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Nude Fight Club

Nude Fight Club

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 3.0 of 25
Design and usability: 8.0 of 10
Originality: 19.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 19.0 of 20

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Site Details:

Nude Fight Club

Network Details:

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You need to read the join page carefully here to make sure you understand exactly what you are signing up for. Check the tour too, to see what kind of content you can expect, but then make sure you read, and believe, the other things on the sign up page. You see, it mentions access to over 30 websites, or 40 or 50, and you’re going to want to ensure you sign up for the right package in order to get your hands on everything – as everything is worth getting your hands on. This site is just one from 21st Sextuary Network productions which means you are going to get quality, an easy to use site, plenty of varied content across the network and a good service that is value for money. So don’t stint yourself; get the full, full access membership.

Main idea:

As for Nude Fight Club itself, well the title is fairly self-explanatory, except that you’re also going to see very sexy models, very fit models and lots of hard-hitting horny sex. NFC also keeps you up to date with its recent news, it presents its content well, and it stays with its main themes: sexy younger women fighting it out in the ring and then getting very intimate with each other by way of a sexy finale. This is lesbian battle sex, with good filming, lighting and sound and then, on top of these few but good main episodes, you've got all the bonuses to view, a model index, photos and many other neat features and functions to enhance your viewing.

Member's area:

I have to admit that I did stumble around trying to find NFC, as the site calls itself. It was something to do with the membership that I’d set up, which is why I mentioned the sign up page and advised you to check carefully what you will have access too. In the end I found the site via access to another in the network but that’s ok. As long as you have gone for network access you will be able to flick between sites very easily. You should also find a similar layout and design to the members’ area, and that is:

A top menu of icons which are functional and not just there for decoration. These will lead you to the home page for the network, and your site, an update calendar, the scenes, the models, other sites you can access, a category list, links to live sex sites and your account settings. Hover your mouse to see each icon light up.

As for your main site home page, this will give you the latest news, it will tell you when a new site has been added and will show you the neat sample shots from it. There will then be an image list, with details, of other recent additions and, as these come with their upload dates, it is very easy to keep an eye on what is new and how regular the updates are. The main episode pages are also very similar in design in that they are clear and easy to use, easy to read and there is clean white space around so that nothing looks cluttered. In fact everything here looks very professional and well planned, which is what you would expect from a top network like this one.

Finding a video leads you to a set of clips or a full length file, there are various viewing options and everything technical works very smoothly and simply here. With each new scene comes its own menu with links to the photos, trailer and the models appearing. So, navigation is not going to be a problem, you can even sort content by genre when you are on the page that houses all the sites in the network, and as long as you sign up for the right package, you will have no trouble finding what you want to see.


As we’ve come to expect from 21st Sextuary, the content here is well filmed and good quality. The digital images of the girls in the ring are superb, a big size but downloadable so you can always re-size them if you want. The video filming is fine and you get natural productions which star out hot and sweaty and realistic and end up… well, they end up the same except the girls aren’t then fighting, they are grappling and heaving around, but in a sexual way. Which is one way of saying that scenes progress from ‘in the ring bouts’ to ‘sex in the ring bouts’, so you get that great combination of realism, porn and lesbianism all rolled into one good length scene.

That’s how the content starts and how it remains at the Nude Fight Club where the girls do grapple nude and then go further. You can download or stream the clips for each scene, and you have those choices that start at ‘low’ quality and then go upwards, ending at an ‘ultra high’ quality version (H.264). The same goes for the clip streaming which happens in Flash, but you’re going to need a large screen to fit in the larger viewers.

There were 16 scenes when I was in the site and the updates look to be happening pretty regularly; example: I found a new episode every four or five days, so it works out as more than one per week, at least at the moment. There was also a neat set of images with dates for the ‘coming soon’ content and this was ‘in ten days’ ‘in five days’ ‘4 days to go…’ and so on, so not even a vague ‘soon.’ Impressive methinks. So plenty of new content coming along, good quality, on niche and well presented.

Bonus features:

Where do you start? You can benefit from up to 30 other sites here, they all get presented in the same way, hold their own kinds of content which is exclusive and good quality and they all bring value for money; from teen to trannies, simply check the tour pages for the full lists and go get your great value for money full membership.

Cons and pros:


  • This is exclusive content that stays on its promised theme all the way through;
  • Everything is well presented and well laid out here;
  • The girls are hot, the fighting is realistic and there is plenty of lesbian sex too;
  • You get great bonus sites and plenty of extra functions and features;
  • Navigation is easy, the site is well designed and updates are regular.


  • Only 16 episodes so far as the site is new.

21st Sextuary is one of the top networks for various reasons: it knows how to design a site and it keeps its promises. You've got 16 hot scenes here with four more listed as coming within the next couple of weeks – so it is also growing. Nude Fight Club is good quality and on niche and you don’t just get sexy girls fighting nude, but you get the lovely follow on lesbian sex too. Plenty of images are yours to collect, there are many bonus sites, various good ways to view the hot videos and as long as you get the full membership you get a large amount of bonus content to bring you perfect value for money.

Featured comments:

Another top site from the top makers of top porn. If only there were more scenes, but with the length that these current one run at, by the time I've got through them all there will be a new one or two to view at least. Love it and love all the extras it brings you.

I find this site very easy to use, that was what struck me. I’d just come from another one (not the same company) who had no idea how to play things out. But here it’s easy. You can see what is coming next and if you log on, on that date, you will see exactly what you were told you were going to get. I like the way it keeps its promises.

Hot girls and some great fights – though obviously staged. I love the way they dissolve into lesbian scenes though and there are some really fit women fighting and then fingering – it’s a great combination and I am only surprised that no one has exploited it like this before.

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