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My Humble Sissy

My Humble Sissy

Content quality: 18.0 of 25
Content quantity: 10.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 18.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20
Actual pricing:
  • 1 Month: $29.95
  • 2 Month: $44.95
  • 3 Month: $59.95

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Content updates: Bi-monthly | Review last updated:

Site Details:

My Humble Sissy

It’s all about sissy kink at My Humble Sissy where half the men are wimps in women’s clothes and the other half are guys in charge. The content that this company produce for its sites is exclusive and original, well made and well laid out for you in a members’ area that has a good design. There are actually six sites included with your membership, all gleaming and original, and all on the fetish themes of sissy sex, S&M and older and younger; the bonus sites are straight but there is another sissy site included. You are only being asked to pay a standard sign up fee and the longer membership you choose, the more discounts you can get.

Main idea:

This is a gay sissy site that fits in with the themes of the others in the network as it has a strong kink element. Young guys get together to make the sex scenes, but there are stories involved. One of the guys plays the butch guy, though he is not always that butch, and the other is kitted out in full drag, skirts, panties, wigs and make up included. The sex gets hard and horny and you end up with some neat kink movies that come with their own screen cap galleries. You also find digital galleries, plus extra non-exclusive content and easy access to your bonus sites.

Member's area:

Each of the sites in this network looks roughly the same as the others. That doesn’t mean that you've got a lazy team of webmasters though, it means you've got a place that is easy to navigate and use. You log in to a home page that has a set of buttons, each carrying an image, and each clearly labelled to take you to the videos, updates, galleries, extras, bonuses and support. When you select one of these you move in to the next stage of the site. And there you find the menu changes and shifts to the top of the page. It is clearly marked, everything is easy to read and you have no trouble moving around. When you go into the bonus sites you will need your membership details for access, but once inside they all work in the same way.

Checking the videos you find that you have numbered index pages and each one holds a set of descriptions and sample pics for the movies. But these are not your standard sample pics, they are in fact trailers for the movies. You can stream them straight off in Flash and see what’s going to happen during the scene. Then, clicking further in, you find a good set of streaming options with three resolutions to choose from. One of these doesn't have subtitles, the others do. There are also your screen caps laid out on the viewing page for a quick glance through, and these are separate to the images in the photos area.

When you go to view the pics you find that the pages are equally as well designed and laid out and you have zip file downloads to take. Sadly there are no downloads for movies though, so it’s online viewing only for the films. But the digital pics are a simple affair; a thumbnail page, select your pic, click to enlarge and there is it, with navigation buttons and a facility to click it up to an even bigger size.


So all the basic functions are in place to allow you to handle the content easily. But is there much content to handle? No, not yet, as the site is still quite new. But I counted 12 photo sets with around 100 excellent quality images to browse or download in zip files, and 25 videos that ran for around 15 to 20 minutes each. The site’s first upload was back in February (eight months ago), and updates have been happening at the rate of around two videos per month and one or two photo sets per month. But each movie has its screen caps attached and these open up to a decent size at 1024 x 576 and are good and clear.

In fact the quality of all the content here is spot on. The videos come in three choices of resolution but even the smaller one is fine to view, though the pages do say it’s suitable for ADSL connections, so I'm not sure how easy it is going to be to stream if you are on dial up. But you can take even this lower quality versions full screen without losing any quality visually. If only we could download the videos too we’d all be a lot happier, but I’d say we should be pretty happy with what we have here already.

And yes, as the sign up page says, there are stories to view here. I wouldn’t say they were ‘emotionally charged’ like the tour indicates, but they are reasonably well played out. The sissy boys look perfectly sissy in their drag and make up, the ‘straight’ guys are also pretty cute and horny, and the sex, though standard in progression, is made hotter by the looks of the models involved. It is believable, well made and good quality content and pretty unique too.

Bonus features:

Like I said, you've got five other sites to click into, but if you’re only into gay sex then they are not much of a bonus, being straight and lesbian sites. But there is another sissy site to view – though this time it’s girls with dildos doing the dominating. There are also extra pics and vids in the bonus zone but, again for gay folks, this aint much of a bonus as it’s all straight sex.

Cons and pros:


  • Exclusive content;
  • Well made and good quality movies and galleries;
  • Easy to navigate and use;
  • Bonus sites included (straight);
  • All sites have a good design and function well.


  • Not a lot of content yet as this is a new site;
  • The bonuses and extras are all straight themed;
  • No interactivity, model index, or ‘favourites’ area;
  • You can not download the movies.

My Humble Sissy is set to get better, though it’s already doing really well in terms of quality and theme. It would be really good to have some more involvement; things like a forum, message board, rates & comments and a model index would really enhance the site. As would some download options for videos. But the content serves its purpose, the boys are cute and sexy, varied and the movies give you exactly what the tour promises they will give you; hot sissy sex sessions in original and exclusive videos and galleries, with bonuses too. And, everything is easy to find and use, there are no technical issues and the site is being updated regularly.

Featured comments:

It really gets to me that a network that has such a unique site that appeals to gay guys, then doesn’t have anything in its bonuses for those gay guys. They have this section with extras and there are vids and pics in there but they could find a set of non-exclusive gay vids and pics for the site. Instead they use what’s available on the straight sites in their network. A little more effort and they’d have more custom.

For anyone into kink this is a new but growing network. It’s nowhere near as big or well known as some of the biggies out there, but it could do really well. If… if it let members get more involved. Members of kink sites like to share experiences and thoughts, comments and so on, at least I do. There is none of that here. You have to log on to view videos, so you’ve gotta be online all the time. So add some downloads please, and I’d stay around for a lot longer.

Great to find a sissy site like this. And I mean one that’s great to look at, quality-wise and that comes with free access to another sissy site that’s straight, or as straight as they can be. Bi-folk will love it, boys withy sissies, girls with sissies and then all that hot straight, intergenerational porn in the extras and all that ‘standard’ porn in the non-exclusives. A great set of sites for a good price.

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