’t quite acquire the ‘must-see’ status.

It’s nice to see some sites that feature naturally hairy women, with all those pornstars shaving their twats bald sometimes we forget what women look like in their natural state. Well there’s certainly a lot to see here and by the looks of their updates hairy fans can be sure there will be plenty more hairy content to check out. Now if only the developers did something about the mediocre video quality, if that was fixed then this site would be perfect.

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