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MILFs Filled

MILFs Filled

Content quality: 21.0 of 25
Content quantity: 11.0 of 25
Design and usability: 7.0 of 10
Originality: 17.0 of 20
Reviewer's rating: 18.0 of 20

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Site Details:

MILFs Filled

Did you know that milf porn wasn't all that popular a decade ago? There wasn't much of a market for it but everything changed around the time the first American Pie movie came out. All of a sudden milfs were hot stuff and guys were clamoring for anything milf related. That's when there was an explosion of milf porn that hasn't slowed down since. Now men appreciate what an older woman can offer and they actually lust after it. There are tons of milf hardcore sites on the web and Milfs Filled is one of them. It's a little different than most though because they specialize in creampies. Instead of the guys giving the hot milf sluts facials they cum inside them and we get to watch all the jizz leak out. Sounds like fun, doesn't it? That's why I wanted to review the site.

Main idea:

Isn't the idea of a sexy older woman showing you a good time in the bedroom the kind of thing that makes your dick hard? Don't you want her slobbering all over your cock and then showing you what a truly seasoned fuck feels like? At Milfs Filled they have those hot chicks and they bring them in to show younger men the wonder of hardcore sex and the fun of creampies. It seems much more intimate when the guy is actually dumping his load inside the hot chick, doesn't it? It's like they have a greater connection when he's jizzing all up inside her.

Member's area:

The first thing you'll see after logging in is a picture of the milf that will be added next. The hot cum dumpster is looking back at you in a few pictures and there's a trailer to check out if you want a taste of the action. They're a little off on the updating though, at least as I'm looking at the site. The scene that's being advertised was supposed to be added six days ago and it's still in limbo apparently. There's also a tease of another scene to be added but that one is probably going to be late as well.

Browsing through the site in more detail it becomes clear that they're not actually going to be updating anymore. According to the movie page it's been more than four months since a new scene was added. I'm not sure what those teases are but they won't be helping you anytime soon. Along the top of the page they have links to the models, photos and movies and you can use any of those to find your way through the content. Don't rely on the list that's on the front page because that will only serve to confuse you and obfuscate how much content is actually here.

They've divided each scene into pictures and videos and to list them separately is totally unnecessary but it probably makes the site seem a little bigger. The photo galleries are beautiful at 1300px and they generally have 80-100 shots per set. The photographer is clearly skilled and he captures the milf solo to start the gallery and then shows us her journey into hardcore sexdom. When you want to download a movie you'll find one measly picture as your guide. For the scene starring Sienna West the screen capture was a shot of her feet, which couldn't be more useless when it comes to deciding if you want to download the scene. There are full length clips only in WMV and MPEG.


There are eleven milf creampie scenes at Milfs Filled and it appears as though that's all there is ever going to be, as we discussed. They make it seem like new content is coming, which is a little bit deceiving. I'm willing to believe that they might be adding something new soon but don't count on getting more than eleven scenes during your time as a member. It's a shame too because they recruited some super hot milf babes for these hardcore scenes and they produced great creampie porn.

You probably recognize some of the milf pornstars brought in: Sienna West, Friday, Monica Mayhem, Victoria Valentino, Misty Vonage and Regan Anthony are included. They're all exceptionally gorgeous and they are top notch performers when asked to put on a sexual show. They give incredible blowjobs and those are my favorite parts of all the scenes. I really like to see the milf slut open wide and take the hard cock down her throat while she strokes the base and fondles his balls with her soft hands. These girls are wicked hot and they clearly know how to entertain a dude. I imagine you'll be dreaming of the naughty things they might do to your cock while you watch.

Obviously the creampies are a big part of the equation at Milfs Filled. The chicks get fucked in what is a pretty standard porn scene. They run through all three positions that you often see and in the end the guy shoots his load inside the slut and then slowly pulls out. The camera moves in tight on her hole and we watch her pussy muscles contract as she tries to push the jizz out. Slowly it leaks and it's super hot when the milf rubs it all around her lips to get it into the flesh. She wants to absorb that hot jizz! There are five bonus sites with your membership and creampies are a big part of the action. Most of the other sites have more content so as a whole the membership provides you with plenty of creampie content.

Cons and pros:


  • Very hot milfs were brought in for the scenes;
  • High quality picture galleries and video;
  • Good creampies that are filmed very well;
  • Hot bonus sites featuring creampies.


  • Not nearly enough content;
  • No updates despite promises of weekly additions;
  • No screenshots to help you preview a movie.

Milfs Filled is a great idea that was not given the attention it needed. What guy that's into milf porn doesn't want to see her get fucked and filled with cum? There's a much greater connection achieved with a woman when you get to blow your load inside her and these babes really communicate that to you in their hardcore scenes. They're all good looking (Monica Mayhem is my favorite) and they all crave cock and cum as much as any woman can. They perform exceptionally well in the hardcore movies and they will have you chomping at the bit to see them fucked and pumped full of jizz. There are bonus sites too so that's worth considering before you join.

Featured comments:

The lack of content really is a problem. The eleven scenes are hot but they com up way short in terms of making the membership seem worthwhile. Why would you spend all that money for a pittance in downloadable content? They really need to get on the ball and start producing new content.

I don't like the way the site is laid out. They should have a small selection of screen captures for me when I go to download the video. How the hell am I supposed to choose when all I have to look at is one little shot? What if I don't want to look through the high quality photo gallery to find the scene that turns me on the most? Do your job!

The site was basically updated for two months before they stopped adding new content. Did they think people would just keep their memberships active while waiting around for a scrap of new milf porn? I really like the hot fuck videos they've produced and I would gladly pay for more but at this point they haven't proven the ability to consistently add fresh porn so fuck them.

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