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My Sexy Kittens

My Sexy Kittens

Content quality: 23.0 of 25
Content quantity: 21.0 of 25
Design and usability: 6.0 of 10
Originality: 14.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 17.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 month: $28.15

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Content updates: Bi-weekly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

My Sexy Kittens

Teen porn is probably the most popular niche among the horny men that supply these sites with their members. 18 and 19 year old girls are as physically perfect as they will ever be with tight bodies, flawless faces and pussies that are no doubt tight and would feel amazing wrapped around your cock. Most of us didn't get to fuck a super hot teenage chick while we were growing up so it's nice to check out teen porn and enjoy the fantasy. I'm a huge fan of teen porn so when My Sexy Kittens came across my desk for review it was a time of much excitement. The girls are gorgeous and there's a distinct amateur feel to the scenes I previewed. It's like the girls are just there to experience the pleasure of hard cock and the camera happens to be filming all the action.

Main idea:

My Sexy Kittens is a teen porn site that features solo, lesbian and hardcore sex videos and picture galleries. It's different than most teen porn sites though. They take great care to produce content that looks and feels like amateur porn. They want you to be able to live the fantasy of meeting one of these hot chicks and seducing her into your own bedroom. If you visit the tour you'll be treated to a bunch of hot trailers so you can see first hand just how lusty and sexual these girls are. They love to play naked!

Member's area:

The first bit of good news is that this site updates often. The member's area is super simplistic so you don't have to do much to get around. They have the sixteen most recent additions on the main page and after that you're left to look through everything else added since launch. That's a buttload of great teen porn and I see no reason not to be excited. Every 2-3 days you get a new update, be it a picture gallery or a video for download. There's supposed to be a link so you can preview the next update but it doesn't actually work so don't get excited for that.

They have picture galleries and videos at My Sexy Kittens but the images are in far smaller supply because they only recently started adding them. That's fine by me since this site is really all about the hot downloadable videos featuring the sexy teen sluts. At least the images are high quality. The ones they call small are actually 1200pxx and the ones they call large are super sexy at 2000px. I don't really like that the pictures open in a new window but I can deal with it. I experienced some slowness when using the site. It's likely that the slowness was due to my distance from the servers but it was still annoying and since the movies are pretty large it hindered my enjoyment.

Since the site launched in 2004 they've been adding hot new videos so you can count on a monstrous collection. The setup is pretty much the same for all of them. On the video page there are thirteen screenshots designed to entice and arouse you. Once you've found the teen sex video you want to watch it's just a matter of picking your resolution. The highest quality looks great at 720x548 and 2000kbps. That's what great looking video should be and I was pleased to see they've been doing it since they launched. They have clearly always cared about the quality of your experience as a member.


There are more than 400 full length DVD quality movies at My Sexy Kittens. Each video features a sexy young chick doing something naughty and that should be more than enough to get you at least a little bit excited. The girls are exceptionally hot which is my favorite thing about the site. These are really good looking young ladies and it seems as though no behavior is off limits for them. They do solo, lesbian and hardcore scenes for the members and there's always something new coming down the pike.

I was pleased with the variety within the niches. In one wild scene we see a hot little teen slut in a cage and she's being kept there because she's just too horny and would cause trouble if she were let out permanently. Her man comes by once a day and lets her feast on his hard cock and we get to see her taking his bone in her hot hole and eating his cum. Another scene around that time features a hot blonde on a leash. That was pretty hot, especially when she fucked her pussy with a toy. There are outdoor sex scenes, indoor sex scenes, pool sex scenes and tons more good stuff.

My Sexy Kittens is a great teen sex site. If you aren't into hardcore teen pussy fucking then you can turn to the solo or lesbian content for your pleasure. There's no question that it's great fun watching two sexy young sluts kiss and lick and finger and dildo fuck each other. Sometimes it's nice to unwind with a gorgeous solo girl fingering her hot pussy while we watch in awe. You really can't go wrong with this stuff. These ladies are sensual and sexy and smoking hot and that's all I need for a good time. It's also nice to see that some of them are into anal sex. How about a hot teen ass getting fucked by a big cock?

Cons and pros:


  • Frequent updates;
  • Exclusive content with super hot teen chicks;
  • A huge archive of high quality, downloadable videos;
  • A nice variety of porn with lesbian, solo and hardcore sets.


  • You can't browse while downloading;
  • No full length downloads; only segments;
  • Slow downloads.

Like almost every site My Sexy Kittens has a few drawbacks but they are minimal and in this case should not get in your way of springing for a membership. The reasons to buy are simple. The girls are young, tight and gorgeous. They like to have sex with both guys and other chicks and sometimes will have sex with themselves. They suck dick expertly and their pussies get pounded hard. There's an amateur feel to the scenes, but in a good way as it really seems like these chicks aren't pornstars but ladies having some fun for a little extra cash. They love cock and they can't help but want lots of it! There are a few cons but they're not significant.

Featured comments:

It's surprisingly annoying that I can't browse while downloading a video. I just want to be able to check out a picture gallery to get my cock warmed up but I have to wait until the video has downloaded before I can do that. That also means that I can only download one video at a time. This is exceptionally irritating and should be addressed.

I was annoyed with the exceptional slowness of the downloads. I couldn't get above 150kb/sec and that's pathetic considering my connection is capable of ten times that speed. I really, really love the content so of course I haven't canceled my membership but that doesn't stop me from being pissed about it.

I've always understood the need to provide people with segmented videos. It makes sense if you just want to see the cumshot or the blowjob or whatever. Problems arise when a site doesn't offer a full length clip for you. It's a whole lot harder to keep track of the movies on your hard drive when they're all in six parts. It's still super hot content though :)

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